World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1929
The competition of Dan Hall must start in the near future, if founds the brand-new Divine Pill home remedy, that need very long time, Shen Xiang has definitely missed, therefore he plans to use the old means! Ascertains others' Divine Pill, then improve, coordinates building up of source, refines the effect to be close, but actually compared with actually home remedy better Divine Pill. When the time comes makes Divine Pill compared with trial, will not compete with the Divine Pill effect fiercely, therefore he planned Divine Pill that improves some not often to use. In the supreme great hall has many disciples to take a walk, in this giant great hall has stone walls, in the stone walls and four walls pastes completely the paper, above was issuing buys or is the bulletin of sell, but generally the need high price can bring to the attention very much. Shen Xiang strolled, has locked several bulletins, one is to sell low-grade Divine Pill, named pure heart Divine Pill, is therapy Divine Pill, after eating up, can rapidly resume the damage of five main internal organs (entrails), then the efficacy sends out again through the five main internal organs (entrails), achieves to treat the fleshly body goal. Therapy Divine Pill are many and varied, but effect is similar, the types are because divine medicine are many, but single Fan is not public, therefore many Dan God found has, gradually, accumulates therapy Divine Pill. Therefore the Shen Xiang decision purchases this pure heart Divine Pill to improve, such will come not let person begins to have suspicions. In his hand also has two hundred thousand divine yuan stone, but this pure heart Divine Pill actually wants 15 ten thousand divine yuan stone one grains! General low-grade Divine Pill is such price, therefore Shen Xiang did not plan to bargain, he took down on that paper detailed information, waited for him to look to issue this information the person. Several other he compares the attention the bulletin also sells low-grade Divine Pill, but he compares to this pure heart Divine Pill is quite satisfied. Dan Hall ninth!” In the Shen Xiang heart is meditating, then leaves the supreme great hall, goes to ninth. Although he is tenth Dan Hall, but with some ninth actually distances.

After finding ninth, Shen Xiang stood outside the ninth front door, here was the same with tenth, was a courtyard, inside has several room and a hall. After having knocked several, some quick people open the door. What matter has?” What opening the door is old man, the body has a medicine to be fragrant, is a alchemy master. I must buy pure heart Divine Pill, on that bulletin has not left the name, but mentioned ninth.” The Shen Xiang politeness smiles, said. old man opens big door, said: Is our ninth Dan God is selling, you come in!” Shen Xiang goes to the hall with old man, but this old man is knocking these rooms, calls that sell in the pure heart Divine Pill alchemy master. Shen Xiang sits in the hall, is drinking tea, sees the alchemy master who that walks, has almost spurted the tea, this alchemy master unexpectedly is Feng Yujie! Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang not to think surprised, because she already knows that Shen Xiang will come! But Shen Xiang actually does not know her to be able here! Before Huang Jintian had told him, Feng Yujie and Lu Qilian after he summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace has appeared, distance at that time also shortly after! Pretends not to know me!” Feng Yujie hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Walked to that old man that Shen Xiang opens the door, but Shen Xiang is also tranquil.

Junior Sister, was this person said your pure heart Divine Pill that must buy!” old man said that went out of the hall. Feng Yujie dresses up very simply, one set of white long skirt somewhat turned yellow, hair simple optional is gripping, but actually combs very neatly, but her face strength on unusual attracting has also restrained, without her female expert stance, looked like is also was only in those days long the quite attractive female. Even if she this, Shen Xiang also looks now with great interest, because before now Feng Yujie and her, that attracts the Goddess makings of all living things to compare, has the different kind flavor. Looks at anything to look that do not look!” Feng Yujie light lightly snorted, making Shen Xiang cannot help but badly smile, Your pure heart can Divine Pill little?” Shen Xiang asked that since were the acquaintance, that some must discuss, before he not such plan. Cannot, 15 ten thousand divine yuan stone, you love if wanted !” Feng Yujie sat gracefully, looked at outside one, then gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: I very much lack divine yuan stone now, what do you want to make? You have supreme god bone, this pill to your function is not very big, moreover your fleshly body self- repair capability is so strong, should not need! You urgently need, I give to you!” Feng Yujie to Shen Xiang is very good, because she knows that Shen Xiang to her, is good to her younger sister, she knew Jiu Hanrou probably in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace and matter of Shen Xiang meet. You, so long as told me, you used any herbs refinement that's alright, I want to improve!” Shen Xiang said: I must attend the competition of that Dan Hall, I need to refine Divine Pill, can participate in low-grade Divine Pill that group.” Feng Yujie asked curiously: Depending on your skill, must not be difficult through the inspection of Loyalty Pavilion, do you lack the Divine Pill home remedy? You are also discrete, has not used me to pass to your Divine Pill home remedy, if that Divine Pill appears and so on!” Shen Xiang sighed: I through the inspection of Loyalty Pavilion, but I have attained the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy, my Hall Master makes me keep secret, therefore I cannot refine this pill, can only pick up the senior old profession!” Feng Yujie already knows that Shen Xiang has to ascertain others home remedy the ability, now she knew that Shen Xiang has the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy, was shocked, this truly needs to keep secret.

Sister Feng, when do you come in?” Shen Xiang asked: I also think you and Sister Qilian their together!” You entered Nine Heavenly Devil Palace I to come! Couple days ago I had gone back quietly one time, I saw the young nine girls, you I also know at Nine Heavenly Devil Palace inside matter that has not thought so will be complex!” Feng Yujie sighed: Rescued the Nine Spirit Kings heavy burden to give you, if I could help, I will help as far as possible your!” Feng Yujie told Shen Xiang herbs that pure heart Divine Pill needed. You know that did not need me to say! Sister Feng, how do you go back quietly?” Shen Xiang also wants to go back quietly. Now is not good, secret passage that pure Nine Spirit Kings leaves behind here had sealed off! You do not need to be worried that your women are very good, relax!” Feng Yujie lightly snorted, Shen Xiang always visits her with that badly bad look, making her very uncomfortable. Shen Xiang asked: Sister Feng, your pure heart can Divine Pill sell?” Feng Yujie shook the head: I hung many days, only then you have asked! I have the Divine Pill home remedy, but needs precious herbs, I also do not have divine yuan stone, you come shortly, some these many divine yuan stone, gets so far as?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Now I first buy your pure heart Divine Pill, you should have herbs, gives me one, I take away to duplicate some! I help you gain some divine yuan stone, I am an expert in this aspect!” Shen Xiang went to trial that many years, Feng Yujie during that time with Liu Meng'er Hua Xiangyue their several female together, naturally also knows that they and Shen Xiang double cultivation came out many spirit beads, remembered this matter, looked at her look with Shen Xiang a moment ago, she cannot help but tenderly spat one.