World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1951

Yes, in the world of humanity, humanity that humanity kills, killing the beasts are less, where is similar.” Shen Xiang smiled: „Can alligator big brother, how many divine yuan stone your day most gain?” I most have gained five hundred thousand divine yuan stone one days, I am upon the jump in any case, occasionally shouted that several words that's alright, is relaxed, kills to be much merrier than outside.” Bai Jue said with a smile. These divine yuan stone with very pure god profound strength condense, the beasts eat up can also the fast absorption be strength, then builds up the practice. Alligator big brother, can that main hall go in casually?” Shen Xiang looks that the front that by the palace that high city wall gathers round. Cannot go in casually, only if inside comes people to lead you.” Bai Jue said: Human child, you had a look at that's alright, if burst, will die.” Shen Xiang saw, many flight in the air beasts, will go round this central by far the giant palace, approaches will not approach, this is Beast God Temple of beast Divine Mountain, Legend is hiding formidable ten thousand beast God Emperor in inside. Alligator big brother, ten thousand beast God Emperor really in inside?” Shen Xiang asked that he was heard others' talk to know existences of these ten thousand beast God Emperor on the road a moment ago. Naturally in inside, otherwise our ten thousand beast mountains were already overthrown, although ten thousand beast God Emperor have not made an appearance, even Legend he forever deep sleep under this mountain, but his Divine Power forever is actually not able to eliminate, whenever our beast Divine Mountain has difficult, Great Emperor will reveal Divine Power.” Bai Jue said. Arrived at that city wall entrance, Shen Xiang from Bai Jue carries on the back, looks the city gate that leaf opens greatly, is having two very big silver lion to walk at this time from inside, but two silver lion behind are also drawing a very big vehicle, the vehicle is similar to the motion dwelling is like that big. Sees these two silver lion, the Bai Jue hastily keen migration body, resigns a road. Good style!” Shen Xiang whispered, that two silver lion imposing manner is fearful, just passed by from his side, presses him almost unable to ventilate, that is too other Divine Level different divine beast, unexpectedly pulls a cart!

Yeah! On vehicle, but Divine Lion Race the child of Lion King, has the privilege in beast Divine Mountain.” Bai Jue envies very looks direction that large cart vanishes. Human child, you did not have the place, does if wanted return to the nest with me? My that place is big, your such small, will not occupy any position! You live in the hotel also to take several hundred divine yuan stone one days here.” Bai Jue that gigantic eye winked winking, asked. Alligator big brother, your evening's belly hungry time do not eat that's alright me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, person already on the body of Bai Jue. Bai Jue does this shipping work frequently, many humanity have ridden him, but never has one such to chat with him like Shen Xiang, the beasts that melts the turn into a human shape do not have, therefore he is very good to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang because of frequently and beasts contact, therefore he has not conflicted to the beasts, initial four big divine beast, Qi Shi, Long Xueyi, Ice Dragon wait / etc....... These are the beasts, is very good with his relationship. So long as the beasts do not injure him, does not have the hostility to him, he can also with it becoming friends with. The Bai Jue nest is truly big, moreover open-air, by a lake, here is far away from the downtown, is peaceful, the environment is very good. Shen Xiang closes right up against a tree, the small lake was being shone by bright star moon/month light glow, the breeze has blown, the wave light is clear, Yingying flashes, very attractive. Bai Jue has rested, Shen Xiang is appreciating Mei and Jing, soon after during falls into to sleep soundly. ......

Very early in the morning, Shen Xiang was awakened by this great roar, Bai Jue also stares the big eye, turns head to look at the city center the direction. Is roaring of silver lion, had an accident! Walks, we had a look in the past! Watches the fun is not afraid of getting into trouble in a big way.” Bai Jue Hehe smiles. Shen Xiang is very speechless, this Bai Jue unexpectedly also has human that type the instinct that likes surrounding, he jumps to the back of Bai Jue, is only several suddenly, Bai Jue arrived at a main road, rushes to the city center. ...... This time is two silver lion together raves, this is too other Divine Level different divine beast, was the roar was only scary, that might transmitted through the sound, the small and weak beasts were frightened lie in the ground. Erupted this sound is similar to the important matter, moreover in the position of city center, bellowed to yell in this place that released this pressure not to permit. On road, many people and beast hurried being far away, only then some strength quite formidable Shapeshift divine beast them overtake to watch the fun like Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang went back yesterday has chatted with Bai Jue many matters, his very curious that Divine Lion Race, therefore asked that knew that these two silver lion are famous, moreover is quite rampant that but now obviously is provoked! Naturally, calls with Divine Lion King that these two silver lion pull a cart rampantly! Soon, they arrived at the nearby before that big palace gate, in front of this Temple front door is very spacious plaza, does not need to get to the entrance, can see what happened.

How this fellow such looks familiar!” Shen Xiang sees one to wear the man of white skin coat, grasps a white great blade, stands in front of that two silver lion, the blade in his hand sends out one very fearful white arrogance, making that two silver lion very angry. „Isn't this Qi Shi?” In the Shen Xiang heart is extremely shocking, before Qi Shi, was entirely different, beforehand Qi Shi is a careless appearance, but present Qi Shi puts on very neat dignity, the hair combs neatly, that handsome face full is the serious, portable formidable long blade stands there, looks like very cool! For this reason, causing Shen Xiang suddenly not to recognize him! Sometimes before Qi Shi messy appearance, a foot put on shoes a foot not to put on, the hair must look like the chicken coop randomly, was very sometimes dreadful. But present Qi Shi, looks like Yushu faces the wind, the heroic spirit is threatening, Shen Xiang suspected that now this fellow is not Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in Qi Shi this world of Nine Heaven Legend, but has someone else, because of not like! Go away, should not be in the way!” silver lion exclaimed with such as the thunder sound, although hoarse, but contained might completely. Qi Shi is to block two silver lion now enters the Temple front door, could see him to stand here already a period of time, what is strange in Temple unexpectedly did not have the sound, has not paid attention to such important matter, sat has not come out in vehicle inside Divine Lion King, let two silver lion and Qi Shi is confronting. Qi Shi such blade horizontally, did not speak, could see that he came out and other vehicle inside Divine Lion King, because here was the Temple entrance, therefore two silver lion do not dare to get rid, they have roared several, does not dare to roar again, obviously Beast God Temple inside strength was fearful, making these two formidable silver lion have scruples.