World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1935

herbs of Feng Yujie purchase has several, looks like is quite expensive, that divine yuan stone that her hand last present only then Shen Xiang gives, if has bought this, remaining are not many.

Tomorrow has bought him, then sells out these four grains of pure heart Divine Pill while convenient!” Shen Xiang said: You, since has also studied Life Slaughtering Technique, for serveral days congealed some elixir.” Feng Yujie suddenly thinks somewhat uselessly, she be stronger than Shen Xiang, moreover there is an inheritance of Nine Spirit Kings, but now urgently needed divine yuan stone, since feels is so weak, but also makes Shen Xiang help her these many. little rascal, I listened to Qilian to say...... Said that kisses also to concentrate the spirit bead is right.” Feng Yujie suddenly asked that the sound was similar to mosquito is equally tiny, obviously was very shy. After Shen Xiang hears, had not replied immediately, but during falls into to be silent, but his heart actually splash speeds up beating, Feng Yujie such asked that obviously has this plan! This for him, was really too accidental. Um!” Shen Xiang silent half sound, was calmed down by oneself, indifferently said: Listens to the spirit bead that this way has congealed, the effect is good, after all our two both are strength good Heavenly God!” Feng Yujie makes an effort to grab the quilt, is nipping the lower lip lightly, is making giving careful consideration, decided whether if wanted does. Then, in the room falls into very sigh with emotion atmosphere, has been silent, passed half double-hour, Feng Yujie in a low voice lightly shouted: You come!” This...... Really?” Shen Xiang has not passed immediately, lets in the Feng Yujie heart somewhat angry, she does not want to discuss that many at this matter, she hopes that Shen Xiang a bit faster passes, suddenly kisses with her, rapidly completes this matter. You are not willing!” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said. You do not know the process, waits for us to carry on for a long time.” The Shen Xiang good intention reminder said that he is not does not think, will be only the worry Feng Yujie will be very from now on awkward, will then alienate him, because previous time in Feng Yujie Divine sea, he will have this type to worry.

Dead brat, does not come, I paid no attention to you!” Feng Yujie scolded one tenderly, her voice falls, Shen Xiang appeared on his bed. Feng Yujie is also binding itself with the quilt at this time, binds solid, only reveals one. Shen Xiang shines the above night light bead, happily said with a smile: Like this starts?” Feng Yujie is charmingly angry: „Are you what kind of? To remove completely inadequately me?” Sees Feng Yujie face red appearance, Shen Xiang also to think that does not know how should start, he replied with a smile: Truly thinks! You moved away that's alright the quilt, such held the comparison to have the feeling, will be quite comfortable, I did not deceive you, after all we must carry on dawn!” Feng Yujie has decided to be ready for any sacrifice, after the quilt kicks out of the way, makes one „, no matter what you organize the appearance, purses the lips gently: Dead brat, not a bit faster, other Aunt Grandma!” Although Feng Yujie said very simply decisively, but her face was redder, heartbeat quicker, this is she first time plays this, although before , she has sexually harassed Shen Xiang, may probably have this matter to come truly, thought before one , was really too weak. Sister Feng, you are Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao godmother, do you think like this?” The Shen Xiang side lies down in the Feng Yujie side, with pointing at kiss feels her white and tender earlobe, badly smiles near her ear: You should know that Sister Meiyao is dead set on to me, is my woman, but she is your daughter Oh! Feng Yujie wishes one could to stand up from failure, a fan Shen Xiang palm of the hand, in this crucial point spoke these words maliciously, clarifies is teasing her to play! Smelly brat, do not feign ignorance with me!” Feng Yujie stand up, the Shen Xiang back pressure under the body, then directly collects own wing celtis mouth, that fragrant tongue also entered in the Shen Xiang's mouth, mixes jerkily carelessly, and somewhat crazy.

Shen Xiang in that instantaneous, the brains are the blank, he has not thought that Feng Yujie meets suddenly to be so valiant, kisses him forcefully, this matter is his first time has experienced. Feng Yujie when also found oneself first time meet Shen Xiang the feeling of that keeping aloof a moment ago, at that time Shen Xiang was one little rascal head that whatever she butchered, but she was the empress of keeping aloof! Thinks one so were a moment ago soft to Shen Xiang, she for oneself ashamed, at this time can get the winning side, in her heart was quite happy, because before she has retrieved, self-confidence in front of Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang refuses to admit being inferior, fierce is hugging her, a turn over, presses her under the body. Then, their mutual snatching, want above, but their two lips actually stick to together to kiss violently, has not started to practice Life Slaughtering Technique, obviously was attracted by this wonderful feeling, is unable to extricate oneself, deeply immerses in! The two in hot kiss, unknowingly hiding that cordiality in heart release, at this time they discovered that they very like the opposite party, before is, has not said! But feeling that this type deeply attracts mutually, is thinks arrives this is far away from Gods place thoroughly wells up, because they leave that familiar environment, goes to this strange and no use place, these days being together, gradually cultivated their deeper feelings! Naturally, they do not know, because has entered opposite party Divine sea mutually, but can let others since own Divine sea, means that has the incomparable trust to that person, during is faint, this trust also strengthened among them in heart that cordiality. Just started them is very crazy, but gradually entangled to behind actually gently wadding, afterward also very tacit at the same time entered cultivates the Life Slaughtering Technique condition. ...... In the morning, Feng Yujie wakes up, sits to set out, puts out grain of pale blue Spirit Clan from the mouth, before this and Shen Xiang , when with the Lu Qilian kiss the color of congealing is different.

Shen Xiang looks snow white milk-white bosom that grinningly the Feng Yujie upper body reveals at the same time, last night greedily had been caressed one night by Shen Xiang. Feng Yujie was spitting lightly, white Shen Xiang, bought the clothes! Although they have handled very intimate matter, but has not broken through that final defense line throughout, because Shen Xiang felt that Feng Yujie has not wanted, he is experienced to this feeling! Before Long Xueyi and Liu Meng'er were so...... This bead I want to collect!” Feng Yujie lies in the Shen Xiang's chest, gentle voice said sweetly greasily: We come tonight again, we can also concentrate in any case!” As you like, is you concentrates in any case!” Shen Xiang is stroking her along the supple pitch-black long hair, said with a smile: „The Yujie elder sister, you are really attractive!” little rascal!” Feng Yujie pū chī smiled, has pinched his face: Gives me these pure heart Divine Pill, I sell out!” Shen Xiang gives Feng Yujie pure heart Divine Pill, after Feng Yujie received, the reorganization good clothes, to comb beautiful hair, went to the supreme great hall issue bulletin on hastily.