World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1930
Shen Xiang also needs some divine yuan stone to purchase herbs now, in this Highest God Realm, high level divine medicine has many, is a good opportunity of purchase. Feng Yujie also plans the alchemy sell, received exchange for some divine yuan stone, then massively purchases divine medicine, but she carries on not to be relaxed, because of her not that heaven defying duplication herbs ability. This is pure heart Divine Pill herbs, pure heart Divine Pill is I through the Divine Pill home remedy that the inspection of Loyalty Pavilion obtains, the difference, nobody buys my.” Feng Yujie does not favor to this pure heart Divine Pill, because in therapy low-grade Divine Pill, pure heart Divine Pill good were too more, moreover the price slightly is also higher than pure heart Divine Pill. Shen Xiang received Feng Yujie to his herbs, two this enough he has refined, but he has also given Feng Yujie 15 ten thousand divine yuan stone. Feng Yujie said: I purchased my Divine Pill herbs, sells out that grain of Divine Pill, I give back to you divine yuan stone!” Feng Yujie home remedy from the God king inheritance, before Shen Xiang, does not dare with the home remedy that she delivers, was worried that can bring to the attention, Feng Yujie also had said a moment ago God king these home remedies are very unique, is very easy to arouse the interest. „Do you want to use the God king home remedy?” Shen Xiang has doubts, Feng Yujie said obviously unuseful. Naturally is not, this home remedy is not God king, is that Dan God! Has saying that this fellow a little ability, oneself founds the good home remedy! If I can succeed to refine, is very easy to sell.” Feng Yujie said. That Dan God initially they had not felt embarrassed him with Infernal Demon Emperor, therefore gives the Shen Xiang's impression to be good. „The Sister Feng elder sister, do you mix in this Supreme Temple? I to enter Supreme Temple, but has carried on that very brutal trial!” Shen Xiang asked that moreover he does not know that Feng Yujie came here goal. Feng Yujie said with a smile: I have supreme god bone, because of the God king reason, therefore I came in! I enter this Highest God Realm first, then Elder Yi incurs me, this relaxed!” Shen Xiang suddenly remembers a very important matter now, that is Xiao Chou!

Xiao Chou is the same with him, obtains to carry on the qualifications of trial, he had not asked Huang Jintian before, but Yi Baidong has not mentioned the Xiao Chou matter with him! Almost that forgot bald brat!” Shen Xiang has tapped the head, he worried at this moment, if has not seen Xiao Chou in this Supreme Temple, then Xiao Chou on danger(ous). Feng Yujie asked: You said that is your Herculean Clan bald apprentice?” Shen Xiang nods hastily: Is he, do you have his whereabouts?” In your missing 70-80 years, he has looked for my one time, he asked that I do have to see you, then I have not seen him!” Feng Yujie knits the brows: „It was at that time strong with bald brat, looks like be fiercer than you!” Shen Xiang relaxed, said Xiao Chou already through trial, then mostly also in Supreme Temple, even come in early many compared with him, when he at that time trial, lost for 70 years. „Do you come Supreme Temple to do? On you and Nine Spirit Kings relationship, is known by these Divine Country, you will have danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said. I am eavesdrop on some Divine Country news, this to later helpful!” Feng Yujie said: Now Lu Qilian she secretly is developing, has Xiangyue and Qianqian in alchemy, they can be fast formidable! But Gods very deficient high level divine medicine, therefore my also plan comes to here lane, which knows returns to Gods passage suddenly sealed off.” Shen Xiang sighed: I also want to go back to have a look, how did not know Gods the present!” Feng Yujie said: Best not to go back, three Divine Country have sent out the guard the nosing Nine Heavenly Devil Palace matter, knows that is you do! But they also know that on you have Divine Mirror of Six Paths, they seek for you, more important robs your Divine Mirror of Six Paths.” It seems like I must a bit faster be here formidable to be good! Good, I go back first, have any matter I to look for you again!” Shen Xiang drinks up that cup of tea, stood to reorganize the clothes.

You in how many halls?” Feng Yujie asked. Tenth, welcome you at all times!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Hall Master and Senior Brother are very good.” Feng Yujie spits the tongue to him, urged that he a bit faster walks. Shen Xiang leaves ninth, immediately looks for Luo Tianjun. Other Luo Tianjun matters, in the room, Shen Xiang will not have entered the courtyard to shout Hall Master. Hears the Shen Xiang's shout, Luo Tianjun, so long as does not close up, will open promptly the door to walk. „Did little rascal, what good matter have?” Luo Tianjun asked with a smile. How good matter possibly daily to have!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I want to ask you, I must look for a friend here, how can find? He also comes in through trial, moreover come in many early compared with me!” Luo Tianjun said: You go to the supreme great hall to look for that to sit in the old man of counter, you said that is day of Dan Hall, then he can help you inquire into the record of palace disciple free, if your friend has come, should be able unable to find.” Hall Master, you are really fierce! Loyalty Pavilion the stewards in old man and supreme great hall so are good with your relationship!” A facial expression of Shen Xiang face worship, has patted his flatter superficially. Luo Tianjun Hehe said with a smile: This is natural, in Dan Hall I am the personal connection am best, you to outside said that any ninth, seventh, others also not necessarily know Hall Master names! But you reported on tenth, others know that was my Luo Tianjun, therefore my tenth also nickname, was called day of Dan Hall!”

Yi Baidong makes you join, I initially will not receive you! Now many alchemy masters want to change to me, to fully many good things, but I am not willing!” Luo Tianjun smelly fart said very: Therefore little rascal, you can enter my Dan Hall, this is the greatest glory, treasures well!” Shen Xiang at present one bright, asked: Hall Master, if my friend does want to transfer the hall to come your here? She is also alchemy . Moreover the level is extremely high!” Luo Tianjun very curiously: „Do you also know other Dan Hall alchemy masters? You come in shortly, if relationship of you and that fellow is very good, moreover is trustworthy, I agreed that makes him come in! Therefore you must determine the manner of your friend!” Shen Xiang wants to make Feng Yujie come, like this they have a partner, he said with a smile: My that friend is a female......” Luo Tianjun stares the big eye immediately, breaks Shen Xiang: Bastard! You just came to know that the female alchemy master, your this little rascal, you do not know many alchemy masters are the hoodlum to old?” Shen Xiang said with a smile difficultly: She and I knew very much long time ago, I and others got down to say with her looked she is willing to turn around.” He does not have to go to ninth immediately, because he knows that Feng Yujie now definitely not in ninth, should be goes to the supreme great hall to purchase divine medicine.