World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1939
Xiao Chou from outside hurries back, must participate to your mother hundred years a time congress ratio, this also to go to these Divine Country opens mind, Xiao Chou also wants to go to these places to have a look. Shen Xiang fiddles with pure heart Divine Pill now, in his opinion, attended the competition to be insufficient with this pill, only if he can purchase really positive Golden Ginseng, improves successfully, refines also to be better many low-grade Divine Pill than pure heart Divine Pill, he has the confidence to win when the competition. Xiao Chou and Shen Xiang chatted the period of time, went back with Zhu Si Qing. Sister Feng, what pill did you give Qing'er pill a moment ago are?” Shen Xiang knows that is middle-grade Divine Pill, but actually does not know the name. That was I refined a while ago, cannot be good middle-grade Divine Pill, but was better than low-grade Divine Pill! Now I also prepare with your method, improves this pill.” Feng Yujie said with a smile, knows very well method that the source built up, she can be hard to fuse herbs that clearly to melt together these with this building up law. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Xiao Chou this brat that the Chinese zither before me, I cannot lose to him a moment ago! Otherwise little brat arrogantly will go to the space quickly.” Feng Yujie happily said with a smile: That tries harder!” Because is all right to do, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie entered the room to practice the Life Slaughtering Technique concise spirit bead long time ago together. ...... Next morning, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie still entangle to hug on the bed, actually suddenly hears Luo Tianjun to shout outside loud voice. little rascal, little girl! Some people look for you, is sells divine medicine.” Before was Shen Xiang shouts Luo Tianjun, today is actually one's turn Luo Tianjun to shout them. Feng Yujie hastily gets out of bed, combs to arrange clothes simply, then goes out of the door to go to the hall, here sits one black and white to issue the middle-aged man in in addition.

Shen Xiang walked at this time, after seeing this middle-aged man, very strange feelings! This middle-aged man to the person great changes, is throwing over a black robe a feeling of very much, this is the Fist Hall unified clothing. Really positive Golden Ginseng, two hundred thousand divine yuan stone!” The middle-aged man sees Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie walks, immediately said the price to come, did not have the multi- idle talk. Feng Yujie writes on the bulletin is being 15 ten thousand divine yuan stone purchases, this middle age arrived here counter-offer is very normal. Many?” Feng Yujie asked that can few point be. Feng Yujie such asked that middle-aged man immediately stands up, the preparation must depart, could see that his manner is firm. Good, two hundred thousand on two hundred thousand!” Feng Yujie immediately shouted, although was expensive a point, so long as buys, she and Shen Xiang can make the infinite copy. The middle-aged man received storage pouch that Feng Yujie hands over, after carrying on takes inventory carefully, puts out that really positive Golden Ginseng. Really positive Golden Ginseng is similar to general that the gold carves, sends out a light gentle sunlight, in hand, scalding hot feelings, moreover pinches is very stiff. This is really positive Golden Ginseng!” Luo Tianjun outside the courtyard, sees Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie is appraising, shouted one lightly. Luo Tianjun spoke, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie did not have carefully again firm, immediately achieved the transaction. The middle-aged man also quickly goes out of tenth.

Two hundred thousand prices are quite normal, now, 15 ten thousand divine yuan stone are very difficult to receive.” Luo Tianjun said with a smile, Shen Xiang wanted this really positive Golden Ginseng to do, he had not asked that because Shen Xiang told him to found the Spell Bound Pill home remedy to come, participates the competition of Dan Hall. little rascal, could enter for now, you thought that which group you should participate in?” Luo Tianjun asked. low-grade Divine Pill this group!” Shen Xiang said: How many days time?” Three months!” Luo Tianjun throws to Shen Xiang and a Feng Yujie person of fruit: „The majority of disciples who exiting will come back in these three months.” Three months had more than enough to spare regarding Shen Xiang! Feng Yujie asked: „Can Hall Master, when register? Is we go?” Luo Tianjun said with a smile: little girl, I have made Gu Laoda help you register, what participates is low-grade Divine Pill this group! Our tenth, except for me and little rascal, other entered for!” „Can Hall Master, change? I must participate in middle-grade Divine Pill this group!” Feng Yujie beautiful smile: You underestimated me.” Luo Tianjun was startled being startled, Hehe said with a smile: Naturally can change, we truly underestimated you, really did not do right by!” Shen Xiang somewhat is also accidental, but thinks that yesterday Feng Yujie gave Zhu Si Qing middle-grade Divine Pill, in addition she obtained Heaven Refining Technique, refined middle-grade Divine Pill to be very easy regarding her. Hall Master, when the time comes is herbs prepares?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is prepares, therefore could not find herbs, do not participate.” Luo Tianjun said with a smile: I think that you should prepare related! When the time comes needs to supply for oneself the most familiar home remedy herbs! Other pill of refinement, will provide by Dan Hall.”

When the time comes I also will participate, I had not determined that must participate in that group!” Luo Tianjun sighed: Words that participates, I must pulling down thing of box shine.” Shen Xiang is puzzled, asks: Hall Master, you are not only then participates in High-Grade Divine Pill this group?” Feng Yujie shakes the head saying: Naturally is not, above High-Grade Divine Pill also has Highest Divine Pill, after Highest Divine Pill, King-Grade, Heaven-Grade and Saint-Grade that is hard to refine, have supreme Divine Pill finally, is not clearer as for high level me.” Luo Tianjun said with a smile: little girl said well, but I was considering now participates in High-Grade Divine Pill this group, is Highest quality Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang does not know that also has high level pill that to exist in High-Grade Divine Pill, if is really such, that need what divine medicine and home remedy can refine? He thinks to think fearful! Luo Tianjun can refine Highest quality Divine Pill, this makes Feng Yujie be startled secretly, because she can refine this pill clearly is any level, in Gods, Dan God that she knows very well cannot refine. herbs that Feng Yujie purchases now is low-grade Divine Pill, but she actually must enter for middle-grade Divine Pill that group! After Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie enter room inside, Shen Xiang asked: These low-grade divine medicine that Sister Feng, you purchase must refine low-grade Divine Pill?” Feng Yujie said with a smile tenderly: Is, but now not! These herbs can evolve, after purchasing is complete, again with the spirit bead expedites childbirth, then evolves to middle-grade divine medicine, when the time comes I directly am used to refine middle-grade Divine Pill. Naturally, refines this pill to need more than 600 grains of other High-Grade Saint pill, this I the collection was uneven.” Refines middle-grade Divine Pill time, started to need Saint pill as the material, Shen Xiang thought that this was very troublesome, because he thought, must refine middle-grade Divine Pill massively time, can refine large quantities of High-Grade Saint pill first? Therefore he planned when the time comes must find the method to solve this difficult problem from Heaven Refining Technique.