World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1937
Feng Yujie pū chī smiles, some unexpectedly people shouted her little sister, she should say in a soft voice: I am tenth.” Tenth Dan Hall that hears, many people gently discussed that although tenth belt cross, but the overall strength actually patted in second, before Shen Xiang knew from the Gu three brothers mouths, but also thinks that they were boasting, but afterward knows that this was real. Tenth!” Knew that Feng Yujie is tenth, this male hollow laugh, tenth Luo Tianjun was famous, he does not know. Some suddenly person of shouted: „Isn't he previous time that person who a Song Peng sword defeats? He comes in through trial, has not thought that finally entered Dan Hall, his sword technique is fearful, I think that he will enter Sword Hall.” Song Peng disastrous defeat, very famous event in Sword Hall, many Sword Hall disciples also think the one who defeats Song Peng is the Sword Dao unparalleled person, has not thought that now actually joins Dan Hall, not only sword technique, but also understands alchemy, this talent is quite fearful. Defeats Song Peng, but also wants to challenge Zhang Zhao, but looks at your present appearance, should not like that crazy person!” That long hair man is sizing up Shen Xiang, he has had the extremely strong interest to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang and in the Feng Yujie heart is worrying, because he and Song Peng Zhang Zhao has the contradiction, but now Zhang Zhao and Song Peng died, if will be related, perhaps Shen Xiang will have some troubles. So long as does not have the solid evidence, Shen Xiang will die will not acknowledge that he self-confident initially did very cleanly, will not leave any trace! Only if Xu Ling Fei and her paternal grandmother supply him. Shen Xiang lightly smiled: I was not crazy, but if some people before me crazy, I be crazier than him!” Then, Shen Xiang has referred to that bulletin paper, asked: This Senior Brother, does not know that you do have to see this divine medicine?” Has heard, has not seen!” The long hair man shakes the head slightly, then returns to that side own Senior Brother younger brother, he wants to look for a pleasure, but he also knows that the tenth Dan Hall disciple is not affable, especially two young disciples, are important regarding Luo Tianjun. In the people the line of sight are centralized when Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie, not far away suddenly transmits one to shiver.

Go away!” Such as the thunder roar erupts, shakes greatly unceasingly, some unexpectedly person here fight, moreover makes the so big noise! Counter old man is also surprised, moreover somewhat is also angry, he passes immediately far more. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie also hastily in the past watched the fun. Sees only that side ground to be rumbled broken, is thick and firm stone brick floor fragment place, a middle-aged guy is lying down above the fragment, the chest of this middle-aged guy was being stepped on. Xiao Chou!” In Shen Xiang heart pleasantly surprised, Xiao Chou came back, has not thought that is hand that he leaves, if not for that counter old man hastily arrives, perhaps Xiao Chou also will continue to step on several feet. What's the matter?” That counter old man calm face asked. Before Xiao Chou, such is keeping a luminous skull, this time he looks like very maturity, likely is not the person who that type casual will get angry, therefore he now is so angry, definitely has the reason. Shen Xiang sees to have a red clothed female in not far away, her whole face worries about the color, seeing counter old man to arrive, her hastily walks, said timidly: Elder is...... Is this person bullies me...... He chaotic...... Paws me.” Saw this female, Shen Xiang cannot help but to smile, he has not thought that Xiao Chou this brat straightened out finally, had the one's beloved. Feng Yujie also knows that Xiao Chou matter, Xiao Chou is the Shen Xiang's apprentice, is the Titan descendant, has the vigorous Divine Veins inheritance that unusual has, the strength is fearful, with Shen Xiang same is very abnormal fellow, now also enters Supreme Temple, becomes in Soul Hall the outstanding disciple. Counter old man looks that was stepped on the breastbone to break the broken middle age by Xiao Chou, the sound sinks, asked icily: Can have this is?”

Elder...... I am not careful......” Sees this middle-aged look to flash, old man frowned, sound ice-colder: Honest!” Yes!” This middle age acknowledged that old man waves, that middle age disappeared, making the people hit one to tremble, where did that middle age go to? This Supreme Temple space is firm, is some utilizes the space power elder, cannot at will the shuttle space, but this old man waved changes the person does not have! This time I let off you, is not to a precedent!” Xiao Chou of old man to being sweating profusely said that also does not know that is because Shen Xiang is the Shen Xiang's friend, he will leave a loophole. little brat that just came back, do not cause trouble here, because for many years has caused trouble the fellow who vanishes to be possible here incessantly a moment ago that!” old man puts down these words, returns to own counter, reads there leisurely. Xiao Chou, waits to get down Dan Hall tenth to look for me!” In the Xiao Chou mind suddenly transmits Shen Xiang's sound transmission, in the heart pleasantly surprised incomparable, then draws that red clothed female hastily to leave the supreme great hall. After Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie paste the bulletin, returns to tenth. Returns to tenth, Shen Xiang to see Xiao Chou and that pure red clothed female is in the hall. Master! Really is you!” Xiao Chou sees Shen Xiang, hastily to go out of hall, holds the Shen Xiang's both arms, appears very excited.

What's wrong? You think that I did die in that trial?” Shen Xiang laughed, has patted bald of Xiao Chou your this fellow, became such fierce, perhaps I could not hit you!” Master, I give you to introduce, this is my wife, Zhu Si Qing...... Qing'er, shouted Master quickly.” Xiao Chou draws that Zhu Si Qing: He is I and you have mentioned frequently Master!” Qing'er, has seen Master, Teacher's wife!” Although Zhu Si Qing is somewhat shy, but her non- similarly think is thin, notes and Shen Xiang walks Feng Yujie that together. Teacher's wife? Isn't this Nine Heavens Goddess? Master you and she......” Xiao Chou saw the Feng Yujie complexion to change, has not said that it seems like Xiao Chou also knows many matters now. Xiao Chou hollow laugh several: Qing'er, your teacher's wife may be many, this should not be!” Feng Yujie pretends ominous appearance intentionally: Why I cannot be your teacher's wife, you thought that I can't be joined to your Master?” This...... This, you really?” Xiao Chou cannot believe that he may know fierce of Feng Yujie, that was obtains formidable existence of Nine Spirit Kings majority of inheritance, unexpectedly and his Master on good. Feng Yujie is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, said with a smile tenderly: „Did you say? You do not have a look at Qing'er, others eyes looked!” Good, disciple pays a visit the teacher's wife!” Xiao Chou flexure scratching the head, pretentiously shouted, but also did obeisance really has done obeisance.