World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1950

Shen Xiang thinks very strange, the person who this falls seems like not weak, he why not in midair float? This person of fleshly body was also very strong, such high place pounds, loses consciousness, has not become the pulp. „Can't Senior, why fly? How long does this walk to walk?” Shen Xiang asked. Only then different divine beast can fly, our Shapeshift divine beast fly also to court death!” old man turns inside out person who that falls, shook the head: This fellow estimated that must lie down a moon/month.” Shen Xiang not satisfactory answer: Temple that flies to be about to arrive at top, can come here, everyone is capable of flying.” This old man he he smiles: Legend, constructs the fellow in this staircase, for everyone walks this staircase, therefore has gotten down such a stipulation, otherwise his tall ladder on Bai Zao.” Shen Xiang smiled: „Does Senior, how long walk to want generally?” „A speed quick day can arrive at the top, slow point takes 2-3 days!” old man looked up the sky: Above that arrives at a little will be cold, you come up time must pay attention to guard against the cold, the above cold air is very fierce.” If gets down to jump down directly?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This will be quicker.” old man refers to the man who ground that mixed, said with a smile: Naturally will be quicker, but gets down will turn into this, if the luck is not good, other other fellows, took off clothes, robs all things, that had bad luck.” Shen Xiang and old man greeted, then mounts this tall ladder. The tall ladder is steep, surrounds the great mountain to open cutting, Shen Xiang has tried, discovered that can use space teleport, and has not had other matters, his long-term usage, is only more than double-hour, he neared the crown. The fog in this Space-Time disperses completely, he looks to the earth, all of ground are tiny, cannot see the crowd that takes a walk.

With is the same, is cold in this place that old man said that has an intense and strange chill in the air, this not major problem regarding him. It seems like the average person must come Beast God Temple not to be easy!” If not for Shen Xiang uses space power to come up, he will run this tall ladder definitely to spit. Looks at all around in the upper air, the giant beast that occasionally will see some flights non-stop flies on, finally enters the top that giant palace! Summit Beast God Temple is equal to a very big city, inside is concentrating boundary of massive formidable divine beast beast god, one of reasons this was also initially the boundary of beast god suppressed, because divine beast will live inborn very much formidable ability. And Dragon Clan was suppressed miserably, did not have the dragon to exist in Beast God Temple! Many has not been away from summit Beast God Temple, Shen Xiang arrived at the summit not long! Although in Beast God Temple is very big, but is no one can go, Shen Xiang also knows that this matter, must enter Beast God Temple. But he has the means to go, in this palace quite in a city, has street shop anything around central Temple, to go, so long as showed own status token to be OK. This Beast God Temple opens to other two Temple as well as here some sect, he arrives at a hut outside front door, hands over own status sign in the window place, paid ten thousand divine yuan stone to go. This Beast God Temple is so complex, it seems like must find Yue'er this small kitty not to be easy!” Walks on the broad street, Shen Xiang sees many birds beasts. In is a black armor giant ape that in front of him most focuses attention on, is similar to motion small mountain-like is walking in the broad street half step.

But in him behind golden python advance by creeping, by time across him, that very thick snake body unexpectedly be higher than compared with him, looks that golden scales send out golden light piece by piece, Shen Xiang cannot help but took a deep breath. This city for this type is unable Shapeshift . Moreover the formidable giant beast constructs, therefore walked in the street above person and Shapeshift beasts is used to it, everybody saw these colossi to avoid in any case. In the city manages very sternly, although has various giant strange beast to take a walk frequently, but little will have the conflict occurrence, strange beast here is also the having mystical powers wisdom, although is unable to change the turn into a human shape, but has the extremely high wisdom. How can I be able to find Yue'er?” This is the difficult problem that Shen Xiang faces, he comes in this city, has seen over a hundred cats, these cat majority are leaping on both sides roof, but these cat and that Yue'er difference were far. Goes to coming up of main hall, thousand divine yuan stone, 20 positions.” Shen Xiang suddenly hears rear to have the low and deep rough sound to transmit together, he turns head to look that almost frightens screams. Behind has a white great alligator, the head has a hut to be like that big, the body is very long, four sturdy powerful thighs can support fully that are the giant bodies of white scales, moreover running speed also very rapidness. Carrying on the back of white great alligator has a row of chair, above sits dozens people, although the white great alligator walks is quick, but also sways from side to side the body, but his back is very steady. Shen Xiang also wants to satisfy a craving, walks to ask: How do I want to give divine yuan stone you?” Great alligator that gigantic round bead moves, looks to Shen Xiang, sends out the light white light, looks like somewhat scary. Loses to my mouth in!” Great alligator growing up mouth, reveals that cold light to sparkle is similar to the tooth of giant sharp sword. Shen Xiang puts out thousand divine yuan stone to lose, stacks a big pile, the great alligator eats up the belly divine yuan stone, said: You can come up!”

Shen Xiang jumps gently, arrives at the back of great alligator, in the heart acclaims the mystery of this Beast God Temple! Quick he discovered that these cannot melt the turn into a human shape divine beast to be wise, he also sees to lead the person who some can fly on the road to run everywhere, these receive divine yuan stone. The great alligator that he rides is temperate, that disposition and he scary aggressive semblance are completely incompatible. Human child, you are first time come to beast Divine Mountain!” The great alligator asked that at this time carrying on the back of great alligator had Shen Xiang one. There are many people to get down on the road, their goals were not that main hall, on the road saw the thing that one want to buy left. Yes, is very mysterious, I want to make a long stay really here!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Can be together with your such big fellow, but also is really a very interesting matter. If meets to look like your this everybody outside, is not he pursues me to hit, is I pursues him to hit, or is we hits life and death.” The great alligator exudes rumbling big laughter: Good, but will actually not have such matter on beast Divine Mountain, the objective that initially Beast God Temple established is also so.” Actually, does not slaughter with humanity outside us, can with similar slaughter, this is very normal matter! Therefore we can also accept humanity here.” Bai Jue said.