World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1933
Shen Xiang sees the Feng Yujie that somewhat angry appearance, said with a smile: I did not mind that was seen by you, what you do mind?” Feng Yujie goes to bed to lie down, covers own tender body with a light blanket, to Shen Xiang tenderly snorted and said: Washes a bit faster, I must rest!” You have turned the head, I must stand!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile, Feng Yujie immediately stand up, but Shen Xiang also fast stands to wear the clothes. He lies after the bed, Feng Yujie gives him sound transmission: That several fellows are really you kill?” Is I kills! At that time that situation, I have to massacre them, otherwise later bad luck is I! Don't worry, they will not look up, I did at that time very cleanly!” Shen Xiang said. Said the process.” Feng Yujie is somewhat curious, shortly after Shen Xiang just came, contracts enmity with others, under cruel methods. Shen Xiang entered the Sword Hall matter his trial, when as well as he picks the medicine and Zhang Zhao they have the conflict the matter to tell Feng Yujie. These fellows truly have to massacre them!” Feng Yujie has known that divine lotus root matter at this time: Said that in your hand should have section of divine lotus root!” Shen Xiang said: Naturally, but duplicated at that time time, with my many spirit beads, if now wants to duplicate, I must concentrate many elixir, if the having mystical powers bead will be quicker!” Feng Yujie is also clear, the spirit bead that Life Slaughtering Technique double cultivation comes out, the effect is better than time elixir that concentrates alone. Now anxiously has not been making divine lotus root, we must learn to refine first to be many some Divine Pill!” Feng Yujie said: You will start to refine pure heart Divine Pill tomorrow! I continue to purchase my herbs , helping you pay attention the Sword Hall sound while convenient.” You must complete the worst plan, if do not look up, you immediately leave the Supreme Temple jurisdiction the region!”

Shen Xiang already had such idea, but he thought that now will not be discovered that otherwise already had the clue, because died five important Sword Hall disciples, this does not vanish, that side enough Sword Hall set out very big strength to investigate. Sister Feng, do you want to study my Heaven Refining Technique? You are primarily alchemy now, if studies Heaven Refining Technique, will refine pill more.” Shen Xiang said. Naturally thinks that initially I saw Xiangyue their alchemy these many, I very much envied, is this difficult to study? Xiangyue and Qianqian have to practice the Heaven Refining Technique foundation, I worried that I cross the threshold very difficultly.” Feng Yujie said that although she is under the instruction of God king since childhood, but she has not practiced Heaven Refining Technique, therefore did not understand. „It is not quite difficult, because your foundation of basic skills is good, allowing me to enter your Divine sea, I pass to you Heaven Refining Technique that I study!” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie relationship is so good, therefore his not stingy. You enter my Divine sea not to act unreasonably!” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Do not act unreasonably to my Divine Soul that's alright!” Previous Feng Yujie has entered in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, has seen the Shen Xiang's Divine sea world, but now Shen Xiang must have a look at Feng Yujie Divine sea. Shen Xiang steps onto the Feng Yujie bed, finger selects gently on the Feng Yujie forehead, overflowed silken luster of mercerized cotton cloth fog. Feng Yujie relaxes the whole body, making Shen Xiang enter her Divine sea world. Quick, Shen Xiang's Divine Soul arrived in a gold and jade in glorious splendor grand palace, sees this palace, Shen Xiang cannot help but panic-stricken. „Isn't this Nine Firmaments Temple?” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm said that he also really thinks a moment ago one appear in the place of that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace inside Nine Firmaments.

Almost, my Divine sea world is this, because I want to let this Nine Firmaments Temple very much from the new appearance.” Feng Yujie Divine Soul appears intermittently gradually, appears in front of Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang goes to a beautiful peaceful garden with her. Now can give me to pass on merit laws!” Feng Yujie sits on the lawn of garden. Shen Xiang also sits down, starts to pass to Feng Yujie his Heaven Refining Technique. Dawn, Shen Xiang has completed to pass on merit laws, because Feng Yujie not has to practice the Heaven Refining Technique foundation of basic skills like Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian, therefore he teaches quite to be also difficult, the Feng Yujie perception is very luckily high, under Divine Soul to pass on merit laws way, quick comprehended something. Your this little rascal alchemy always so Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, these methods were really Highest God are no wonder wonderful!” Feng Yujie exclaims in surprise again and again. These types that you obtain now build up the law are I at present comprehend, after you are familiar, can comprehend own building up law, everyone can comprehend the different building up laws to come.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: if wanted I pass to you Life Slaughtering Technique!” Feng Yujie lightly snorted and said: Does not use, I had already met, is Qilian passes to me!” The Life Slaughtering Technique fiercest place is double cultivation, Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to smile badly, knows that he in having that idea, but in her heart unexpectedly has an unusual thought that when she has this thought that clothes suddenly of Shen Xiang upper body disappears! Shen Xiang stares immediately, his Divine Soul compared with the weakness of Feng Yujie, therefore in the Feng Yujie Divine sea world, Feng Yujie have any idea, can positive governing his Divine Soul! Clothes suddenly of his upper body disappears, this in the idea with Feng Yujie heart is definitely related, this also makes Shen Xiang the recollections get up immediately in close succession, he has not thought that looks like pure Nine Heavens Goddess, unexpectedly to him......

Shen Xiang forcefully had been sent out her Divine sea by Feng Yujie quickly, but Feng Yujie buries the face in the blanket, although Shen Xiang has not seen, but knows that affirmed is much redder. Dawn, quickly has been busy your!” Feng Yujie is covering the head, is in a soft voice charmingly angry: little rascal, do not approach me.” A Shen Xiang face is suffering from injustice, he has not made the mistake anything: Anything had not occurred a moment ago, I later will again not mention.” You added that blames you, blames you!” Feng Yujie was shouting tenderly, although her voice was very loud, but was actually hard to conceal her bashful condition at this moment. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Good, blames me! I walk now!” He goes into under the secret room to study that pure heart Divine Pill immediately. Feng Yujie the period of time, has dared to come out the dew, but on face red, she does not have to think one meet suddenly to have that idea to Shen Xiang, recalls that the face is also red immediately, in the heart scolded itself secretly, why will have that idea! Feng Yujie goes to the supreme great hall very early in the morning, she must revise her bulletin list, because she changed to tenth. Arrives at Supreme Temple, she sees that several to be responsible for investigating the middle age of Zhang Zhao event, but in this has also pasted many related posting a reward commands, posts a reward the related clue. Just obtained the clue, Zhang Zhao their missing previous day, has purchased herbs, our 0.1 points have investigated, the families were also missing!” old man of that middle-aged to counter said: Finally we search all around, discovered that has the fighting trace, but the scene processes very cleanly, has not left behind any clue! However we knew that missing family are an old woman and little girl, we must find them!”