World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1928

Looks, Shen Xiang can see in these jade token the quarter into writing, his carefully look at the above synopsis, was introducing these home remedies will refine any pill to come, as well as Divine Pill effect. old man sees Shen Xiang to look that earnestly, has not urged him, is waiting in nearby patience, in his eyes, this is very normal matter, because he receives this new disciple each time, will encounter this situation, because chooses the sign now is most important, although anything cannot see, but to comfort oneself , the discrete consideration chooses that. But now Shen Xiang can actually see partial content, here Divine Pill home remedy are many, Shen Xiang looked at a major part, in the heart cannot help but criticizes, because many Divine Pill home remedies very much cheat! Now he understands why Luo Tianjun said their here home remedies are the low status goods that these Divine Country do not want, is really this. Shen Xiang after the prudent consideration, has finally chosen skeleton Divine Pill the home remedy, although this is low-grade Divine Pill, but Shen Xiang thought that the use is very big, because this Divine Pill can make the god bone in human body concentrates the spirit condition skeleton, is similar to the Godhead common thing, can make physical strength stronger. Concentrates the skeleton not to be easy, this does not have what good cultivation technique to practice, does not have other methods, before is very ancient, can only practice through the way that unceasing hardship fleshly body tries one's luck. Then comes some people to discover that through eating some divine medicine, can concentrate skeleton type of thing, afterward, some people founded skeleton Divine Pill. The knowledge in this aspect originates from Feng Yujie, before Shen Xiang, does not know that skeleton type of thing exists, until he sees skeleton Divine Pill, Feng Yujie teaches to his pills knowledge memory in emits the related thing. But this home remedy Feng Yujie does not have, now can appear here, making Shen Xiang be surprised some, because most home remedies were very disappointing, the thing of pastime when should be some Divine Country inside Dan God were bored to found! But use actually big of this skeleton Divine Pill, can surpass the fleshly body limit one Divine Pill! I want this!” After Shen Xiang takes down the sign, drops the blood fusion, immediately obtains inside home remedy, builds up the law and herbs formula clear presents in his mind.

What Divine Pill home remedy is?” old man hastily asked. Skeleton Divine Pill, this pill's herbs does not know that is good to look!” Shen Xiang low mumble said that herbs that if refines is too difficult to seek, he must the quite long time be able to refine. old man surprisedly said: Your luck is good! This skeleton Divine Pill is Divine Pill that one type may evolve, on low-grade has, in Divine Country is also quite rare.” If evolution class Divine Pill, is low-grade Divine Pill, may want preciously compared with other middle-grade Divine Pill! Because this Divine Pill most disappointing is low-grade, but the low-grade effect and use be bigger than other these middle-grade Divine Pill, therefore the value will surpass! Generally speaking, Divine Pill can use low-grade, is quite precious. „The human body fleshly body altogether nine spots can concentrate the skeleton, in the skeleton will integrate some formidable beast Divine Soul generally, with the aim of gaining these divine beast the assigns the strength of Divine Ability! Concentrates the first skeleton is very perhaps easy, but behind more is arrives is more difficult!” old man said: If in the same cultivation base situation, has the skeleton and formidable beast Divine Soul, the strength will be strong many! In Divine Country, the skeleton also judges the strength the important criterion!” Shen Xiang knows that can concentrate skeleton, but does not know that can concentrate nine skeletons, moreover can integrate beast Divine Soul toward inside! Generally is Highest God starts to consider the matter of skeleton! Naturally, if you can make to be best now! This skeleton Divine Pill did not say that eats up can have immediately, but plays one type to induce the function, can induce a turning point to make you concentrate! Even if so, skeleton Divine Pill still precious.” old man knew about the pills knowledge that he patiently was explaining now gives the Shen Xiang hear. Shen Xiang nodded, thanked old man hastily and he says these many.

How can I be able to find these herbs?” Before Shen Xiang, has asked Luo Tianjun, but Luo Tianjun told him, after inspection, naturally understands. old man brings Shen Xiang to go to the hall, said: You , to obtain divine medicine, goes to the supreme great hall to paste a paper, above marks herbs that you need, as well as purchases the condition that herbs pledges! Where the supreme great hall you should know!” Shen Xiang leaves Loyalty Pavilion, returns to his Dan Hall, the Gu three brothers and Luo Tianjun here he, seeing him to come back, clashes on hastily, grabs him to ask that east asked the west. „When you inspect the one who refines is what High-Grade Saint pill?” „Did you pass?” „Is the home remedy that attains what?” Shen Xiang replied with a smile: „When inspection what refines is Extreme Fire Saint Dan, the home remedy that I attain is skeleton Divine Pill!” Knew that is skeleton Divine Pill, Luo Tianjun full is the face of smiling face, immediately becomes serious, then still three brothers in surprised draws in that the secret room, Shen Xiang also walks. Your three are listening, Shen Xiang he obtained such home remedy not to say! Loyalty Pavilion Pavilion Master should also know, I and other next past and he greeted, making him keep secret.” A Luo Tianjun face sees the Gu three brothers severely, the sound is serious. The Gu three brothers also immediately understand that hastily nods.

Shen Xiang is somewhat puzzled, asks: Why can like this?” Luo Tianjun frowned, said: Skeleton Divine Pill this precious home remedy is impossible to put in Supreme Temple, I understand these Divine Country alchemy masters! I thought that they were lose by mistake this home remedy! Once were known by them, certainly must take back, perhaps when the time comes must use secret method to fall your memory clear!” The Shen Xiang complexion changes, he has not thought has been able like this! My also does if wanted purchase skeleton Divine Pill herbs?” Shen Xiang asked: Then, can't I refine this skeleton Divine Pill publicly?” The Luo Tianjun nod said: Only if you can found the Spell Bound Pill home remedy, otherwise the following big game you can only attend the High-Grade Saint pill's competition! You have not refined Spell Bound Pill now, therefore on your sign, is only High-Rank Pill Saint!” You can purchase herbs, because skeleton Divine Pill home remedy here nobody knows, but must select discretely!” Shen Xiang wants to attend that competition very much, but he cannot participate with skeleton Divine Pill, Feng Yujie gives his Divine Pill home remedy same unable, that will have possibility exposed he and has relationship on Nine Spirit Kings. I go to that supreme great hall to have a look first!” Shen Xiang can only plan now one founded the Divine Pill home remedy.