World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1945
Originally golden herbal Spirit Qi, after burning to build up a period of time, unexpectedly turned into the purple gold color, this type changes Shen Xiang to be acceptable, but the following change, makes him unexpected! Had been burnt the refined into Qi mist condition by him real positive Golden Ginseng, after turning into the purple gold color, actually suddenly contract, congealed the ginseng shape of pinky size, reduced several times compared with actually! Shen Xiang has tarried, burns to build up herbs unexpectedly also to have such matter, looked like probably is makes this herbs evolve was the same! How can like this!” Shen Xiang are not many regarding the understanding of really positive Golden Ginseng, but knows that this divine medicine to treating fleshly body has very good effect, the words that eats directly, will think own whole body was been ordinary by the raging fire ignition, on fleshly body the serious wound gradually will also restore in the pain of this ignition. If matches other divine medicine to refine, can eliminate the pain of ignition! Shen Xiang understands these, he had not heard when burns builds up really positive Golden Ginseng, will make really positive Golden Ginseng change! Is my flame has the issue, making really positive Golden Ginseng evolve?” In the Shen Xiang heart has had the question, if burns to build up really positive Golden Ginseng normally, may not have such situation, according to flower that the home remedy refines, now has been able to congeal pill. Initially after he purchased really positive Golden Ginseng, Luo Tianjun at the scene, has not told this matter! And other Sister Feng came back, makes her give a try! Has a look is my Creation Fire causes!” Shen Xiang can only continue to burn now to build up real positive Golden Ginseng after this evolution. He controls well, can make his Creation Fire come herbs various paper articles that some soon lose plant, is different from the normal flame, the normal flame can destroy, but his flame can create the regeneration! Naturally, similarly can also produce very formidable destruction strength. He continues to burn to build up this really Yang Zi Golden Ginseng, after three double-hour, he discovered in pleasantly surprised this purple Golden Ginseng presented the bloodlines of spirit, he controls Divine sea inside strength to turn into Spirit Body immediately, holds the bloodlines of this spirit!

He had finally found the spirit bloodlines of really positive Golden Ginseng, immediately fuses together other bloodlines and pure heart Divine Pill this spirit herbs! The fusion is very smooth, the after spirit bloodlines of these herbs fuse, next step he starts to burn refined into herbal Spirit Qi purple Golden Ginseng, then relieves the gaps of various herbs, making in pill furnace many Qi mist fuse together. Became!” Although the process had an accident, but Shen Xiang succeeded finally. Since he refines pure heart Divine Pill, this is the second type that he refines successfully Divine Pill that wants divine medicine to refine, moreover he improves. As usual, uses building up of source to make full use of all herbs, will not waste tiny bit, he refines four grains to come successfully! purple gold color! It seems like the overall drug efficacy is that purple Golden Ginseng displays!” Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, sees four grains of purple gold color pill pellet, he will take completely, then eats up one grain. After eating up, he felt immediately the body is chummy, has not burnt the hot feeling, instead thinks that warm current when the body spreads is comfortable. On him has not injured, how therefore cannot see the drug efficacy, but he can feel the drug efficacy to be very strong, because after he carries on builds up, thought that many efficacies are scurrying about, like in seeking for the injured place must carry on the repair. Is called purple gold Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang this pill names to oneself, looked from the semblance that not to associate how to pure heart Divine Pill goes . Moreover the feeling and pure heart that Divine Pill eats completely is also different. He thought that is very experienced old Dan God, after eating up, possibly in could not guess correctly has joined really positive Golden Ginseng.

Built up this furnace pill , the darkness, Shen Xiang went out of the secret room, seeing Feng Yujie to reorganize places the tabletop some herbs. Collected neat!” Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to come out, said with a smile happily sweetly. I have also succeeded, but had some strange events!” Shen Xiang walks, holds the person Feng Yujie, making her sit on own thigh, then has kissed her cheeks. Feng Yujie is digging small mouth smart-alecky, is pinching the Shen Xiang's face: Had any strange event, pill me shows you have improved!” Shen Xiang puts out grain of purple gold Divine Pill, hands Feng Yujie that attractive wing celtis mouth. Feng Yujie opens the small mouth, eats up Shen Xiang to put purple gold Divine Pill in her mouth, after eating up, she frowned immediately: Drug efficacy is very strong, were too more than pure heart Divine Pill, this pill is good! Right, you said a moment ago had the strange event?” Shen Xiang burning to build up the unusual happening that really positive Golden Ginseng had to tell Feng Yujie. After Feng Yujie hear, during is lost in thought that the facial expression is somewhat serious, she goes down the Shen Xiang's thigh, back and forth walked after the room several, said: „It is not your flame creates!” Is really positive Golden Ginseng?” Shen Xiang asked. Really positive Golden Ginseng itself also has, should be related with the spirit bead duplication! This situation does not evolve, but is the mutation! This is a very unusual phenomenon, some herbs will have this mutation situation, after some even are other herbs fuse, can different turn into new herbs, not only retains the effect that had, but also left other effects to come since birth.” Feng Yujie explained: This situation will appear generally on high level divine medicine.”

Shen Xiang does not understand, but this was the good matter to suffice, because real positive Golden Ginseng after this mutation, making him refine pill to be better. When do you start to purchase your skeleton Divine Pill herbs?” Feng Yujie asked. Now can start, hangs while convenient Concealing God Pill and Linked Heart Divine Pill herbs!” Shen Xiang laughed: We lane are many first some spirit beads, once purchases, can duplicate, then refines on the body.” Feng Yujie said: Pure heart Divine Pill does not sell now, the Dan Hall disciples who comes back massively are selling pills, now the price is pressed very lowly, our does if wanted emit point high level Divine Pill to sell?” Now must take to sell some high level Divine Pill, is middle-grade Divine Pill, regeneration Divine Pill that Feng Yujie just refined, this pill can sell to over a million divine yuan stone, before inspected time she refined three grains, if she hangs to sell now, definitely some quick people will buy. For these days her the fame was very big, this can make her pill sell. We now also how many divine yuan stone?” Shen Xiang asked. Are not many, divine medicine that we must purchase now are many, moreover majority are high level. Our that divine yuan stone are insufficient! Now the quickest way sells my regeneration Divine Pill!” Feng Yujie shook the head, puts out storage pouch to give Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang searches into Divine Sense to go in looked that discovered inside divine yuan stone are truly miserable! Shen Xiang does not want to make Feng Yujie regenerating Divine Pill sells, because this is one type therapy very good middle-grade Divine Pill, kept the self-defense to complete.