World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1943

Can choose the home remedy together, Shen Xiang is secretly happy, Feng Yujie is also so, because before her , when hear of Shen Xiang obtain the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy, what method used, Shen Xiang to ascertain these jade token above seals. Feng Yujie can obtain middle-grade Divine Pill and High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy, now she with Shen Xiang, steps onto Loyalty Pavilion second layer with old man, chooses the middle-grade Divine Pill home remedy. Enters one by the secret room that in many barrier prohibit, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie see is hanging jade token immediately, these are the middle-grade Divine Pill home remedies. Shen Xiang comes to start to display Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, carefully looks at these jade token inside contents! Feng Yujie not this method , can only disguise carefully to look, waits for the Shen Xiang's result. old man became accustomed to regarding this matter, therefore he can wait for patiently. Several home remedies look like good, I look from the synopsis, concrete I did not understand that I told you, look at you to know these middle-grade Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang told Feng Yujie several Divine Pill names. After Feng Yujie hears, responded: These are good, but we can only choose two types...... Which two types I think to look to choose again!” Crossed half sound, Feng Yujie has given Shen Xiang sound transmission: Wants Linked Heart Divine Pill and Concealing God Pill, in several middle-grade Divine Pill that you said that these two effects are quite unusual, but other these are promote the god profound strength and strengthen fleshly body, as well as therapy to use, if the effect were very strong that, but was unfit to take a higher post but unwilling to take a lower one!” Shen Xiang understands, like pure heart Divine Pill, although therapy to use, but the effect is inferior to other home remedies! In Divine Pill, any rank, has variously therapy and strengthens Divine Power , to promote fleshly body this class Divine Pill, but majority are the effect is ordinary, only then a few effects are strong, but the home remedy grasps in few Dan God hands.

This class home remedy Feng Yujie has, her beforehand regeneration Divine Pill is very good therapy home remedy! Shen Xiang Linked Heart Divine Pill the jade token position told Feng Yujie, making her take, but he takes Concealing God Pill. Linked Heart Divine Pill is very unusual Divine Pill, the effect does not promote the strength and therapy the disintoxicating class! But refines two grains of pill, then two people both drip into their blood on these two grains of pill, then these two people can have a feeling of heart Linked Heart, can not limit the fast communication of distance to transmit itself the words in heart. Even if has strong space to forbid and so on, is unable to limit Linked Heart Divine Pill! After the deficiency lies in eats up Linked Heart Divine Pill, the time of maintaining is limited, not permanent. Concealing God Pill is also pill, eats up this pill by oneself to become transparent, stealth a period of time, aura can hidden go! Feng Yujie settles on Concealing God Pill is Divine Pill that one type can evolve! Eats up middle-grade Concealing God Pill, had nine Godhead High-Rank Heavenly God to be hard to discover, if ate up High-Grade Concealing God Pill, Highest God of small part was also indiscoverable. This Concealing God Pill deficiency, cannot use too strong strength in the stealth, will otherwise destroy mobile the efficacy in the body, but also is one type Divine Pill that has the unusual ability. Shen Xiang is other Feng Yujie took down later a moment later, he takes down jade token, they cannot the same time take down, so as to avoid that old man discovers anything. What pill is?” old man hastily asked curiously, the previous Shen Xiang's luck was very good, obtains that skeleton Divine Pill, although cannot refine now, but had this home remedy, later will definitely have the opportunity to refine. My is Concealing God Pill!” The Shen Xiang drop blood to jade token on, knits the brows: Does not know that this Divine Pill herbs is good to purchase!” Feng Yujie said: My is Linked Heart Divine Pill, seems like similar to your Concealing God Pill, is function unusual Divine Pill!”

old man said: These two pill I have heard, truly is very rare strange Divine Pill, herbs should not be difficult to purchase, from these pill's functions, these herbs also can only have the use in this aspect, usually will not have too many people to purchase, if has , the price will not be definitely odd!” Feng Yujie is quite satisfied to these two pill, although she some middle-grade Divine Pill home remedies, but these herbs are difficult to look, after all her home remedy is very ancient, does not know that these home remedies herbs can spread from that time. Now you can choose the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy.” old man said. Elder, I also wants to have a look!” Shen Xiang smiled: I want to accompany her to go, increases a luck to her.” Does not have the issue!” old man he he smiles, immediately agreed that he thought that Shen Xiang cannot take away these jade token in any case, making him go nothing. Deposits the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy the secret room, although is very big, jade token that but is hanging are not many, after all the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy is not good to found. Shen Xiang was the same with before, came in secretly to open the eye of Primal Chaos, examined these jade token carefully. Altogether has more than 200 jade token, Shen Xiang looked that gives the Feng Yujie hear on the report together, making her decide, because he too did not know about these pill. It seems like for many years, here good home remedy was selected similarly, has one type to be quite good! Divine sea pill's home remedy there?” Feng Yujie had considered, inquired Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang told Feng Yujie the position, Feng Yujie took down immediately, after dropping the blood, obtained the Divine sea pill's home remedy.

Is Divine sea pill!” Feng Yujie said that does not need that old man to inquire, she said. „, But is also good, High-Grade Divine sea pill, can hold nine soul Heavenly God strength of the Divine sea!” old man nodded: „This pill's main application is storage entire Divine sea inside strength, if after Divine sea inside strength consumes light, eats up one grain, can restore instantaneously fully!” Feng Yujie said: „Not good place is needs to store up strength toward inside!” old man said with a smile: This does not have anything, if usually nothing, fills Divine sea inside half strength, or fills three, overnight can restore, like this can full floaded operation a grain of pill consecutively for several days! If after the strength of Divine sea consumes up, when must restore urgently needed, this Divine sea pill's effect that is other pill is unable to be a worthy opponent.” Shen Xiang previous time experiences Divine sea to be withered, at that time he was cruel-hearted uses Heaven Refining Technique, built up several stars, can restore reluctantly, if there is this pill, he can restore at that time instantaneously! Has nine Godhead Heavenly God to restore instantaneously, obviously this Divine sea pill is very precious. Must know that nine Godhead Heavenly God, their Divine sea are huge, quality also very high of god profound strength, once exhausts, good rapidly to restore not to be easy. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie adopted inspection, they went out of Loyalty Pavilion, sees outside to have many old man to wait for them. Finally how?” Gu Laoda sees Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie walks, somewhat listless he, immediately becomes bursting with energy.