World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1926
Shen Xiang looks that the Yi Baidong back vanishes, is heavyhearted, although Yi Baidong is this Supreme Temple elder, but if these Divine Country give his pressure to be too big, he cannot withstand, he also will have when the time comes danger(ous), therefore he must prepare for fleeing Supreme Temple now, he must look for a escape route to himself. Yi Baidong walked shortly, Luo Tianjun comes back from outside, he does not know that Yi Baidong has come, after seeing Shen Xiang, he Ha Ha said with a smile: „Did little rascal, how build up? When it is expected that can go to inspect?” Shen Xiang saw Luo Tianjun, on the face has shown the smiling face: In two days should be OK!” Actually Shen Xiang can go today, he does not want to make Luo Tianjun be too surprised, but Luo Tianjun had a scare! You does one refine a High-Grade Saint pill on the society in the evening?” This speed is also very quick, before Luo Tianjun, was called the rare talent in alchemy, but he has also used almost ten talent societies, moreover Saint pill who refines is also quite disappointing. Shen Xiang nodded with a smile, then goes to in the small courtyard living room with Luo Tianjun. Hall Master, is Supreme God Realm and other places links?” Shen Xiang asked: I purchase divine medicine time, hears Six Paths Temple and in Beast God Temple also this space!” Luo Tianjun to Shen Xiang one glass of very fragrant liquor, said but actually: You just came Supreme Temple, naturally does not know this matter! Although links together, but must pass is not easy, needs to obtain Six Paths Temple or is the agreement of Beast God Temple can go, if has not been permitted on the past, was caught by them, even if they massacre you, Supreme Temple will not manage.” „Our places are called Highest God Realm, besides three Temple, several other every large or small Sect, the strength is also good, later you have the opportunity, can go to these places to stroll.” Shen Xiang has not asked other, in order to avoid being suspected! Now he knows that this place is not the Supreme Temple control, if there is worst case scenario, he can also have the place to run! little rascal, you should better a bit faster build up Spell Bound Pill to come, because of after a period of time, must start the competition of Dan Hall! For these days in discussing alchemy technique, is quarrelling in that three fellow mouths!” Luo Tianjun said with a smile: They also quarrel now, after quarrelling, should act seriously to compete with!”

Shen Xiang said: Hall Master, doesn't your previous time make me carry on the High-Grade Saint pill's competition?” Luo Tianjun has drunk small that glass of liqueurs, said with a smile: Is, but sees you to attack Dan God Realm now immediately, therefore when the time comes I will arrange you to carry on the low-grade Divine Pill competition location, the reward that like this you obtain will be also more. The Saint pill's competition does not have what good thing.” Shen Xiang is interested in this competition, he nodded: When the time comes I certainly go! Right Hall Master, in these Dan Hall, there is an age to be quite small, talent good alchemy master?” Luo Tianjun said: Naturally has, be honest with you, Supreme Temple was also these Divine Country selects the place of good seedling! In Dan Hall, has several young people of being favored! Has saying that these little rascal were really too heaven defying, young, had this Realm, they can refine middle-grade Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang when these young people who trial runs into is the genuine young people, old monster that was not Shen Xiang this living many years! But young people who in the Luo Tianjun mouth said that should also refers to the genuine young people. Fierce, can refine middle-grade Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang sighed: I compete with should not run into them, they refine middle-grade Divine Pill that rank.” Luo Tianjun happily said with a smile: This difficultly said that although that several little rascal can refine middle-grade Divine Pill, but is tender in many old fellow eyes, if they go to middle-grade Divine Pill stadium, definitely oppressively will die, therefore they have the possibility to go to low-grade Divine Pill stadium very much! Does not receive the qualifications of Middle-Rank Dan God to look from them intentionally!” Can refine middle-grade Divine Pill, can receive the Middle-Rank Dan God sign, the treatment will be also higher, but they do not have such to do, must mix a good position to come up in Low-Rank Dan God stadium again! Shen Xiang asked: „The position of that competition was very important to them? How long one time is this competition common?” Hundred years one time, is truly important regarding them, obtains first three, will be invited in Divine Country Imperial Palace, can dine with these Divine Country imperial family inside Prince emperor female together, the luck is better, settled on flower, that makes a rapid career advance, can moisten relationship with the imperial family! Therefore for this opportunity, that several little rascal definitely with a sudden burst.”

Can have the Divine Country opportunity, Shen Xiang also palpitates with excitement: Only then does Dan Hall have such opportunity?” Naturally is not, Fist Hall, Sword Hall and Soul Hall have, they also will have when the time comes the competition, each match group first three can go!” Luo Tianjun said: Divine Country is also different! Fist Hall and Sword Hall are Divine Country support secretly, Soul Hall and Dan Hall are another two Divine Country support.” Shen Xiang does not have to think Dan Hall unexpectedly that one are at so is unsafe, is Divine Country is controlling in secret. Although is the Divine Country support, but these Divine Country will not take seriously here, our home remedy anything, is they thinks the comparison time.” Luo Tianjun sighed one: If wants to obtain a better development, only then goes to these Divine Country, Divine Country strength is very fearful.” Shen Xiang knows certainly, if not fearful, can control Supreme Temple? Chatted a while with Luo Tianjun, Shen Xiang wanted alchemy on the grounds of oneself, ran back in the secret room, his present start to condense practices elixir, divine medicine is not easy to buy here, he later can only duplicate. Several days passed by, the Gu three brothers also came back, Shen Xiang comes out from the secret room, hears their noises, they are are not quarrelling, is scolding other Dan Hall alchemy masters likely. Small Junior Brother, heard that you have bought the Divine Soul blood splash, good!” Gu Laoda sees Shen Xiang to walk, hastily walked, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Later the Divine Soul blood splash planted, you must make Hall Master attend to are selecting us.” Shen Xiang nods with a smile: Certainly certain, several do Senior Brother go to and other Dan Hall discusses what kind of?” Is talks nonsense, the wizard goes to and that group of idiots discusses Pill Dao.” On the Gu Laosan face is somewhat disgruntled, mentions the beforehand several days of matters, their three brothers were not happy that obviously is a scapegoat there.

Luo Tianjun walks, shoves open that three brothers, gives Shen Xiang together jade token, said: This is our tenth status signs, do not lose! Now you can go to Loyalty Pavilion to inspect.” Shen Xiang received, looked at one, after receiving the sign, said to the Gu three brothers and Luo Tianjun: Then I walked first!” Dan God inspection? Such fierce! Good luck!” Wish you to attain good home remedy!” Inspection is smooth!” Three brothers are encouraging Shen Xiang, their Dan Hall population are quite few, increases young Dan God also to let their overall strength promotion. Shen Xiang thanks them, fast goes out of the courtyard, goes to Loyalty Pavilion.