World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1946

Feng Yujie thinks carefully, thought that now should not regenerating Divine Pill sells out, because must refine this pill not to be easy, this is middle-grade Divine Pill, herbs that needs, not only needs middle-grade divine medicine, but also needs massive High-Grade Saint pill! Sister Feng, you, if has time, looked that can comprehend to refine the middle-grade Divine Pill method from Heaven Refining Technique fast.” Shen Xiang said: Now first do not sell out to regenerate Divine Pill, I will look for Xiao Chou to try to find the solution, in the supreme great hall should have much does exactly.” Shen Xiang has prepared for participating in low-grade Divine Pill competition, therefore he currently has the time, Feng Yujie also while in Supreme Temple, as far as possible purchases other places to compare divine medicine that is hard to seek for now. Knock suddenly transmits, now is at dusk, the weather is somewhat dim, but also some people! Some people knock on a door, who?” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie went out of the room, opens the door together. These days Luo Tianjun must close up, the Gu three brothers talked about old days outside and that group of old enemies, therefore here Dan Hall had Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie they. If the Gu three brothers comes back, they can open the door directly, now therefore knocks on a door definitely is not their three. Just started Shen Xiang to think is Xiao Chou, after opening the door greatly, this let him and Feng Yujie is somewhat surprised. Out of the door stands to wear the middle-aged man of black robe, this middle-aged man previous time has come to here, Shen Xiang's really positive Golden Ginseng buys from his there! This middle-aged man to the person a very strange feeling, that feeling makes Shen Xiang think very familiar, but could not say. I am sell divine medicine, I have middle-grade sky overhead Divine Fruit and nine heart divine lotus!” The middle-aged man comes straight to the point, sees Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie directly says his purpose in coming, because previous time is Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie purchases his divine medicine.

Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie feel very surprised, this middle-aged man unexpectedly has these many good divine medicine! Sky overhead Divine Fruit and nine heart divine lotus refine Linked Heart Divine Pill herbs! Linked Heart Divine Pill needs five divine medicine, but sky overhead Divine Fruit and nine heart divine lotus are main, is most expensive rarest, other three types are not actually expensive. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie worried, because they do not have divine yuan stone now, this is middle-grade divine medicine, the price is low-grade divine medicine ten times, let alone is this rare divine medicine. This big brother, our present divine yuan stone are insufficient, you can keep a period of time to us, when we sufficiently collect divine yuan stone to buy again!” Shen Xiang smiled awkwardly: Our previous time cooperates such happily, please comply with our times!” Ten days, you come Fist Hall Heavenly God nine, looks for Xie Ao, altogether four million divine yuan stone, ten days later does not come, if some people purchase, I directly sold.” This Xie Ao said that walked on the turning around half step. Many thanks!” Shen Xiang shouted, looks at each other with Feng Yujie, this Xie Ao is truly arrogant, but this type arrogant made one have a favorable impression, will not think repugnant. After Xie Ao walks, Shen Xiang closes, said: This fellow anything background, unexpectedly has these many rare and precious divine medicine!” Feng Yujie said: „It looks like mystical, moreover looks at his disposition, as if not want to say half character with others, to hide own identity? Does not know in the complete set he has the familiar person!” Tomorrow I will look for Xiao Chou, if not really good, can only duplicate to regenerate Divine Pill herbs, then purchased some High-Grade Saint pill coming back to make you refine to regenerate Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang said. Ten days possibly insufficient, or I regenerate Divine Pill to sell out these three grains first!” Feng Yujie considers to obtain Linked Heart Divine Pill main herbs anxiously.

This fellow sells such expensively, unexpectedly wants four million divine yuan stone, is only two middle-grade divine medicine! A your grain regenerates Divine Pill also million divine yuan stone, this fellow was too black!” Shen Xiang knows that is unable to discuss the price with Xie Ao, if discussed the price with him, he immediately left, appearance that you liked buying. Only then he has, did not buy must buy, if has missed, later wanted anxiously time did not have!” Feng Yujie said: He is holds our types at heart, therefore starts out such high price.” These two main herbs at most are also only two million divine yuan stone, but actually turns now sells, if other people, definitely will not buy, because cannot return to the book. But regarding Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie, this does not return to this matter, because they have the spirit bead, mainly can attain one, can duplicate many, although is much more expensive, but in their opinion is the value! Therefore they must buy! Walks, we issued that now the sell regenerates the Divine Pill bulletin!” Feng Yujie finally makes this decision, in her hand has three grains, if 1.001 million grains, so long as sold out has three million divine yuan stone, so long as collected 1 million to finish up again. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Should not be that fellow knows that you just refined to regenerate Divine Pill to come, maliciously butchers your one!” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said: Has the possibility very much, this fellow, humph, humph!” Can refine to regenerate the Divine Pill alchemy master, will not be definitely poor, Xie Ao also thought that previous time sold to Feng Yujie really positive Golden Ginseng to sell convenient. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie arrive at the supreme great hall, they go to that old man takes the bulletin paper the time, old man whispered: little girl, what's the matter? Where does your regenerate the Divine Pill home remedy to come? Here has several bulletins is the sell regenerates Divine Pill, grain of talent four hundred thousand divine yuan stone, on the bulletin added that he can sell for a long time!” Such can like this!” Feng Yujie cannot believe that regenerates the Divine Pill home remedy to be very ancient, will definitely have others to have besides her, this is not strange!

What is strange in this crucial point, some suddenly person of low prices sells, likely in shows off like her intentionally! „Can elder, help the bulletin that who my is issues?” Feng Yujie asked. Is the same person issued that this fellow is third Dan Hall young people.” old man he he smiles: You aroused Dan Hall these young people the hearts of competition evidently!” Feng Yujie sighed gently, if she also sold to regenerate Divine Pill, perhaps the opposite party will sell convenient, she does not want to become by her regeneration Divine Pill that inexpensive! Knew that regenerates Divine Pill to depreciate all of a sudden these many, Feng Yujie has not issued the bulletin, returned to tenth with Shen Xiang. Closes the door, Feng Yujie results in tenderly snorted and said on life Qi/angry: „Is this fellow is declaring war to me? Is a little skill, can regenerating Divine Pill sells this price, this is to explain that regenerates Divine Pill in his eyes is not anything!” Before Feng Yujie, governs very large-scale sect, is influence Big Shot of side, now hid that combative heart in her heart is stirred up! little rascal, you will look for Xiao Chou to have a look to have the means tomorrow first to collect four million divine yuan stone, I will plan tomorrow attempts to improve regenerates Divine Pill! Um, joins really positive Golden Ginseng, real positive Golden Ginseng after mutation is good.” Feng Yujie has thought quickly a plan, prepares to counterattack.