World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1940
Shen Xiang puts in the spirit bead one bowl of water, making the spirit bead dissolve in the water, making that bowl of water into the pale blue, afterward he cuts in half really positive Golden Ginseng, puts in the bowl. Really positive Golden Ginseng had the response quickly, starts in the absorption water these blue ingredients, really positive Golden Ginseng margin place also gradually grows the new part, the gecko of probably short tail, is carrying on the regeneration to be the same, the speed is also quick. Feng Yujie is not strange regarding this, she frequently saw Lu Qilian they such to do before. The pale blue water, quick turned transparently, then shut off real positive Golden Ginseng has not grown completely the incomplete part. Needs two grains to suffice evidently! Other this really positive Golden Ginseng and low-grade divine medicine are different, energy of absorption.” Shen Xiang puts in a grain of blue spirit bead, the spirit bead sends out the blue energy in the water, melts rapidly, but sending out the blue energy was absorbed by that two sections of positive really Golden Ginseng. Several suddenly, in the bowl that succeeded in giving up two sections of real positive Golden Ginseng to turn into two complete real positive Golden Ginseng, sends out the dazzling ray. Was also good, such quickly has gained two hundred thousand divine yuan stone! Does not know that refined into pill, can sell this price? Do not owe!” Feng Yujie sees this really positive Golden Ginseng to duplicate with the spirit bead that oneself concentrate, making her have the sense of achievement. „Here also two grains of spirit beads, give a try can duplicate pure heart Divine Pill three low-grade divine medicine!” Shen Xiang puts out pure heart Divine Pill other herbs, starts to carry on. Under tries, they immediately see the pure heart Divine Pill three medicines and that really positive Golden Ginseng have this big difference! Two grains of spirit beads, unexpectedly can duplicate two to come! If really positive Golden Ginseng successful and pure heart Divine Pill herbs fuses together, this grain of pill's effect should be in low-grade Divine Pill therapy class the outstanding person!” Feng Yujie exclaims: „Can you start now?” Um!” Shen Xiang nodded, he was somewhat cannot wait.

When the Shen Xiang preparation enters room alchemy, suddenly hears the Luo Tianjun shout: Two young people, a bit faster come out, have the urgent matter!” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie have to exit immediately. Hall Master, what matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Gu Laoda has stirred up trouble, we have a look, this was Gu Laosan sound transmission came back a moment ago.” Luo Tianjun shook the pass on message jade symbol in hand: Heard that was other Dan Hall fellows had the conflict, he made our past braces keep up appearances, but also particularly stressed that made you pass.” That a bit faster!” Shen Xiang smiled: actually was other Dan Hall on noisy, I also think that left any important matter!” This let Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie truly was worried! What important matter can my Luo Tianjun disciple leave? Even if has had an accident, I can also help them go against!” The Luo Tianjun heroic spirit soars to the heavens said that then the stride steps forward the entrance. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie hastily followed. Walks on the road, Shen Xiang said: „Doesn't this go to the Loyalty Pavilion road? In Loyalty Pavilion?” Luo Tianjun said with a smile: Guessed right! For serveral days that three brothers in Loyalty Pavilion! Naturally, other Dan Hall old brat will also collect there, waits for these fellow who comes back from outside, meets one to scold one, then abuses each other mutually, this is every hundred years a time major drama.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitched: Bored of real his mother!”

Luo Tianjun laughs: You, if also such lived like them were so long, will make the bored matter.” Really, approaches Loyalty Pavilion time, Shen Xiang hears Gu three brothers' cursed sounds. Old Kameji, your turtle, shrank several hundred years of head, now suddenly braves. Not only the mouth can bite, will also put smelly fart, shrinks in the tortoise shell, in buttocks proboscis Palestine? Performs will put some smelly fart.” This is the Gu Laoda sound, hears to be enthusiastic, the mao strength cursed was fully same, after he scolded, followed one to laugh to transmit, it seems like had the bored public figures of many observing at the scene. Your Gu bastard, before 3000 , did you lose to my matter you to forget? Initially you lost, but also shouted that I a grandfather, on the scene had many people to hear! Your grandson, saw grandfather so to be dissolute, really had no regard for elders and superiors!” The person who was scolded by Gu Laoda immediately is also cursing back. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie have cannot help but smiled, this Gu Laoda unexpectedly also has this black history! Gu Laoda roars immediately: Old Turtle, before you 2000, loses to my time, but also has worshipped on bended knees I, shouted I Old Ancestor, those present initially also saw! However now you must recognize me to be the ancestor, my also his mother does not recognize your this unfilial descendants!” Shen Xiang is hard to imagine, initially the Gu three brothers attended that Pill Dao discussion meeting, like this has abused each other for several days! This matter average person could not have achieved. Gu Laoda, what matter do you make us have?” Luo Tianjun is bringing Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie arrives to scold the field, was surrounding the person who laughs, is immediately peaceful. Here majority is hair gray old man, but they actually respects regarding Luo Tianjun, but after all Luo Tianjun the apex in Dan Hall exists, in entire Supreme Temple, has very high status. This bastard said that our tenth does not have the young people to join, I must make them have a look at our tenth young people! Not is only the young people, young younger sister!” Gu Laoda sees Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie arrives, hastily draws them.

Your young couple came out your tokens quickly brightly, making this shrink Old Turtle of several hundred years to have a look at our tenth to have the young people.” Gu Laoda advances Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie scolds between the fields, lets Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie is very speechless. This Gu three brothers said that has urgent matter to make them come, unexpectedly hits others' face with them! Sees not to have, this is our tenth new disciples.” Gu Laoda haughty has swept other Dan Hall disciples, then roars shouted flamboyant: You have to plant your young people to draw, has a look at fierce of which family!” Snort, we that young disciple is closing up, where has the free time! I acknowledged that your tenth has the young people to join, but this cannot explain that they are very fierce, we that young people can the forcing they.” old man that a moment ago and Gu Laoda abused each other also refused to admit being inferior. Luo Tianjun said with a smile: You that little rascal, has not shouted you Senior Brother! Moreover went to the space arrogantly, does not pay attention to you, although a little skill, but the disposition was too bad! Our tenth two little rascal, are very clever!” Gu Laoer Ha Ha said with a smile: You cannot call your that to entrain the goods, but we can actually shout that our little rascal, you have any good haughty, your little rascal estimates look straight at continually have not visited you!” That old man is unable to refute, deeply has attracted several anger, refuses to accept very much: „The fellow has the skill, he has the arrogant qualifications! Your little rascal are clever, but does not have the skill to have the fart to use!”