World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1942

Shen Xiang with refining pure heart Divine Pill was familiar, therefore does not have the tense feeling!

What you refine is what Divine Pill?” old man asked that he saw Shen Xiang herbs likely is not skeleton Divine Pill, then asked. Pure heart Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, that old man looked at Feng Yujie, immediately understood, he nodded. Initially Feng Yujie here chose the home remedy time, is this old man in side, therefore he knows that pure heart Divine Pill is Feng Yujie! If Feng Yujie carries on the inspection of low-grade Divine Pill also refines pure heart Divine Pill, then Shen Xiang cannot refine this Divine Pill now. But now Feng Yujie jumps over low-grade Divine Pill to refine middle-grade directly, like this gives Shen Xiang to build up will not have the issue, does not calculate that violates the rule. young miss, what you refine is what Divine Pill?” old man sees the Feng Yujie tense appearance, said with a smile to her gently: Puts more relaxed!” Regenerates Divine Pill!” Feng Yujie said. Oh? this is very good one middle-grade Divine Pill! Not only lets some body regeneration of flaw, but can also let the Divine Soul restoration that substantializing is damaged!” old man is somewhat surprised, because this home remedy is Feng Yujie own. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie suddenly thought that this old man is responsible for supervising to inspect here, will have many advantage, because he can know that any pill refines with any herbs, although does not know the explicit entering furnace opportunity, but he at least had known about these home remedies, so long as he thoughts under this aspect studies, can obtain the home remedy. Was good, I inspected, did not have the major problem, you can start!” old man smiled, then arrives at on the secret room wall chair to sit down. Shen Xiang looked at Feng Yujie herbs, besides several divine medicine, High-Grade Saint pill of two big boxes, there are several hundred grains! Sister Feng, I pass to your Heaven Refining Technique not to refine the middle-grade Divine Pill method, you are the plan refine with the traditional method, uses Heaven Refining Technique?” Shen Xiang gives Feng Yujie sound transmission.

I know, therefore I want to try, perhaps I can comprehend the new method to come!” The Feng Yujie response said that she relaxed at this time, before not having, was so anxious, because Shen Xiang side her, can make her feel very relieved. This inspection does not have the time constraint, therefore the Shen Xiang plan slows down some speeds, accompanies Feng Yujie. Shen Xiang starts to refine first, after Feng Yujie has carried on the full inspection and psychology prepares, starts. Before Shen Xiang, has succeeded to refine three furnace pure heart Divine Pill, therefore he now refines, but also while will simulate in the mind is joining really positive Golden Ginseng to be what kind. Unknowingly, Shen Xiang entered has congealed pill's stage! That old man looks at their alchemy, although the facial expression on face is very tranquil, but in the heart is actually thinking a lot, because he discovered that Feng Yujie practicing method and previous time completely different, instead like Shen Xiang, alchemy, all herbs losing altogether enters in pill furnace from the beginning! Home remedy most tasteful is around herbs enters the order and opportunity of furnace, this is the home remedy most essential is, therefore knows that matching of herbs is also useless. Quite a while passes!” Shen Xiang refined, this time he confiscated, refined four grains of pure heart Divine Pill. That old man looks at four grains of pure heart Divine Pill in palm, exclaims: „Is this Heaven Refining Technique?” Shen Xiang nodded: Elder good eye, looked by you!” old man sighed, then said with a smile: Except for Heaven Refining Technique, is very difficult to accomplish!”

Feng Yujie has been very tranquil, Shen Xiang also felt relieved, because this explained that she was anxious calculates very smoothly, so long as then waited for that's alright patiently. Shen Xiang still in this secret room, he sits on the stool of corner at this time, closes one's eyes, Jing Jing (quietly) waits for Feng Yujie to complete. But outside has actually kicked up a fuss the day, Gu three brothers lu have the sleeve, quarrelled with one group of hoary-headed old men is heavily engaged, probably momentarily will hit to be the same, although quarrelled is red in the face, but they have not always hit. Luo Tianjun by a Loyalty Pavilion front door stone, sits cross-legged in the ground, both hands holds the chest, closes one's eyes, at present that quarrels the earth-shaking scene he probably to be used. Two days passed by, the Gu three brothers scolded several groups of old acquaintances from all sides, but old man that and Gu Laoda abuses each other has not walked, he had said wants and other Feng Yujie to have the result, Feng Yujie refines, uses ten times of prices to buy! Shen Xiang sat in meditation in the secret room, suddenly hears the weak sound, he opens the eye, sees Feng Yujie pill furnace slightly in rocks. Can concentrate pill?” Shen Xiang knits the brows, in the heart is somewhat anxious, Feng Yujie is first time uses Heaven Refining Technique alchemy, moreover refinement difficulty very big middle-grade Divine Pill, can insist for two days, explained her already anxiously to the final stage. The response of that old man actually and Shen Xiang is different, in his heart is shocking, he can determine Feng Yujie use is also Heaven Refining Technique! Uses the Heaven Refining Technique alchemy speed to make him surprised quickly, formerly was Shen Xiang's pure heart Divine Pill, quite a while was less than refines. But middle-grade Divine Pill that Feng Yujie refines now is also quick, if the normal building up law, compared with quick also 35 days can start to condense pill! Feng Yujie is not first time refines this pill, she had also refined two furnaces before, therefore she regenerates Divine Pill quite to be familiar to this, therefore she has the confidence to use Heaven Refining Technique successfully when this inspection to complete! As pill furnace starts to sway, on the jade face of Feng Yujie full is the fragrant perspiration is also falling, Shen Xiang is clear to this time situation, now is very crucial time, if Feng Yujie can step over successfully, then she grasps to Heaven Refining Technique is higher, will use Heaven Refining Technique to have very big help for her from now on!

Suddenly on the past two double-hour, pill furnace stopped rocking, Feng Yujie has opened the eye, took a deep breath, originally somewhat pale face, reappears two to wipe to blush, Shen Xiang hastily walks, is cleaning the fragrant perspiration on her face gently carefully. Succeeded?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. Naturally successful, is very smooth!” Feng Yujie said with a smile tenderly, this successful feeling let her is very happy, in her heart very grateful Shen Xiang, she can realize now profoundly the Heaven Refining Technique advantage, she refined to regenerate Divine Pill to come with Heaven Refining Technique successfully, explained that she grasped now very well to Heaven Refining Technique. Later uses Heaven Refining Technique to refine other Divine Pill again, will be easier! Opens pill furnace, inside has three grains to regenerate Divine Pill! Sees these three grains of Divine Pill, that old man fierce took a deep breath, regenerates Divine Pill, although is not high grade middle-grade Divine Pill, but the value also in the medium grade about, can sell seven eight hundred thousand divine yuan stone, if the excellent quality, then sells to 1 million also yes. Feng Yujie furnace three grains, this have made full use of all herbs, the Method of this alchemy makes that old man envy! Heaven Refining Technique really lives up to reputation!” old man sighed one: You passed, chooses the home remedy with me!”