World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1947
In having plenty of fight in one Feng Yujie hurried entry secret room, it seems like she is earnest, Shen Xiang shakes the head to smile, then goes to Soul Hall to seek for Xiao Chou. Feng Yujie makes him go tomorrow, but she runs now into the room alchemy, tonight disagreement Shen Xiang cultivates Life Slaughtering Technique concise spirit dan, Shen Xiang also nothing does, ahead of time will look for Xiao Chou. The Xiao Chou name is resounding in Soul Hall, he arrives at Soul Hall first, said that must seek for Xiao Chou, some people hurriedly notify immediately, understood at a glance that Xiao Chou and this inside disciple have greeted. Shen Xiang sits in the Soul Hall first hall, this hall gives his feeling to be much more luxurious, this hall is much bigger than their entire Dan Hall tenth, this was equal to small plaza, moreover here was placing many magnificent and expensive furniture, usually was used to meet. The Soul Hall population be more than Dan Hall, this first Soul Hall is the elite gathers, a population of hall, perhaps be more than entire supreme Dan Hall! Let alone this first Soul Hall, Zhang Zhao Profound God Sword Hall that was massacred by Shen Xiang compared with his tenth luxury. This does not mean Dan Hall to be weak, can only explain that the Dan Hall threshold was too high, causing the Dan Hall disciple to be few, the role that but Dan Hall plays in Supreme Temple actually cannot be underestimated, here all Divine Pill are population least supreme Dan Hall supplies. For many years Supreme Temple can continue fast growing strong, Dan Hall has lasting achievements! Xiao Chou came quickly, he is comes, his pure wife has not come with him. „Does Master, what matter have?” Xiao Chou is clear, Shen Xiang definitely has the matter to look his, therefore rubbish with him. How many divine yuan stone in your hand has? I need 4,000,000-5,000,000 this probably!” Shen Xiang also comes straight to the point, talks clearly own purpose in coming directly.

4,000,000-5,000,000 divine yuan stone let alone were Xiao Chou, even if were some old alchemy masters cannot suddenly take, must be able to trade to obtain something sells. Without these many, in my hand has 50 ten thousand divine yuan stone!” Xiao Chou curled the lip: Master, do you want these many divine yuan stone to do?” „Are you so how poor?” Shen Xiang has not thought that Xiao Chou is so imposing in Soul Hall, but so is poor. Is very poor? I did not think that I am quite rich! Although cannot afford some high level Divine Pill, but supplies to our Divine Pill is under the charge to this elder, displays outstandingly can obtain the Divine Pill reward!” Xiao Chou heard Shen Xiang saying that appeared somewhat surprised: In Dan Hall, can momentarily put out four five hundred thousand divine yuan stone are not many, specially likely is my this strength! If Highest God, that regarded as another matter!” Takes a broad view at entire Supreme Temple, other day Divine Level young people, I am very rich!” Xiao Chou refuses to accept very much, the lengthy speech was explaining, wanted the certificate one were not poor. Shen Xiang has smiled, this divine yuan stone in his eyes at is not anything, he entered Supreme Temple shortly, uses, went far beyond Xiao Chou this divine yuan stone. Master, you thought that is very good to gain? Pure heart Divine Pill that you just refined now also six 70,000 divine yuan stone grains! Moreover you cannot endless refinement Divine Pill, these Divine Pill very be difficult to refine, moreover herbs is unavailable, except the cost, you earns is not many, moreover is very laborious.” Xiao Chou sees the Shen Xiang's smiling face, knits the brows to say. Shen Xiang arrives by him, has patted his bald: That is other alchemy masters! Told you, before Sister Feng her , a regeneration Divine Pill grain that refined can sell to over a million divine yuan stone! Now the fellow and she captures the business, a grain only sells four hundred thousand, therefore her very angry, the preparation must make fiercer Divine Pill to come!”

Xiao Chou said: This matter I only heard! The fellow who that and teacher's wife captures the business is also only a black sheep of the family, his these regenerate Divine Pill simply not to have many, is only more than ten grains.” Moreover is no one can buy his regeneration Divine Pill, he thought that you were not pleasing to the eyes did not sell to you! Although is this, but this truly affected the teacher's wife! Because this will make many people think that regenerates the Divine Pill value also only then four hundred thousand divine yuan stone, will therefore not buy the teacher's wife, only if the teacher's wife also sells four hundred thousand!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: This bastard, really harms others but not benefit oneself, he clarifies comes disgusting Sister Feng.” The Xiao Chou nod said: With the obvious matter, the teacher's wife refined to regenerate Divine Pill laboriously, but actually fell in price these many, I think to think life Qi/angry.” Before Feng Yujie, gives her wife Zhu Si Qing middle-grade Divine Pill, regenerates Divine Pill! Xiao Chou, in the supreme great hall has many duties, will complete later will obtain divine yuan stone, this you should understand!” Shen Xiang said. Master, you are planned that one breath does get so far as several million divine yuan stone? This type of posting a reward bulletin really has, but is the fellow of this danger(ous) matter, ten have nine is not to come back, that can come back was half is also remnant.” Xiao Chou shook the head: Considers as finished!” Shen Xiang has clapped a palm of the hand his bald, ridicules saying: You and I go, definitely will be all right, I lack an efficient goon now! I said when you became such timid...... Hehe, I understood, does not blame you, does not blame you!” Xiao Chou had the wife, has not gone all out like before without scruple.

Xiao Chou said with a smile dry: Does not have the means that if her grandfather knows that I breakneck, first will want my life! In my heart truly very much wants to go with you! Like this, after I lend your five hundred thousand divine yuan stone......, not also my also No problem.” Three months are various Supreme Temple have compared greatly, but Xiao Chou the first Soul Hall main force, this crucial point also handles that danger(ous) matter, definitely will not be authorized. Shen Xiang very impolite received Xiao Chou five hundred thousand divine yuan stone, then left first Soul Hall, goes to the supreme great hall, then he wanted the individual farming. Feng Yujie first time tries itself to improve Divine Pill, moreover is very complex middle-grade Divine Pill, therefore within ten days are not definitely good, but Xie Ao has said that must gather enough many divine yuan stone in ten days, otherwise when the time comes he will sell to others. The Feng Yujie bulletin list has pasted much in supreme great hall, some want to suppress her person, definitely also will snatch with her while the present, therefore after ten days, not having enough divine yuan stone, divine medicine in Xie Ao hand definitely quickly to sell. The request in supreme great hall made many, must complete the request the matter unusual misery, Legend has including Highest God cannot come back. This can try!” Shen Xiang suddenly sees a request command, above writes must go to the boundary of beast god to seek for a special stone, this type of stone only then in the mountain range of boundary of beast god has, that mountain range is very big, moreover in the mountain range has formidable different divine beast, does not dare to enter Highest God casually!