World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1936
Shen Xiang stretched oneself, after combing the hair and wash the face, looks for Luo Tianjun. Luo Tianjun was resting still, but he hears Shen Xiang to shout him, he immediately opens the door. Such already got up, what matter has?” In Luo Tianjun is taking a bottle gourd, this bottle gourd is emitting air/Qi of faint trace very strong Divine Soul at this time. Shen Xiang sees this bottle gourd, knows that this is Luo Tianjun quite important divine tool, Luo Tianjun is strengthening Divine Soul to this divine tool now. Hall Master, I want to ask that here purchases really positive Golden Ginseng to be easy?” Shen Xiang must improve pure heart Divine Pill, said needs to increase is really positive Golden Ginseng. Luo Tianjun thinks that knits the brows: „Has actually, but is uncommon, words that you must purchase, preparation at least 15 ten thousand divine yuan stone, even takes two hundred thousand! Although this divine medicine is very fierce, the effect that but therapy is strong! Some middle-grade Divine Pill will increase this herbs.” So long as there is that's alright, Shen Xiang believes that so long as he purchased patiently, certainly can receive. Returns to the alchemy room, Shen Xiang puts out pure heart Divine Pill herbs, then duplicates with his remaining elixir. Those who surprise him somewhat is, these elixir unexpectedly can duplicate two, he estimated most can only duplicate one to come. Eight grains of pure heart Divine Pill, if the under selling, should quick sell.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, starts alchemy. Although elixir has used up, but Feng Yujie is willing to carry on to practice Life Slaughtering Technique with him now, is concise that type of blue bead, so long as when the time comes purchases enough herbs, can use this type of bead to duplicate. Refines two furnace pure heart Divine Pill, is afternoon, Shen Xiang goes out of the alchemy room, sees Feng Yujie to sit by a table

Shen Xiang sees Feng Yujie on the face full is smiles at this time sweetly, then asked: What good news has to tell me?” These pure heart Divine Pill sold, grain of eight ten thousand divine yuan stone, we currently have 30 ten thousand divine yuan stone.” Feng Yujie happily said with a smile: Moreover I also purchase divine medicine that two I need now, only missed three to plant!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I have the good news to tell you!” Then, he puts out a fine jade box, opens looked that inside has several grains of gem pure heart Divine Pill. Eight grains!” Feng Yujie shouted one tenderly. Today has duplicated pure heart Divine Pill herbs! Right, tomorrow you go to time, helping me paste a bulletin, I must purchase really positive Golden Ginseng! I planned that integrates in really positive Golden Ginseng pure heart Divine Pill herbs originally!” Shen Xiang cover Ge Hao of jade box, puts in the white hands of Feng Yujie. Feng Yujie nodded: Like this we can collect divine medicine that needs quickly, when the time comes duplicates with the spirit bead again!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: We start now, should be able to duplicate two grains to tomorrow morning!” The Feng Yujie coquettish look like the silk, glanced Shen Xiang one gently, chuckle said: Anxious little rascal head...... Then starts now!” ...... Next day, in the small mouth of Feng Yujie really congealed two grains of pale blue spirit beads, first grain of she who she giving Shen Xiang, will congeal yesterday must keep commemorating, therefore has not been used to duplicate herbs to Shen Xiang.

Today I and you go to the supreme great hall to have a look, I also nothing do today!” Shen Xiang said. Feng Yujie nodded, then and Shen Xiang goes out of the room hand in hand, leaves the courtyard! They walk, was just seen by Luo Tianjun. Luo Tianjun shakes the head to say with a smile: These two young people such love, added that is only ordinary friend relationship! They are worried to stimulate to our these old hoodlums, intentionally conceals? Also really has a mind!” Hall Master, our does if wanted enter for supremely to them will compare?” Gu Laoda runs hurriedly from outside, over the two days their Gu three brothers here, did not prepare, because they are tenth main strength, Dan Hall compared with quick must start greatly. Luo Tianjun knows that Feng Yujie understood refinement pure heart Divine Pill, was Dan God! But Shen Xiang has the Divine Pill home remedy, because is skeleton Divine Pill, therefore cannot be used to participate, therefore now is also not Dan God! He came back to say again that he must certainly participate, if unable to attend the competition of Dan God , helping him register Saint pill!” Luo Tianjun said: Now can help your small Junior Sister enter for the competition of low-grade Divine Pill first.” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie arrive at the supreme great hall, wanted several bulletin posts to counter old man, this old man is also glad to bestow to them, making them save many divine yuan stone. Today's person how these many, especially Sword Hall!” Shen Xiang whispered, looks, wears the disciple of Sword Hall clothing. Supreme Temple four big to your mother, only then Dan Hall does not have the unified clothing, can therefore see them is Dan Hall. old man of counter said with a smile: Hundred years a time supreme church meeting compared with must start, various outstanding disciples one after another come back, because this is they contacts a Divine Country important opportunity, especially these Heavenly God groups!” Luo Tianjun has said that so long as can obtain first three, has the opportunity and Divine Country inside royal family member dines together, but can also enter Imperial Palace inside and these outstanding imperial family juniors exchanges.

Shen Xiang now also indefinite one must participate in any group, but Feng Yujie will definitely participate, because she comes the Supreme Temple reason, is seeks to contact the Divine Country way, she wants to eavesdrop on some Divine Country news. After Feng Yujie writes the bulletin the content, seeks for the place that can paste with Shen Xiang, they enter in the crowd, causes many people to pay attention! In the supreme great hall, does not have youngster light outstanding Sword Hall, Fist Hall and Soul Hall disciple at this time, but the Dan Hall majority are some old fellow. Sees Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie not unified clothing . Moreover the bulletin that pastes purchases herbs, determined that they come from the Dan Hall disciple! Is Dan Hall! Has not thought that Dan Hall had two young alchemy masters! Does not know that is any origin, before the alchemy master of Dan Hall inside young face, a hand can count . Moreover the background is deep, the talent is also very high!” Throws over the man of black cloak saying that behind his black cloak draws one to have the imposing manner fist, this is the Fist Hall unique clothing. Definitely does not have any backer, otherwise did not need to come to here to purchase herbs!” Middle-aged said with a sneer. That man said a moment ago: Look, the first Sword Hall person passed, this first Sword Hall fellow always likes stirring up trouble, moreover liked teasing very much just entered Supreme Temple female disciple.” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie have not thought that they will be used this look to look, but thought that in heart strange, they have experienced the people of many matters after all, especially Feng Yujie, she is the past Nine Spirit Kings time existed, this supreme great hall inside all disciples added that did not have the year that she had to be so big. little sister, you just joined Supreme Temple? Startled asked that is which hall?” A long hair is elegant, the appearance man walks delicately and prettily, on the face has one type to make the person very repugnant smiling face.