World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1948

Shen Xiang is because sees the boundary of beast god to think that can try, Beast God Temple in the boundary of beast god, he wants to go to Beast God Temple to have a look, can find that Yue'er small kitty, this cat is mystical, seems like not small and weak like the surface. This request made above to have a serial number, after Shen Xiang remembered this serial number, arrives at the counter to look for that old man. Elder, troublesome the detail that 900 th the request made to me!” Shen Xiang whispered. What? You have remembered incorrectly, the request made this be very danger(ous) on the 900 th.” That old man is surprised, could see that he is profound to the impression that this request made. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has not remembered incorrectly, I want to take a look!” A old man face is severe: little rascal, were you insane? From greatly compared with, only then three months, you must go to also various Supreme Temple great hall went compared with the conclusion greatly again! Have you asked your Hall Master? Such handles this danger(ous) matter!” Elder, I have the friend in Beast God Temple, I go to Beast God Temple to ask that first my friend, he is very definitely familiar with that place, if when the time comes he did not suggest me to go, I came back that's it.” Shen Xiang also said that this old man is good to him, cared he so will be severe. old man thinks that sighed: You, since such insisted, then I did not stop you! Remember, must live coming back, otherwise Old Luo can not have with me!” This material needed two hundred thousand divine yuan stone, I thought that you do not have, gave to you!” old man gives Shen Xiang together jade token, inside records is having the detail about this request. You, if can complete, is surely divine yuan stone, issued the fellow who this request is Soul Hall total Hall Master, he went to that place, but lost half life!” That old man said. Soul Hall total isn't Hall Master the Xiao Chou that wife's grandfather? Shen Xiang hear of Xiao Chou have mentioned, is not only first Soul Hall Hall Master, is the Supreme Temple elder, but also is the descendant of very formidable Titan clan. Such formidable fellow, almost dies in inside, obviously this matter unusual bad risk!

Such difficult request, divine yuan stone also were too surely few!” Shen Xiang said without thinking, surely divine yuan stone regarding Soul Hall total Hall Master truly is not anything. Except for surely divine yuan stone, high grade beast Divine Soul that he bestows, but that type of thing priceless!” old man said: Your that Beast God Temple friend, if can help you complete, you gained in a big way! You know that even if I asks that fellow to buy beast Divine Soul, he did not sell to me!” Xiao Chou with the help of that total Hall Master, quick has three Divine Soul, becomes Middle-Rank Heavenly God. Shen Xiang received jade token, pours into divine stone, obtained the detailed content, how first is instructs him to leave Supreme God Realm, goes to the boundary of beast god, how then to enter that mountain scene [lineage/vein], records in the item that on the road some need to pay attention to very in detail. „Before this inside content is very long, therefore can only treat as the reference!” old man said. Within ten days I definitely do not come back!” Shen Xiang sighed: Goes to the boundary of that beast god to take very long road!” old man asked: „Do you lack divine yuan stone very much? I can lend your some first! However after you, must give back to me.” Um, I need four million divine yuan stone!” Shen Xiang said: This...... Ok?” Does not have the issue!” This old man all day stay here, knows before Feng Yujie, sells many pure heart Divine Pill, is Shen Xiang refines, has sold many divine yuan stone, therefore he is not worried about Shen Xiang. Then you also do go to the boundary of that beast god now?” old man looked that Shen Xiang meets this danger(ous) request command, must gain divine yuan stone.

Goes, I have in Beast God Temple, I must have a look at him.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then thanked this old man continually. After borrowing four million divine yuan stone, Shen Xiang goes to Fist Hall to look for Xie Ao immediately, but was actually informed Xie Ao no longer, he can only return to his Dan Hall, but Feng Yujie still in the place room, he thinking of divine yuan stone storage pouch places under the Feng Yujie pillow, then kept a note to walk. Supreme Temple has not gone nonstop to Beast God Temple Teleportation Formation, can only depend upon to walk, Shen Xiang goes out of Supreme Temple, immediately dashes about wildly. Late at night, Shen Xiang has not rested , to continue to spin in a forest! Track? I have not used the space to shuttle back and forth, leave many traces, unexpectedly am tracked!” Shen Xiang to investigate neighbor does have birds beast to appear and disappear, releases one to cover very broad space induction domain, actually some discovery people hide in the distant place, following trace that he leaves behind careful. Shen Xiang thinks that does not understand why one will stare, he has not provoked anyone in Supreme Temple, he released Divine Soul immediately in the past, wants to have a look is who tracked him, had what goal! His Divine Soul flew quickly, only sees two black-robed man, on their faces is bringing the mask, can only see two eyes. Sword Hall!” Shen Xiang can induce to light sword intent at this time, this only then has the profound attainments person to have in the Sword Dao aspect, this at least is other day Divine Level strength. Shen Xiang continues to hurry along, this time he has used the space shuttle, picked up the speed, he does not want from Sword Hall to have the conflict with these two Heavenly God. They discovered that Zhang Zhao how many fellows are I kill? It is not right, if the discovery is I does, they definitely will make!” In the Shen Xiang heart trembles, he currently really has worry of this aspect: They track me, wants to look for the evidence? Had the person who they send, found Xu Ling Fei they?”

In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly emits various not good suspicions, making him worry very much! He planned to throw off following these two Sword Hall Heavenly God, but he actually stops using the space to shuttle back and forth now, because he wants to know that these two people track him for anything, so as to avoid he indulges in flights of fancy all the way, because he worried that Xu Ling Fei was held by this group of people, he must ravel. He speculated that with his these two Heavenly God planned he was far away from Supreme Temple fight, therefore he does not have to use the space to shuttle back and forth again, but picks up the speed to dash about wildly, this can leave the trace, making the following these two trace to obtain, equidistance similar time, they will also catch up. Dawn, Shen Xiang has released the space induction domain once more, discovered that the speed of following two sped up compared with before! Dashed about wildly for night, was away from Supreme Temple to be very far, moreover in the remote forested mountain, was the good opportunity of getting rid. Shen Xiang does not run intentionally, sits rests there, waits for these two to pursue! I know that you are Sword Hall!” Shen Xiang waited for the moment, these two appear before him: What goal do you track me to have?” Responded to Shen Xiang's is two ice-cold sharp long swords punctures, Shen Xiang teleport, avoided these two swords, tracked his two is only Low-Rank Heavenly God, did not have what threat to him.