World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1934
After Feng Yujie hears, in the heart worried that she from the Shen Xiang mouth had known that must go to god profound Tianchi to the grandparent and grandchild, if the halfway got down by the truncation, asked that anything comes, Shen Xiang on danger(ous). Just arrived at the supreme great hall to hear this matter, Feng Yujie has not continued to revise her bulletin, immediately went back to look for Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has not started alchemy, but looks at these herbs spirit bloodlines with source Spirit Eyes, actually hears some people to approach, induces to is the Feng Yujie aura, he stands up immediately, walks to open the door. The fellow who little rascal, these are responsible for investigating had found some clues, they must look for that old Grandma and little girl now! This was they now the only clue!” Feng Yujie said: I hear in the supreme great hall!” Shen Xiang does not worry about itself now, but worried that to grandparent and grandchild, he does not know where now that went to the grandparent and grandchild, otherwise he will immediately certainly pursue! Sees Shen Xiang to worry that Feng Yujie said: We waited for patiently, good and virtuous person has the day, they will certainly be all right!” Shen Xiang nodded. Well alchemy, when we accumulated certain strength, goes to that god profound Tianchi to have a look!” Feng Yujie is comforting Shen Xiang. After Feng Yujie walks, Shen Xiang used the less than half brother double-hour to calm the mind. Pure heart Divine Pill needs three low-grade divine medicine, this is with divine medicine quite few low-grade Divine Pill, no wonder is not welcomed, after all the effect is not strong, if increases constantly low-grade divine medicine again, can strengthen pure heart Divine Pill effect originally, then will be very definitely popular!” Shen Xiang is turning is looking for low-grade divine medicine in memory, having a look at these to suit with pure heart Divine Pill matches together. Was used to duplicate the herbs spirit bead to use similarly, but was slow with the elixir speed, Shen Xiang thought that might as well alchemy traded divine yuan stone, purchased herbs to be quick again.

Shen Xiang looks on jade trough three divine medicine, this refines pure heart Divine Pill low-grade divine medicine, Yuhua purple must be very unusual divine medicine, is similar to the long beard, is similar to from one type on the stone same purple bark the face length comes out. Second crescent moon Divine Fruit also so, is similar to curved Yue'er, the palm of the hand size, the pale white, has strong therapy effect, Shen Xiang thought that with pill who crescent moon Divine Fruit refines, the effect should not be bad, but pure heart Divine Pill actually missed, definitely because of any reason, caused crescent moon Divine Fruit effect unable to display, was suppressed. Last type is the jasper tree root, this is many Divine Tree has the thing that some Divine Tree grow to certain year, the tree root will turn into the jasper to be the same, can be used for alchemy, has the effect of good therapy. Jasper tree root and Yuhua purple must match, is some trees grows to the thing that certain year grows, is very common! But crescent moon Divine Fruit actually with this different divine medicine not similar!” After Shen Xiang carefully has analyzed these herbs, during is lost in thought: If I must increase same herbs, then must have the similar characteristics with crescent moon Divine Fruit, meanwhile can purple must match with the jasper tree root and Yuhua, turns into a line, these three fusions!” Increase fourth low-grade divine medicine is important, not only itself must have enough strong therapy effect, but must be able to compromise other three divine medicine. What is appropriate?” In the Shen Xiang mind flashes through Feng Yujie to teach to his divine medicine knowledge unceasingly. A double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang finally found one type to be quite suitable, concrete must wait for him to attempt to determine that from now on whether perfect fusion together. Now first refines a furnace to say again!” Shen Xiang has not started alchemy, but now he must refine, to be familiar with this pure heart Divine Pill various herbs true characteristics. His hand herbs in pure heart Divine Pill only then two, refine this, he must duplicate several, that will consume his all elixir. After day, he succeeds to refine furnace pure heart Divine Pill, building up of his source uses on refining Divine Pill, similarly has very good effect, can make him rapidly complete!

The first time process will not be relaxed, needs the quite long time as well as the patience! Four grains, if a grain sells hundred thousand divine yuan stone, does not know that can the quick point sell!” In the Shen Xiang hand has four grains is similar to purple Yuzhu's same Divine Pill, this is pure heart Divine Pill. Ordinary low-grade divine medicine, five thousand divine yuan stone in the villagers hand then purchases, if in the supreme great hall, that need ten thousand divine yuan stone, pure heart Divine Pill three herbs is quite common, three ten thousand divine yuan stone can receive, even if only sells 61,000 grains, that same can gain much. Naturally, this is regarding Shen Xiang, because he uses the source to build up to refine pure heart Divine Pill to be fast, after being familiar, the small half of the day can a furnace, but can also furnace four grains! If the alchemy master who other just touched the Divine Pill domain, then at least also takes ten days, many also needs half a month! Has not been able to guarantee successfully, even if succeeds, the quality is also the Low-Grade quality! This is I becomes first Divine Pill that Dan God refines!” Shen Xiang looks at that four grains of pure heart Divine Pill very sigh with emotion. He wants to refine that skeleton Divine Pill, he longs to the skeleton, because this can make him have more formidable strength. This time is night, Shen Xiang comes up from the underground secret room, sees Feng Yujie peacefully already upper side the bed falls asleep, that beautiful stance makes the Shen Xiang's eye not hate to move out of the way. Feng Yujie suddenly opens the eye, although she before has slept soundly, but expert of this rank, once there is any sound, catch, then rapidly will wake up immediately, she hears Shen Xiang to open the secret room Stone Gate sound, she immediately woke. I must take a bath!” Shen Xiang laughed, walks into the bathroom immediately, the flushing body, his alchemy was so long, had many perspiration.

Feng Yujie lightly snorted, binds closely oneself with the quilt, hears in the bathing pool crash-bang the underwater sound, she cannot help but lets one's thoughts wander, quick recalled that Shen Xiang in her Divine sea, lets she awkward shy matter. Such big bed, oneself rest thinks very empty!” Shen Xiang walks from the bathroom, smiles was saying. Wants you to manage, sleeps quickly!” The jade face of Feng Yujie has blushed at this time, because just in the room the ray is dim, therefore Shen Xiang has not seen. Shen Xiang lies down after own bed, said: I have succeeded to refine pure heart Divine Pill, there are four grains! Sister Feng, you said that if buys hundred thousand divine yuan stone one grain, can a bit faster sell?” Feng Yujie had known about Heaven Refining Technique at this time that Shen Xiang can refine four grains of pure heart Divine Pill, outside her point unconsciously haughty. Is a little difficult, eight ten thousand divine yuan stone should be able to sell quickly!” Feng Yujie said that she is also ready to make trouble at this time, wants to try pure heart Divine Pill with Heaven Refining Technique, looked are one can also refine four grains. Shen Xiang asked: How many herbs did you purchase?” Asked this time, Feng Yujie was somewhat helpless, sighed gently: Original today must purchase to be the same, but that fellow initial price was too high, wants hundred thousand divine yuan stone, I have not wanted!”