World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1952
Shen Xiang wants to walk to ask that person very much, asked that he is Qi Shi, but he does not have, has not found out the situation carelessly passes, perhaps will disrupt the plan of Qi Shi. This fellow should be Qi Shi, Qi Shi in the past was also formidable divine beast in Beast God Temple, should die the rebirth, if he awakened the past memory, and restored the past strength, this should not be strange.” When Shen Xiang personally has seen the past Long Xueyi awakening memory change, had a scare him. Who are you? Why must keep off my road!” That was similar to the large cart of dwelling spread the sound, was very gentle male voice, although was gentle, but was having prestige of the King, during was indistinct might to make one have an indescribable pressure. You replied me, three years ago you have killed Divine Fire Mad Lion!” Qi Shi sound very ice-cold, full Han is angry, the murderous aura little leak, it seems like that the anger in his heart has kept him from restraining the aura. Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, this Slaughter Qi is Qi Shi.” In the Shen Xiang heart was more definite, this person is really Qi Shi, his unexpectedly also arrives at this Highest God Realm. From the Qi Shi words, Shen Xiang has guessed correctly something, in his heart inexplicable welling up a sorrow, Divine Fire Mad Lion in Qi Shi mouth was past Ancient Fire Beast, unexpectedly dies very much obviously! Shen Xiang and Ancient Fire Beast have contacted repeatedly, obtains the Ancient Fire Beast kindness, in his eyes, Ancient Fire Beast is a severe elder, now unexpectedly was massacred, he understands that Qi Shi so will be why angry, because in his heart also similar anger! Is I kills, his Divine Soul also here, you want me to give to you, perhaps can also his resurrect!” The Divine Lion King sub- sound is very light, like before, the expression was very gentle, his sound fell, a grain of bead flew to shoot, was dodging the flame. Qi Shi puts out a hand to hold here bead immediately, inside, but Ancient Fire Beast Divine Soul, that is he leaves dead into the fresh brothers! Divine Lion King sub- unexpectedly massacring Ancient Fire Beast treats as a matter, his sound passed on: You can make way now, I must sharply enter Temple to attend class!” The Qi Shi anger has burnt thoroughly, erupted thoroughly, his pure white fur attire was winding around by black murderous aura, the white blade in hand turns into the black. „Was this fellow insane? Can start in ten thousand beast plaza?” Bai Jue said with amazement, hastily retreat.

Ices him, otherwise he must make trouble.” Divine Lion King said gently that sees only silver lion to spout a white light from the mouth, hits instantaneously on Qi Shi, Qi Shi frozen. That instantaneous, Qi Shi Slaughter Qi completely vanished, it seems like Qi Shi and that two silver lion strength differs very far! Consequence that is in the way, moreover prepares to our fight, this is his fate.” God lion Wan Word spoke, is flown by Qi Shi suddenly that the thick ice froze, pounded to the distant place. If drops in the ground, Qi Shi will break to pieces, Shen Xiang is clear the ice cold strength that silver lion spout to be fearful, that is too other Divine Level Divine Power! Shen Xiang stuffy snort|hum, uses the technique of transferring, leaping transfers to Qi Shi of upper air to own side, afterward uses technique of the space division, lets the freeze the ice and Qi Shi separation. Um?” Divine Lion King exudes whoa slightly. Senior!” Shen Xiang transports World Creating Fire toward Qi Shi within the body immediately. Was understood Qi Shi that loses consciousness quickly restored the intelligence, but he was actually seriously injured, Shen Xiang searches with Divine Sense, received very serious wound the induction to the Qi Shi body. Beast God Temple has the stipulation, he had the heart of fight, we can kill him, making him die!” Divine Lion King also said. silver lion looked, that only eyes projects together the silver light, hits to Shen Xiang. „Do you want to kill me?” Bai Jue roars, opens mouth to spout a white light, direct counter-attack: You must kill me, I can also kill you!”

Bai Jue has roared angrily, do not look that he usually always calls to gather the sound on the street, he initiates the wind to come to be very fearful. Shen Xiang has not thought that Bai Jue is so strong, in his heart also is very guilty, put to trouble to Bai Jue. Stops, has ten thousand li (0.5km) of grievances beyond to solve to mountain under!” In Temple spreads together the calm old sound, huge silver lion suddenly that wants to continue to get rid of trembles, shrank. Qi Shi became very strong, but also was not Highest God, he can also live is being lucky, in the Shen Xiang heart was also very angry, that Divine Lion King killed their friends, but they also can only look that now Divine Lion King was free and unrestrained. Two silver lion have drawn that giant car(riage) to enter the front door. Old Bai, contrasts, put to trouble to you!” Shen Xiang said that jumps down the back of Bai Jue at the back of weak incomparable Qi Shi. Do not walk, to my nest, I cannot get used to seeing that fellow, you now will be safer with me.” Bai Jue said: I have annoyed in any case, did not fear that annoys again, comes up quickly!” Then, Bai Jue is holding Shen Xiang and Qi Shi returns to the nest of his bund fast. Shen Xiang therapy to Qi Shi, drives out the cold air of his within the body, revolution Life Slaughtering Technique, releases strength of the regeneration, infiltrates in the body of Qi Shi, moreover gave back to him to eat small section of divine lotus root. Has been busy at for quite a while, Qi Shi looked like was more energetic, but Divine Soul and fleshly body still have very heavy wound. Oh, almost died, I was too impulsive! I experience am also rich, should be a calm person, almost plants here!” Qi Shi looks at Shen Xiang, the look is full of gratitude, he does not need to express gratitude, because he knows that Shen Xiang can feel this time gratitude.

Your this little rascal, has not thought that can also run into you in this place!” Qi Shi smiled: This alligator brother, thanked you to break through for us very much.” Bai Jue said with a smile: Does not use politely, fellow also wants to kill me! Although I am afraid Divine Lion Race, but these two fellows had not been paid attention to by me!” Qi Shi suddenly sighed: Divine Lion Race Divine Lion King sub- unexpectedly is this morality moral character, if I had the past strength, even if this brat his father came, I can make their fathers and sons kneel down to me!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled: Big brother Qi, are you also Divine Lion Race?” Before Bai Jue, sees something from Qi Shi that imposing manner, especially that might, continued proportion Qi Shi formidable two silver lion were threatened said. Naturally! I in the past died, I now am the Divine Lion Race Lion King! I and Qi Yan were past Divine Lion Race Prince!” Qi Shi said that sighs with sadness, puts out Ancient Fire Beast Divine Soul, Ancient Fire Beast should be Qi Yan in his mouth. This is his true brothers, shares the same roots, after this is also his awakening memory, knows that in the past Divine Lion Race several Prince definitely crossed the dispute, will therefore have such matter now.