World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1927

Loyalty Pavilion only then five, moreover is very small, is grand in these Temple that Gods sees without him, contrasts not worthy of mentioning radically. Shen Xiang enters the front door, coldly is clear, in the spacious hall, old man sits on the table, is reading a book. The Dan Hall population is least, this Loyalty Pavilion so will be lonely is also nothing unusual, every year joins the Dan Hall person to be miserable, some people will come to here, that is worth the surprised matter. That old man slightly looked at Shen Xiang, continues to read that book, said leisurely: Young people, were you going astray place! Gives the thing?” Shen Xiang arrives by that table, said: I am carry on the Dan God inspection!” old man at this time line of sight centralized on Shen Xiang, the facial expression is somewhat surprised: Really? Brings to have a look at the sign!” Shen Xiang hands over his sign, old man said: actually is Old Luo that I truly heard that just came a disciple, but shortly after you just now come, must inspect, did you prepare for? High-Grade Saint pill who you must refine is not ordinary High-Grade Saint pill, the refinement difficulty is very big!” Shen Xiang has made very sufficient preparation, these High-Grade Saint pill refine the difficulty truly to compare other big, Shen Xiang that but builds up regarding the use source, a difficulty does not have. I prepared, now can start!” Shen Xiang smiles self-confidently. old man puts out a box immediately, he patted that box, the box the ball opened immediately, inside presented three red fruits, as well as two red florets. Extreme Fire Saint Dan! Takes these herbs, then goes to that side secret room to refine, I will look in the one side prison.” old man has referred to that secret room of not far away. Shen Xiang takes down these herbs, before Luo Tianjun had told him, when the time comes will extract a High-Grade Saint pill makes him refine. This Fire God pill is mainly has the function to Profound God of fire attribute god profound strength extremely, regarding fire attribute Profound God, but good Saint pill.

old man brings Shen Xiang to walk into the secret room, said: pill furnace that can only with assigning, you do not have the opinion!” Does not have the opinion!” Even if no pill furnace, Shen Xiang will not say anything, does not have pill furnace he same to build up. In secret room pill furnace is not too disappointing, compared with before Shen Xiang is much better, he will certainly not have the opinion. In the secret room is quite bright, after old man comes, sits on a stool, then continues to read his book, he waved to hint Shen Xiang to start. Shen Xiang looked at herbs in hand, after carrying on simple fast processing, puts produce fire flame preheating pill furnace, is familiar with this pill furnace, when can make him be at alchemy to be handier. These are quite normal steps, after completing these, Shen Xiang loses into all herbs pill furnace! Although that old man is reading, but he carefully has actually been looking at Shen Xiang's each step, seeing Shen Xiang to lose from the beginning all herbs, this type cooks randomly the method is not suitable on refinement Saint pill! old man hurriedly said: little brat, although these herbs are not expensive, but do not waste! If your this time were defeated, five years later can come again!” Shen Xiang said: I will not be defeated!” Shen Xiang in using building up of source, does not need to follow on the home remedy to put in the herbs step, if must such do, he has not known when can build up Extreme Fire Saint Dan. Sees Shen Xiang's pill furnace to be very stable, rocks without one, old man thinks immediately strange, because this type cooks the law biggest response to explode the furnace randomly, if the controlling force is not good, under burning down of this type of flame, quick will rock! But now, this matter has not actually occurred!

old man no longer reads, but carefully looks at Shen Xiang's pill furnace, wants to have a look at pill furnace exactly to have anything, but he actually does not look clearly, he induces to inside is very stable, is very peaceful. Is building up of Shen Xiang's source so can it be that easy to spy on? This old man more looks more thinks strange, now he has been able to determine, difference that alchemy technique of Shen Xiang use and he knows very well. These herbs burn down certain time, Shen Xiang immediately uses source Spirit Eyes, after seeing the spirit bloodlines of saint medicine, his Divine Power turns into several spirit claw, grasps the bloodlines of these spirits, then kneads together together, lets all spirit bloodlines fusions! Such one, herbal Spirit Qi fusion of these originally mutually very repel gradually! For not extremely in scary, Shen Xiang speed control very slowly, and has to secretly some herbal Spirit Qi inspiration bodies, otherwise and other will congeal several grains of pill! Present Shen Xiang, does not want too to be paid attention by oneself, therefore he as far as possible will be lower-key! Extreme Fire Saint Dan that can refine quickly, Shen Xiang drags night, start to condense pill actually. Although in old man heart many questions, but he has not actually disturbed Shen Xiang, looks patiently that he has wanted to see through pill furnace, actually wants to have a look at the interior to have any strange matter! Because refines Extreme Fire Saint Dan that several herbs to put in pill furnace burning down together, in fusion, even if wise Dan God, cannot make pill furnace not have the sound, somewhat a little will rock! However Shen Xiang does not have now, moreover now this time, almost should concentrate pill, the stage of in other words fusion passed! From beginning to end, Shen Xiang's pill furnace is that tranquil, has not swayed, now Shen Xiang opened pill furnace, inside has grain of Extreme Fire Saint Dan, quality very good, making that old man cannot help but acclaim one. You use what alchemy technique is?” old man hastily asked: This definitely is not Old Luo teaches you!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: My this is called building up of source, concrete cannot say!”

Source builds up...... The source builds up......” old man to look in the palm arrogance steaming pill pellet, in the mouth is chewing these characters repeatedly, during falls into to think deeply, like must ascertain Shen Xiang's alchemy technique from these characters. Senior, I through inspecting?” Shen Xiang waited for the moment, asked in a soft voice. Naturally passed!” old man recovers, hurriedly said, on the face has also shown the smiling face, he wants to ask very much the source builds up builds up the law specifically, but this is the others techniques of not passing on, cannot inquire at will that this is the taboo. old man brings Shen Xiang to arrive at another house, here is hanging many jade token, old man was saying: These are the low-grade Divine Pill home remedies, you choose one casually, choosing the drop blood to see inside content.” Chooses the Divine Pill home remedy to need certain luck, because elects not to be good, divine medicine will be difficult to seek, or often does not use, then refines to be little significance. old man said with a smile: „In do not plan to see through are any Divine Pill home remedy, these jade token are expert refines!” Some Shen Xiang truly this plans, he secretly has displayed Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, just started his anything not to see, when emerges both eyes along with Six Paths Power unceasingly, he can see some characters from these jade token surfaces reluctantly, this made in his heart pleasantly surprised incomparable! Although is unable to see the concrete home remedy, but can see the synopses of these Divine Pill, he has satisfied, at least will not make him attain the too disappointing home remedy.