World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1925
Shen Xiang from the beginning has the good harvest, therefore after Luo Tianjun wants to let Shen Xiang, matter that specifically is responsible for purchasing. little rascal, or after you, purchases divine medicine specially, does not need to go in any case daily, generally is each 1-2 months goes one time, when this has more than enough you.” Luo Tianjun happily said with a smile: If can purchase good thing, the advantage must have your!” Shen Xiang is certainly glad, divine medicine that because purchases, he duplicates on the road again, quite therefore his, has not needed itself to leave divine yuan stone, this is very cost-effective matter. Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang complies immediately, said: Hall Master, I want to refine some Divine Pill, your does there have to be appropriate I the home remedy?” Shen Xiang has the Divine Pill home remedy, this is Feng Yujie passes to him, but he does not have these home remedy above divine medicine, even if there are him not to want in this Supreme Temple to refine, will be worried to be seen by here these old Dan God anything will come, after all these home remedy majority will come from God king. Is many with the Supreme Temple Divine Pill home remedy advantage, divine medicine will definitely have, so long as Shen Xiang can attain the home remedy and divine medicine, he has the confidence to refine Spell Bound Pill. Luo Tianjun hears Shen Xiang to inquire that the Divine Pill home remedy, a face said awkwardly: little rascal, I, although favors you very much, but you possibly do not know that in Supreme Temple has the custom about Divine Pill home remedy instruction! Although I have the home remedy, even is founds has the Divine Pill home remedy, but I cannot teach to you directly!” Shen Xiang truly does not know that Supreme Temple also controls in this aspect such strictly, Luo Tianjun is very fierce Dan God, the Divine Pill home remedy that grasps also has, but majority come from Supreme Temple. „Is that what kind of?” Shen Xiang has been able to refine High-Grade Saint pill, he then must refine Divine Pill, he must be quite good to refine urgently needed, and has enough divine medicine Divine Pill. Luo Tianjun said with a smile: Do not be worried! Although I cannot pass to you Divine Pill home remedy directly, but I can actually give you High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy!”

Shen Xiang thought that High-Grade Saint pill does not have what function regarding him, he does not need, he is just about to reject time, Luo Tianjun also said with a smile: I give you High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy, is makes you strive for the Divine Pill home remedy, you leave are rejecting me anxiously! Sits down, we said the Supreme Temple Dan Hall custom with you slowly.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, sat, looked like from the Luo Tianjun words, he had very big opportunity to obtain the Divine Pill home remedy. Has Loyalty Pavilion in Supreme Temple! You only need to go to Loyalty Pavilion through an inspection, can obtain one time to enter in Loyalty Pavilion to seek for the Divine Pill home remedy the opportunity.” Luo Tianjun said: But you go in can only take away a Divine Pill home remedy! When the time comes looks at your luck, can attain the divine medicine quite common home remedy.” Shen Xiang nodded, he is interested in that inspection comparison. Luo Tianjun said: That inspects to you should be very easy, so long as you can refine High-Grade Saint pill who he assigns then, but I can give you that High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy.” Actually this rule to prevent the alchemy masters can refine many Divine Pill to come out, because gain home remedy time is to look at the luck, inside has many Divine Pill home remedies, although some redundant, but little attains the same home remedy generally! The home remedy that such one, outstanding alchemy master grasps is different!” In that Loyalty Pavilion will have so many home remedies, from these Divine Country, Shen Xiang secretly is definitely excited, asked: I after inspection, can only obtain a home remedy? Do I want to obtain the second type?” That must to some Loyalty Pavilion advantage, when the time comes he assign you to refine many Divine Pill, or makes you go is Supreme Temple handles a matter, like this they will give you an opportunity.” Luo Tianjun said with a smile: You just joined our Dan Hall, do not consider these matters anxiously, you get so far as the low-grade Divine Pill home remedy first, succeeded to refine to say again.” Shen Xiang understood, asked: What to do if I do want to obtain divine medicine? Should not be I will go to seek!”

The Luo Tianjun finger is pasting the Shen Xiang's forehead: You knew through the inspection, I first concentrating the High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy give you, you refine first, when the time comes you through the inspection, naturally know how to seek for Divine Pill home remedy inside divine medicine! These must depend upon itself to come step by step.” Shen Xiang obtained that several High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy, Luo Tianjun has given his some High-Grade saint medicine, these High-Grade saint medicine were not valuable, Luo Tianjun also had many. You refine well, the method of your alchemy and I am entirely different, therefore I cannot direct you hand in hand.” Luo Tianjun also urged one: That divine lotus root matter do not say first, when I planted first multi- some come out to say again.” Shen Xiang nodded with a smile, then returns to own room! In his room, to underground staircases, in underground has a very peaceful secret room, this is the martial arts room. Shen Xiang going in inside, after closing, first is that section of divine lotus root that puts out him to duplicate, oneself carefully looked to receive a while, if he must duplicate, quick can cause a big pile, after this was helpful to him, massive refinement Divine Pill, can make him faster, was more relaxed. Altogether four Saint pill, each type is three types of High-Grade saint medicine, as well as two middle-grade saint medicine, the difficulty is not big!” Shen Xiang can ponder over home remedy to come, in his eyes, that purple mysterious saint pill be much more difficult than these Saint pill! He starts to build up to refine with the source immediately, is only night of time, he succeeds to refine these four High-Grade Saint pill, moreover each furnace can refine 34 grains. Naturally, if inspects, he only needed to meet the requirements.

Next day, Shen Xiang comes out from the martial arts room, unexpectedly saw Yi Baidong, this Supreme Temple elder, after Huang Jintian carries off, has not come to here. Elder!” Shen Xiang has said a hello to him, he has not thought that Yi Baidong will appear in his room, obviously has the matter to look for him. Yi Baidong nodded, the complexion is somewhat serious: Your Master he left Supreme Temple, he knew that Supreme Temple is in God Realm, difficult not to live to go out for a walk.” Shen Xiang has not thought to have anything, Huang Jintian is this, he will stay in Supreme Temple honestly is the strange event. Shen Xiang, I must leave period of time! I do not want to walk actually, but resembles strength to lead away me!” Yi Baidong said solemnly: These days that I leave, you must be careful! Because is Divine Country urgently summons me, I must go to that Divine Country!” Shen Xiang knits the brows immediately, nodded! He summoned the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace matter, these Divine Country must know! Now he came out, and also arrives at Supreme Temple, definitely will look for Yi Baidong to ask that understands this matter. You could rest assured that if these Divine Country must to your fight, I go all out also to protect you really to leave Supreme Temple!” Yi Baidong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, is in the serious mood to leave!