World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1932

Feng Yujie was blaming Shen Xiang secretly, just came in shortly after to kill several Supreme Temple disciples, moreover several were the Hall Master ranks! Naturally, Shen Xiang will make such matter outside her point unconsciously haughty, otherwise this was not Shen Xiang, moreover she also knows that Shen Xiang was not as a last resort, is will not kill people absolutely, these definitely had the reason. Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang, although in the heart is startled darkly, but they very calm goes out of the supreme great hall! I look for my Hall Master first, when transfers the hall must say a hello with him, you in tenth my that's alright!” Feng Yujie said that she had not inquired Shen Xiang massacres Zhang Zhao their matter, because here is not the appropriate place. The Shen Xiang complexion is somewhat dignified, he is not the fear, but the worry will be looked up, he nodded, then went back. little rascal, how? Found your friend?” Luo Tianjun sees Shen Xiang to come back, shouts. Had found, but he went out with his Hall Master, wants a period of time to come back, therefore I cannot see him temporarily!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Hall Master, your skill is very big, old man of that supreme great hall determined that I am tenth, gave me to be convenient.” Luo Tianjun haughty said with a smile: My Luo Tianjun skill is not certainly small, later will make you experience is fiercer!” Shen Xiang said: „The my ninth friend agreed to turn around, possibly waits for her to look for me.” The words just fell, Feng Yujie appears in the entrance of courtyard, after she sees Shen Xiang, smiled to run. Hall Master, this is that friend who I said!” Shen Xiang has not thought that the Feng Yujie movement is so quick. Hall Master is good!” The Feng Yujie politeness was sending regards, on face was having the delightful smiling face. Luo Tianjun he he smiles: Does not need to be polite, brings your sign, I help you change, later you are our tenth!”

Feng Yujie walked, hands in her status jade token the Luo Tianjun hand, after Luo Tianjun received, murmured: Feng Yujie, Low-Rank Dan God......” After having read in Feng Yujie jade token some information, Luo Tianjun infiltrates in his tenth brand mark jade token. Ha Ha, before these fellows always said that my tenth will not have female disciple to come, now looked how they also said.” Luo Tianjun was very happy that returns jade token to Feng Yujie. Luo Tianjun has hoped tenth has an outstanding female alchemy master, but the young female alchemy master will choose the rank generally before these Dan Hall . Moreover the condition that these Dan Hall pledge is also very excellent, therefore for many years, his tenth did not have female disciple! Not is only his tenth, many other Dan Hall do not have female disciple! Yujie, you wait / etc., how I have a look to expand here, constructs a house and underground alchemy room for you!” Some Luo Tianjun headaches, because initially he does not know that his Dan Hall meets suddenly to increase these many people, therefore he transforms a very big alchemy room many rooms of vacating, is the previous Gu three brothers together competes with alchemy that. Now that alchemy room he cannot transform, because the Gu three brothers for many years competed alchemy there, if suddenly did not have, in their hearts will also be very sad! In order to let Dan Hall is harmonious, Luo Tianjun plans to expand this dwelling. Shen Xiang suddenly said: Does not use, the Sister Feng elder sister lived in room that's alright with me!” Feng Yujie has gawked staring, she will certainly not agree, she is just about to reject time, thought that this will be better, because she and some Shen Xiang secrets must share, lives does not have anything not to be good in the same room. This...... Did you develop that relationship?” Luo Tianjun was very surprised, has been startled being startled, then Hehe smiles, I understood expression. Feng Yujie explained hastily: Not, I and he are equal to...... Sister and brother relationship, we played on together before frequently, the house room is so big, can separate, I do not mind! Avoid this also Hall Master you take time.” Although Feng Yujie such explained that but Luo Tianjun or Hehe smile: Then like this has decided that otherwise I expand the construction, but must let several elders and Palace Master authorizes, is somewhat troublesome!”

Night, Shen Xiang, Feng Yujie and Luo Tianjun had the dinner in the living room, Luo Tianjun are going to the kitchen personally, have made many delicious meals. Three haven't Senior Brother come back?” Shen Xiang asked: „A day has not seen them!” Luo Tianjun is clamping the dish, said with a smile: Do not manage them, eats quickly eats quickly, tries my dish to be what kind of! That three fellows estimated that looked for opening of other halls to bet.” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie clamp dish to get up, at this time the Gu three brothers came back, they arrive at the living room front door, seeing here to have a female, cannot help but was shocked, probably is sees most to let their surprised thing such. This...... Is who?” Gu Laoda asked with amazement. Girl Feng Yujie, has seen three Senior Brother!” Feng Yujie sets out hastily, salutes to the Gu three brothers gracefully. Luo Tianjun said immediately: Such politely does with their three brazens, does quickly , to continue to eat, do not manage them!” The Gu three brothers understood probably, this female is their small Junior Sister, moreover just joined, but they are some cannot believe. This is unreasonable!” Gu Laoer has gawked the half of the day, suppressed these characters. Is Shen Xiang this little rascal calls, Yujie originally in ninth, she and Shen Xiang knew very much long time ago, here bumps into, then asked her to turn around! You three have been disrespectful individually, looks at you now this appearance......” Luo Tianjun shouted. The Gu three brothers peacefully sat, on the face full is the smiling face, because their tenth had female disciple finally. Was right, where Junior Sister does she live in now? Wants not to tear down that big alchemy room!” Gu Laoda asked.

Does not use, she and Shen Xiang lives in the same place!” Luo Tianjun said. Oh! Gu Laoda stares, afterward understood. Feng Yujie was disinclined to explain again, but sees Shen Xiang that grinning inexpensive appearance, she stepped on a Shen Xiang foot secretly. Eats...... Our present people were many, shortly after the Dan Hall competition, we must make them experience our fierce!” Luo Tianjun was very happy. After finishing eating, chatted, respectively returned to the room. The Shen Xiang's room also calculates quite in a big way, puts down two beds spaciously both also. little rascal, do not act unreasonably in the evening, otherwise you will have bad luck!” Feng Yujie digs the small mouth to warn, then enters in that strict bathroom to take a bath. Also the bathtub in the room, after Feng Yujie enters bathroom inside, Shen Xiang on the bubble in that very big bathtub, snort|hum the lively community, is scrubbing the body. After Feng Yujie took a bath, seeing Shen Xiang unexpectedly such to scrub the body before her, cannot help but stamps foot tenderly snorted to get up.