World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1941

Joins Dan Hall in Supreme Temple, is some Fist Hall Sword Hall old men after having enough many resources, is interested in alchemy, then starts to study alchemy, then joins Dan Hall.

Therefore looks like Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie this type looks like very young, does not have any skill in these old fellow eyes mostly, only if the children descendants of Supreme Temple inside these elder ranks, because this kind of person has excellent the enough condition to study alchemy from the beginning. Gu Laoda has gotten angry immediately, he knows that Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie have the good foundation of basic skills, Shen Xiang already through the inspection of Loyalty Pavilion, but Feng Yujie can also refine low-grade Divine Pill pure heart Divine Pill, regarding the young people are very good. Luo Tianjun saw that old man saying that in the heart was not feeling well, said to Feng Yujie: little girl, you did not say that can enter for that group of competition of middle-grade Divine Pill? Before participation, you must inspect in Loyalty Pavilion, through the authentication of Loyalty Pavilion, engraves Middle-Rank Dan God on your sign, obtains the qualifications of Middle-Rank Dan God to register.” This Gu three brothers do not know, because this is Feng Yujie tells shortly after Luo Tianjun! Dan Hall old man other after on the scene hear, thought that this is impossible, because is in that several Dan Hall the outstanding young people, has not attempted to carry on the inspection of Middle-Rank Dan God, this inspection is not easy, regarding the young alchemy master, must refine middle-grade Divine Pill to have very big difficulty. Before Feng Yujie, has carried on two inspections in Loyalty Pavilion, one time is Saint pill inspects, then has attained the pure heart Divine Pill home remedy, now her on jade token including the qualifications of Low-Rank Dan God did not have. Hall Master, I have not carried on the inspection of low-grade Divine Pill!” Feng Yujie said that if the inspection of her low-grade Divine Pill, will obtain one time to choose the middle-grade Divine Pill home remedy the opportunity, if inspection of middle-grade Divine Pill, then can choose the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy. Luo Tianjun said with a smile: Inspects middle-grade Divine Pill directly, like this you can choose middle-grade Divine Pill and High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy together, can jump over the inspection of low-grade Divine Pill directly!” Loyalty Pavilion here, the inspection registration here is conducted, since arrived, Feng Yujie will certainly not decline, puts out own status jade token, walks into Loyalty Pavilion!

Gu Laoda Ha Ha said with a smile: Sees not to have, our little rascal carried on the inspection of Middle-Rank Dan God, your little rascal? To bully others in the Low-Rank Dan God category, does not dare to inspect Middle-Rank Dan God, is one flock of small turtles!” Refines the time that middle-grade Divine Pill requires to be quite long, said herbs that needs are also quite many, Shen Xiang somewhat was worried after Feng Yujie inspects, participates in competition not enough herbs again. Does not need to be worried her, she also had a period of time in Supreme Temple, had known about here rule that she should prepare very fully!” Luo Tianjun said: When the time comes she needs to help, I can for her collection uneven enough middle-grade divine medicine!” Also has three months from the competition of Dan Hall, should be enough regarding Feng Yujie. Before Feng Yujie, has refined middle-grade Divine Pill, that grain of pill has also given Xiao Chou wife Zhu Si Qing, therefore Shen Xiang is very confident to Feng Yujie, can definitely through the inspection. I must have a look at her to be able but actually to pass really! Refines middle-grade Divine Pill is not child's play, if she can refine, I use ten times of divine yuan stone to buy!” That old man still does not believe that Feng Yujie can refine middle-grade Divine Pill. Hehe, when the time comes do not repudiate a debt that's alright, worst middle-grade Divine Pill also wants 50 ten thousand divine yuan stone, you use ten times of that at least also five million divine yuan stone! You shrank several hundred years of turtle skulls, can with obtaining these many divine yuan stone comes?” Gu Laoda said with a smile. My that is closes up! I never fear any challenge!” That old man angrily said: 5 million, I can take, so long as she can refine!” Luo Tianjun has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, smiles to ask: little rascal, you? You attained the low-grade Divine Pill home remedy also to have some days, how now to progress?”

Shen Xiang can refine pure heart Divine Pill, did not have what pressure, if must carry on the inspection, he refines low-grade Divine Pill to be nobody has built up when the inspection! Now Feng Yujie refines middle-grade Divine Pill directly, then he can inspect with pure heart Divine Pill! I also want to inspect!” Shen Xiang said that stirs up old man that these surround is an exclamation, such one, just joined the tenth two young people are Dan God, how although not to be in their eyes fierce temporarily, but this is the good seedling, cultivates well, another day can become outstanding Dan God surely. In the Shen Xiang hand also has pure heart Divine Pill herbs, was he just duplicated with the spirit bead with Feng Yujie, if he inspected to pass, then he can choose the middle-grade Divine Pill home remedy! He uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye to see these security in jade token to have any home remedy directly, when the time comes he can definitely choose itself to satisfy. That goes!” Luo Tianjun has pushed Shen Xiang, making him walk into Loyalty Pavilion. Gu Laoda said with a smile: We are in any case bored, here waits for them to have the result, your this group of fellows can witness our tenth little rascal with own eyes through the inspection, this is the good matter! I heard other Dan Hall little rascal initially inspected time, catches up with nearby person cleanly, is worried to quarrel they, Ha Ha......” Snort!” That and in old man heart of Gu Laoda quarrel truly envies, he has to acknowledge, tenth Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie, although is the young alchemy master, but does not have but therefore is arrogant, but also is together well with the Gu three brothers. After Shen Xiang enters Loyalty Pavilion, that inside old man just and Feng Yujie enters the secret room. Elder, I must inspect!” Shen Xiang hastily shouted.

Oh? gives me jade token, you must wait for her to finish carry on again, is you together in a alchemy room, is supervised by me?” That old man is not strange to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang obtains the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy is his first knows that Luo Tianjun and he has greeted, making him not pass on this matter, could see that Luo Tianjun and his relationship are good. I and she test together!” Shen Xiang smiled to Feng Yujie, gives this old man jade token. Carries on the inspection of low-grade Divine Pill, needed to prepare herbs, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie has prepared now. Although this old man is very good with Luo Tianjun relationship, but he above the inspection, he is strict, inspects Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie herbs carefully. With previous time is the same, pill furnace of use is in this secret room is placing, does not have anything regarding Shen Xiang. But Feng Yujie is somewhat anxious, because she then must go to alchemy with Heaven Refining Technique, her first time uses Heaven Refining Technique!