World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1938
Finally saw Xiao Chou, Shen Xiang had many issues to ask him, how especially he entered Supreme Temple, but has not actually carried on that trial! Xiao Chou looked that from the Shen Xiang's facial expression he and other must answer any issue. Enters in the hall, Feng Yujie greeted Xiao Chou and Zhu Si Qing sits down, poured tea to pour water to them, enabling them to feel extremely flattered, especially Zhu Si Qing, as the younger generation, was being such entertained by the teacher's wife, making her somewhat anxious. Master, how long did you come in? But I here waited your many years, has not seen you, but also thinks that you died in trial!” Xiao Chou laughed: You really assign hardly, this cannot die, moreover came.” Hears Xiao Chou this saying, Shen Xiang to pass very much whips his bald maliciously. Joke, will I die how casually?” Shen Xiang has drunk the one breath, asked: You what's the matter? You did not have trial to come, I in trial, was worried about you all day, thinks that you can die during trying to practice.” Xiao Chou said with a smile: To be honest, if makes me carry on trial, perhaps I really will die in inside, I enter inside, can only support the second round, could not support, therefore I admire Master now you, unexpectedly can adopt this type damn trial!” Shen Xiang haughty smiles: Otherwise can make your Master? Said quickly that you do come in this Supreme Temple? You have not carried on trial to come, I am envy very much!” The recollection initially that trial, Shen Xiang wants to spit! That is because I in trial, suddenly runs into the ancestor of my Titan clan, because of his stretching the rules, therefore Supreme Temple Palace Master makes me live on making an exception, therefore I do not calculate that comes in through trial.” Xiao Chou somewhat embarrassed said with a smile. Shen Xiang some are not clear, sip tea, asked: „Are the ancestors of your Titan clan very fierce? unexpectedly can make Supreme Temple Palace Master make an exception, this need very high status!”

Also good, he in Supreme Temple is an elder, is my Hall Master, is Hall Master of Soul Hall first great hall, I went out with him a while ago informed and experienced, experiences this Highest God Realm, Qing'er is his granddaughter.” Xiao Chou looks at Qing'er, smiled to Qing'er, from their looks can see that them has the deep affection. actually is this!” Shen Xiang nodded. Feng Yujie said with a smile: Shen Xiang, your apprentice had the wife, don't you give a Qing'er gift?” Must to a gift, Shen Xiang think carefully that oneself has not suited the Zhu Si Qing good thing, because the Qing'er grandfather was very fierce Hall Master, was Highest God of Titan clan. Qing'er!” Feng Yujie saw Shen Xiang to stare staring, then put out a red small wooden box. Thanks the teacher's wife, Master!” Zhu Si Qing stands to express gratitude hastily. Shen Xiang has not taken thing that gets rid, but Feng Yujie has, Shen Xiang is also very curious at this time that is anything, said with a smile: Opens has a look!” Zhu Si Qing blushes, she has not thought that Xiao Chou Ms. Master is so good to speak, meets gives the gift to her, gave back to her to pour the tea a moment ago, this makes her be moved very much, feels the cordiality. Turns on this red small wooden box, inside is a grain of pill. This is...... middle-grade Divine Pill!” Xiao Chou is somewhat accidental, he thinks is only low-grade Divine Pill, regarding him and Zhu Si Qing, the low-grade Divine Pill gift was good, after all they not like Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie, can relaxed alchemy sell, earned divine yuan stone fast.

Feng Yujie said with a smile: „A regard, Qing'er you must use well!” Zhu Si Qing nods hastily, thanked Feng Yujie again. Xiao Chou, what skill do you have to learn in Soul Hall?” The matter of Shen Xiang to Soul Hall is quite curious, because Soul Hall can hunt and kill formidable divine beast, suddenly takes divine beast Divine Soul carries on after the refinement, can make humanity integrate beast soul as this to assign Divine Soul, but can also obtain these divine beast unique and formidable assigns the strength of Divine Ability. Skeleton inside need integrates this beast Divine Soul, therefore Shen Xiang wants to understand the matter in this aspect now, after , he had the skeleton, made Xiao Chou help to make together good beast Divine Soul again. Xiao Chou said with a smile difficultly: Has many knowledge to study in Soul Hall, especially builds up the soul system soul to be difficult, is an expert compared with me in this aspect Qing'er, I study with her now! Master, you need the beast Divine Soul words now, I and Qing'er could collaborate to help you make one.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I have not needed now, when I need time, I can look! After finding, has refined to you again, when the time comes I fused was very easy, right!” The Xiao Chou nod said: Wants after the secret method refinement, can in perfect integration Godhead, be able to display very formidable strength to come! Therefore Master you, when seeks for beast Divine Soul, best to find high grade as far as possible.” My meeting!” Shen Xiang now is only Low-Rank Heavenly God, only then double soul, to become Highest God, but also needs eight souls and eight Godhead, thinks to think very long. In addition, he must practice the skeleton, had Godhead by own fleshly body, then integrates Divine Soul toward inside, then can let strength and Divine Soul that his fleshly body has is equally formidable. Master, what strength you now are, such long couldn't I look? Do you want to be Heavenly God?” Xiao Chou suddenly asked that a curiosity of face.

Shen Xiang said with a smile: You? You give my feeling to be three spirits three Godhead Middle-Rank Heavenly God, right!” Xiao Chou curls the lip saying: I make you look intentionally, am I very fierce? After I enter Supreme Temple, with the grandfather help of Qing'er, utilizes the bloodlines of my Titan clan, the speed very rapidness of adolescence! Naturally, is mainly Qing'er her grandfather gives me two very good Divine Soul to make me fuse, I practice two Godhead. ” Xiao Chou is not considered as that advanced by leaps and bounds, because he entered this Supreme Temple to have dozens years, because Shen Xiang in the place of trial, actually lost these dozens years! I now am only Low-Rank Heavenly God!” Shen Xiang sighed sighing: I am not your match!” Where where, Master has been very fierce, although now is inferior to me, but quick can catch up, I believe the Master strength!” Although Xiao Chou said very modestly, but actually face haughty smiles. Master, your trial how long? I listened to Hall Master saying that was fearful, especially arrived at behind, that was trial that is almost unable to pass!” Xiao Chou asked that why Shen Xiang will pass, Xiao Chou was unreadable, because he had also known about the following rule, especially that innumerable trap, so long as fell one time, made the person start over from the beginning. Also shortly, several years, inside time and outside contrast the pit father, after my trial ends very much, outside on the past dozens years.” Shen Xiang said: I can pass, all depending on luck!” Xiao Chou some do not believe that he knows that is unable to pass depending on the luck in inside, needs very strong strength to be good. Shen Xiang truly depends on the luck, if not he meets the Beast God Temple Yue'er small kitty, he does not know how one will die.