World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1949
These two cold sword unusual very ruthless, condense very strong strength, seems taking a sword handle Shen Xiang destruction like that bringing deep cold murderous aura, condense from sword blade to jump to shoot in the god profound strength that in Divine Sword lets, the penetration deeply, in deeply under explodes, making lime soil fierce spurting of ground explode, left big hole instantaneously. Shen Xiang that teleport avoids, sees this, has inhaled cold air secretly, if he did not avoid a moment ago, perhaps will suffer very big hardship. Shen Xiang clear this tracked his two Sword Hall Heavenly God now is any purpose in coming, what without a doubt is kills his. Shen Xiang has put out Deicide Sword! These two Heavenly God are kills his, but he actually does not know why must kill him, if he wants to know that the most effective method cuts to kill these two Heavenly God, then uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search for their memories. Sees Shen Xiang that somewhat broken Deicide Sword, in these two Heavenly God hearts disdains very much, in the look is full of the ridicule, they are the Sword Hall disciples, in hand somewhat 12 good swords, but Deicide Sword in Shen Xiang hand looks like very disappointing, in their eyes cannot be the sword! Shen Xiang sees the opposite party so to despise him, in the heart secretly rejoices, if before, he does not think Deicide Sword in own hand is Divine Sword, but the present was, this had Godhead and sword soul the sword, became very formidable. Shen Xiang's Six Paths Power emerges in Divine Sword, he revolves Deicide Sword Art innovation chant, the Deicide Sword intent by far not wells up. Really is Deicide Sword Art, kills, is not forgiving!” black-robed man said that their present Shen Xiang vanished. Suddenly, they felt that their body had been bumped by anything probably, that feeling very slight! When they responded, actually saw own both arms to fall in the ground, the place of nape of the neck also transmitted an ache slightly, their heads had been cut to fall by Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang displayed Deicide Sword Art Profound Truth of Time, flash has killed these two black-robed man, he received good Deicide Sword, held the heads of these two black-robed man, displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse, quick seeks the thing that oneself want to know.

Fortunately, they had not found Xu Ling Fei!” In the Shen Xiang heart has been worrying the matter can put down finally, because he also knew from the memory of these two, Xu Ling Fei grandparent and grandchild already going early to that god profound Tianchi. God profound Tianchi and Supreme Temple are somewhat contradictory, especially Supreme Temple disciple numerous Sword Hall, frequently the disciples with god profound Tianchi have the friction. He cleans up the good scene, then hastily leaves this place, these two Heavenly God are kills his, is mainly because he is grasping Deicide Sword Art, this was a Sword Hall elder to them said that must make them massacre Shen Xiang, avoided the future trouble. Shen Xiang continues to rush to the boundary of beast god, the Sword Hall elder must kill him, is not because suspected that he kills Zhang Zhao, this elder said to that two black-robed man because of Deicide Sword Art, but Shen Xiang thinks is not, he guessed that this is these Divine Country is pulling strings. He in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, has run into a Imperial Family honored person from Divine Country with Jiu Hanrou, this Imperial Family honored person with Infernal Demon Emperor their this crowd of puppet together, this crowd of puppets took orders in this person at that time, but this came from Imperial Family honored person unexpectedly to be able relaxed initially to enter Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! It seems like Divine Country must to my fight, not know when Yi Baidong comes back!” In the Shen Xiang heart starts to be anxious, before Yi Baidong had said that must go to Divine Country, but this matter is he is related, controlled Supreme Temple these Divine Country to know him in Supreme Temple. Shen Xiang does not want to leave Supreme Temple now, because he crosses in Supreme Temple is good, Dan Hall inside Hall Master and Gu three brothers are very good to him, Xiao Chou also in inside, what is most important is is very very safe in. He in Deity King that in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace meets, has told him, will stay in Supreme Temple will not be having the matter, because in Supreme Temple will have their Nine Spirit Kings strength, but looked like strength that they kept was very now weak, therefore he cannot extremely believe these words. Five days later, he arrived at the boundary of beast god finally, after entering the boundary of beast god, he has a different feeling, although the boundary and Supreme Temple beast god are unimpeded, but between has strange barrier, stepped the past time will have very obvious feeling.

But also and Supreme God Realm is entirely different in the air/Qi of Spiritual God in the boundary of beast god absorbs, unexpectedly of boundary of beast god wants to be richer! First goes to Beast God Temple to look for Yue'er, will have her to help to be more convenient!” That old man gives in his jade token, records is going to the Beast God Temple road. Before Beast God Temple, although has made war with humanity, but now is actually not hostile relationship, to his knowledge, has the influence that Divine Country places in Beast God Temple, possibly does not have Beast God Temple that many, this is these Divine Country prevents these three Temple to make resists the Divine Country matter. That nine Divine Country need momentarily to control these three Temple trend, therefore the light and shade in three Temple has their people. The Shen Xiang's speed is fast, he hurries along continuously for five days, goes through using space power continuously, top some speed quick Heavenly God continual rapid flight more than ten days. This Highest God Realm imagine compared with me big, I farthest space teleport can cross very long-distance range, but I need to go to this place consecutively for five days!” Shen Xiang looks to the distant place stands erect together in the between Heaven and Earth shadow. This light shadow is a great mountain, the fog can only cover this great mountain the mountainside, that Beast God Temple establishes in the summit! Shen Xiang finds that in this great mountain has every large or small innumerable caves, in these caves lives in massive divine beast or is unable to change different divine beast of turn into a human shape! It seems like I must strengthen to the practice of Law of Space, letting me a teleport longer distance!” He had understood that Highest God Realm also want the vast and great world compared with Gods, he thought faintly that nine Divine Country hide, in this is big in each side Highest God Realm.

The small half-day time, he arrives under that great mountain, the base of this mountain is big, if must gather round this mountain to walk normally, at least also needs more than half a year the time! „The staircase, is who constructs? Does not know that can fly!” Shen Xiang gains ground to have a look high, but actually cannot see the top. Shen Xiang just wants to fly, hears airborne to have the small sound to transmit on suddenly, he looks up, discovers a very small dot. Is a person...... Did he fall?” Shen Xiang hastily avoids, waits for this person to fall in the ground. He waited for the small moment, this person fell finally, pounding of heavily in ground. Another humanity of acting recklessly, if can fly, wants this staircase to do? One court death!” old man walks, listens to his tone, he should be Shapeshift divine beast.