World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1944

Outside Shen Xiang sees to be so peaceful, knows them at the armistice, otherwise abuses each other continuously several days several nights, that is very exhausting. Feng Yujie has a smile is putting out jade token, above has the mark of Middle-Rank Dan God, therefore she adopted the inspection, Shen Xiang has also put out jade token, is Low-Rank Dan God! Ha Ha, crossed really! Old Turtle, do not act shamelessly!” Gu Laoda Ha Ha smiles. Gu Laoer said to Feng Yujie: little girl, what you refine is what middle-grade Divine Pill? With the fellow said that so long as you can refine to obtain, buys by ten times of prices!” Managed the Loyalty Pavilion elder to walk, he he smiles: Said that he may probably spit blood, middle-grade Divine Pill of this little girl refinement regenerates Divine Pill, at least value over a million divine yuan stone!” Regenerates Divine Pill really to have this value, some ordinary low-grade Divine Pill wanted ten ten thousand divine yuan stone, but middle-grade Divine Pill was low-grade Divine Pill over 67 times, let alone regenerated the Divine Pill therapy effect to be good, can simultaneously treat the body and Divine Soul above wound. Regenerates Divine Pill!” Gu Laoda surprisedly said: Said that Old Turtle must put out more than ten million divine yuan stone to come!” This is the big number, ordinary circumstances also only then Hall Master can take, like Gu Laoda their this High-Rank Dan God, must take not to be easy all of a sudden. Feng Yujie said with a smile lightly: This is excellent quality regeneration Divine Pill that my first time refines, therefore I do not plan to sell, excuse me!” Although Feng Yujie needs divine yuan stone, but she does not want to feel embarrassed others, in these old man eyes, she and Shen Xiang is the juniors, they not like Gu Laoda such combative. Luo Tianjun said with a smile: You were also tired, hurries to rest, do not look here is old fellow, they rested slightly quite a while must make war.”

Feng Yujie said that without doubt to a that old man stair, touching in that old man heart extremely, Dan Hall that because he is, that inside young alchemy talent is arrogant, is not likable, was worse than Feng Yujie are many. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie leave with Luo Tianjun, then this group of old men here will also continue noisily, this is also their one type special talking about old days way. Returns to Dan Hall, Luo Tianjun asked: „Had you registered a moment ago in Loyalty Pavilion?” Registered!” The Shen Xiang nod said that Loyalty Pavilion old man reminded them to register a moment ago. In couple days ago, Shen Xiang just wants to enter in the room alchemy, but he and Feng Yujie suddenly was called Loyalty Pavilion by Luo Tianjun, but also has carried on the inspection while convenient. Then you rest!” Luo Tianjun waved: These days do not shout me, I must prepare!” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie nodded, returned to the room to take a bath to sleep. Before Shen Xiang consumed many spirit beads, now he and Feng Yujie stays in room inside several days, caused more than 20 grains, these days they crossed happily, the wadding are entangling very much all day. I go to sell out pure heart Divine Pill that you refine, then purchases my herbs, that middle-grade Divine Pill that I must refine is worse!” Feng Yujie has patted the Shen Xiang's handsome face gently, then tears Shen Xiang that only also to keep rubbing the bad hand of her chest. Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang correct use fiery look to visit her, her tenderly snorted several, then fast reorganized the good clothes, so as to avoid Shen Xiang could not bear her executes a captured offender on the spot.

Sees Feng Yujie to leave, Shen Xiang deeply attracts several tones to be been tranquil by oneself, then goes into the room, starts alchemy. Now what he must refine is that improvement from now on pill, is pure heart Divine Pill herbs joins really positive Golden Ginseng, if the success refines, in low-grade Divine Pill therapy class , the effect is very good, can sell many divine yuan stone one grain! Shen Xiang thought that low-grade Divine Pill is inappropriate he to promote the strength, only then skeleton Divine Pill, but middle-grade Divine Pill has, but middle-grade Divine Pill is not good to refine, needs big group of High-Grade Saint pill as the material! But he and Feng Yujie kisses the spirit bead that cultivates, the reproduction speed is also good, can refine low-grade Divine Pill to come fast, to earn divine yuan stone fast, should better refines low-grade Divine Pill. If this pill refined successfully, later I must purchase skeleton Divine Pill herbs to have the whereabouts!” Shen Xiang lost into inside one pile of herbs. Pure heart Divine Pill herbs he was familiar, but joins really positive Golden Ginseng after now, under the influence of really positive Golden Ginseng, other herbs characteristics will also fluctuate, therefore he must be careful, so as to avoid explode pill furnace! After all really positive Golden Ginseng needs two grains of spirit beads to duplicate. Pure heart Divine Pill other herbs burn to build up any degree to appear the bloodlines of spirit, Shen Xiang was familiar, so long as now he paid attention the spirit bloodlines of really positive Golden Ginseng to present that's alright carefully. ...... After Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie inspection passes, as just joined the Dan Hall soon outstanding young alchemy master, they are the focus of attention, especially Feng Yujie, as a female, is not only Middle-Rank Dan God, but can also refine to regenerate Divine Pill! This Divine Pill many old Dan God have heard, but does not have the home remedy, but the home remedy is also quite ancient, only then in Divine Country will have, but has not actually spread here, therefore this has caused the curiosity of some old Dan God.

Those who make many old Dan God sigh with emotion is, the Feng Yujie disposition is very good, she can regenerate Divine Pill to sell more than ten million divine yuan stone one grain, but she such has not actually done, this commended secretly, because in their impressions, the outstanding young people generally is very arrogant. Naturally, most pays attention to Feng Yujie is other Dan Hall these young alchemy masters, because they heard make they not happy words, now many old Dan God commend Feng Yujie, this also made them very uncomfortable. Therefore, other Dan Hall young people, the plan only participated in Low-Rank Dan God this group, now in abundance arrives at Loyalty Pavilion to carry on the inspection of Middle-Rank Dan God, because of them must with Feng Yujie in one group, probably defeat Feng Yujie, proved one are stronger than Feng Yujie, making that crowd praise Feng Yujie old Dan God to shut up! What's the matter? This really positive doesn't Golden Ginseng have the bloodlines of spirit?” In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly anxious, because really positive Golden Ginseng quickly melted, the bloodlines of spirit have not appeared, if did not appear, cannot hold the bloodlines of other spirit bloodlines and herbs of really positive Golden Ginseng melts together, then this furnace failed. Half double-hour passed by, really positive Golden Ginseng was built up to turn into some herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, assumes the golden float in pill furnace, but has not discovered the bloodlines of spirit Shen Xiang to the present! He since founds building up of source, has not come across such issue, how also in should not solve, now is in a dilemma! Only can more thorough sought for the bloodlines of spirit, I burnt built up the speed to suffice slowly, has not burnt the bloodlines of spirit, can continue?” In the Shen Xiang heart is suspecting , to continue to burn to build up these herbal Spirit Qi with the flame. After he has burnt down a double-hour, that rolled herbal Spirit Qi suddenly to have the strange change!