World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1931
In Supreme Temple also has many beautiful females, but Dan Hall are least, moreover other halls are many, especially Sword Hall, that is in Supreme Temple the beautiful woman are most. But after Feng Yujie enters Supreme Temple, has restrained, she has been able to control oneself that mystical the strength of attracting now, dresses up oneself very simply, therefore she is not too conspicuous in the supreme great hall, because in this, many appearance is pretty, the baring the chest dew breast, is shaking the beautiful female of jade leg. After Shen Xiang comes, comes counter, he sees in several male spigots to talk over, said that old man very black heart anything. Now Shen Xiang understands, why this supreme great hall that many people, but actually few people come this counter interpellation, actually is because the old man unusual black heart of counter. Old Mister, I am Tianjun Dan Hall.” Shen Xiang comes on the direct report in own origin, so as to avoid and other by pit one. old man high tall and thin of counter is thin, has a very short white hair, as well as a handful goat beards, his skin very white and tender, does not have the wrinkle, looks like very energetic. Shows me jade token, if you pretend are the Old Luo person, you will have bad luck!” The old man sinister smile was saying that lets in the Shen Xiang heart the infant, hastily puts out his status sign to hand over. After old man has looked, goes back with a smile: Really with is the same, was young little brat that Old Luo said! What matter do you ask me to have? I do not receive your divine yuan stone!” I first apologized Senior! I want to look for in a these years to enter the Supreme Temple person, he is bald, and is...... Comes in through trial!” Shen Xiang lowers the sound saying: Can unable to find?” old man said immediately: Has one baldly, but he does not come in through trial...... So far, only then you come in through trial, you determined that your friend did pass trial?” Shen Xiang has doubts immediately, hasn't Xiao Chou passed? Deadline that but he is trying to practice will have looked for Feng Yujie from now on, if not go to trial, he will die! At all impossible to look for Feng Yujie.

Has that bald portrait?” Shen Xiang also asked that he entered Supreme Temple, has not met baldly, therefore he had the only hope to have a look. old man took a paper to give Shen Xiang from storage equipment, after Shen Xiang saw, immediately was pleasantly surprised: Is he!” This bald brat is Soul Hall, he came to have dozens years, he and their Hall Master went out, to exit for several months, should quick be able to come back! Is supreme Soul Hall Heavenly God divides hall first! This bald is very outstanding, may become first Hall Master.” old man said. Shen Xiang thinks clearly, why Xiao Chou has not carried on trial, but actually entered Supreme Temple, but also mixed that well. He guessed Xiao Chou goes to Fist Hall, has not thought that unexpectedly is Soul Hall, this is also good, later he needs beast Divine Soul time, can look for Xiao Chou. Shen Xiang thanked this old man again, was strolling in the supreme great hall, he had found quickly Feng Yujie, Feng Yujie was seeking for the vacancy to paste her purchase bulletin. Sister Feng elder sister!” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of Feng Yujie, happily said with a smile. Feng Yujie has turned head, seeing Shen Xiang to arrive, says with a smile: You came happen, helping me look for a good position!” From counter there buys in the bulletin that in the supreme great hall pastes, from buying effective is ten days, ten days later can rip! If there is not expired others rips, counter there knows that was caught is punished many divine yuan stone. In the right bottom of bulletin, will have a countdown, for example seven days and six days and five days...... If had not shown that means time arrived, Spirit Qi of bulletin paper also vanished, rips not to subject to a penalty.

Shen Xiang emitted multi-channel Divine Soul, quick had found more than 20 expired bulletins, can tear up. I found more than 20 positions, how many bulletin papers do you have?” Shen Xiang asked. „...... The bulletin paper was expensive, wanted two hundred divine yuan stone, can only use for ten days, the old man was very black, bought 20 to want more than 4000. Ten days did not have, previous time I went to his there to ask a matter, unexpectedly received my thousand divine yuan stone.” Mentioned counter that black heart old man, Feng Yujie is mad. Shen Xiang has cannot help but smiled, then holds the hand of Feng Yujie to walk. little rascal, where do you want to go to?” Feng Yujie asked. With the bulletin paper, you only pastes one, was discovered very much difficultly.” Shen Xiang said: Must paste, otherwise you have not known when must purchase.” My where has that many divine yuan stone, one time buys 20 is also only ten days, if separates, that is 200 days, this is quite cost-effective! I have in any case am the time.” Feng Yujie in Gods, although mixes well, many divine coin, but arrived here divine coin is the scrap iron, is useless, therefore she now is also thrifty. Shen Xiang has drawn Feng Yujie to arrive at the counter, Feng Yujie has not wanted to come to here, because she had the shadow to this black heart old man. Old Mister, I want to buy some bulletin papers, can a convenient point!” Shen Xiang said to that old man. Feng Yujie hears, in the heart is thinking: Met convenient that damn, but the old man in supreme great hall Supreme Temple first black!”

old man sees is Shen Xiang, immediately takes one pack of papers, said with a smile: Took away, does not have took again, multi- important matters!” Feng Yujie was shocked immediately, this makes her feel what present is the illusion, this black heart old man unexpectedly gives in vain directly to Shen Xiang these many bulletin papers, looks like at least more than 50, moreover made Shen Xiang use up took again. Shen Xiang expressed gratitude hastily, then drew Feng Yujie to go to the place that can paste, filled that pack of papers to Feng Yujie: Takes away!” Feng Yujie at this time also in surprised, after receiving, confirmed that this is can use, took a deep breath, asked: What relationship you and are he? How cloudy person I personally see many that black heart old men have been, moreover stingy.” Not anything, because I am the tenth person! Right, your if wanted transfers hall, my Hall Master said that can make you transfer.” Shen Xiang haughty said with a smile. Really? I naturally must pass, I already heard that many alchemy Master Xiangzhuan pass, but he does not receive!” Depending on can with bulletin paper superiority, make Feng Yujie non- move free, how can there be not the principle of transferring. When the Shen Xiang's help, Feng Yujie pasted 50 all of a sudden, they returned, passed by the counter, seeing several to wear the middle-aged whole face of Sword Hall clothing seriously and old man speech. Zhang Zhao died, Song Peng, that three also completely died with Zhang Zhao relationship good Hall Master, you help me issue the news, looks for the related clue.” Shen Xiang pulls the white hands of Feng Yujie to walk, hears this saying time, his heart startled at the same time, cannot help but increased a strength, Feng Yujie has been able to feel clearly, in the heart was also dark startled, made an effort to shake Shen Xiang's slightly!