World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1953

Qi Shi background unexpectedly is so big, within the body has Divine Lion Race Wang [lineage/vein], no wonder he in the past can proclaim oneself emperor in world of Nine Heaven! Bai Jue surprisedly said: Then were you seven of past Lion King sub- one? Do you arrange several?” I am an Boss!” Qi Shi looked in the hand that grain to seal the Ancient Fire Beast Divine Soul bead, continued saying: Qi Yan is a seventh child, he is youngest, moreover he and I are the same mothers, other respectively have their mother, therefore he and my relationship is very good!” Sees the Qi Shi whole face to be sorrowful, Shen Xiang has patted his shoulder: His can Divine Soul still, us his resurrect, initially you not die a time?” Qi Shi sighed: Our resurrect Nine Spirit Kings, but now Nine Spirit Kings is missing, we may not have this ability!” Bai Jue had also known about the past matter that said: Initially the fierce combat of divine beast mountain, lost innumerable outstanding divine beast, if not for Nine Spirit Kings rushes promptly, dies many!” Qi Shi looks at Bai Jue, asked: Old Bai, you lived were so long, hasn't been able to change the turn into a human shape? Your whole body is the white, moreover from your beast profound air/Qi, you should be strange species, your this strength should be able to melt the turn into a human shape.” cough cough......” Bai Jue said with a smile: I can change the turn into a human shape, once the turn into a human shape, I will lose the privilege that some different divine beast have here, my this appearance these many years, I have been used to it in any case!” Initially boundary of great war beast god time, I am a small alligator, these hearsay are also I hears in the river, has not thought suddenly on the past these many years, but also saw participated in great war Senior in the past.” Bai Jue is somewhat excited, in the past when fierce combat, their these little rascal listen to the story all day, therefore worships to Qi Shi this character. Qi Shi has lain down, the pad on the arm, raised head to look at this piece of him once very familiar sky, sent out a desolate deep sigh. Shen Xiang said: Big brother Qi, your wound is very serious, these days do not act unreasonably, I will find the way to help you recover!”

When Shen Xiang Qi Shi therapy, clearly knows that his wound is serious, especially the Divine Soul above injury, is not a day or two can restore! Qi Shi fleshly body is very formidable, although his Divine Soul has awakened the past memory, but his Divine Soul is small and weak, after all his rebirth two, facing too other Divine Level expert, at is not the match. I cannot despair! Like that type of thing, I lifted the hand to destroy completely one crowd in the past, I cannot be attacked by them self-confidently.” Qi Shi look suddenly becomes very firm, this makes Shen Xiang relax, he most feared that is Qi Shi therefore loses the fighting spirit. Bai Jue said: Like big brother Qi this wound, should, only then Divine Pill can help him recover, this type of thing only then the domain of humanity are many, is disappointing in Divine Pill of this place and expensive.” Shen Xiang he was a alchemy master, Bai Jue says well, the Qi Shi wound needed Divine Pill to be able fast thorough curing, high level Divine Pill that but needed! Even if middle-grade Divine Pill, then also needs many grains to be good! Old Bai, can you lead me to go to a place? There danger(ous), the Shen Xiang present strength, cannot very much safe leads me to that place.” Qi Shi looks to Bai Jue, the look is having a plea, can look at that place to be important to him. Bai Jue said: Does not have the issue, I here am very in any case idle every day, was the time exits to stroll!” Shen Xiang asked: Big brother Qi, where is that?” Qi Shi had not said that Bai Jue had not asked that after Bai Jue complies, Qi Shi jumps to his carrying on the back.

little rascal, you will be very here safe, on this beast Divine Mountain, but also nobody dares to come should.” Bai Jue laughs, then brought Qi Shi to leave. Shen Xiang was startled, went ahead . Moreover the Qi Shi wound has not restored many! He thought that Qi Shi and Bai Jue in secret sound transmission, he had possibly suspected Bai Jue also wants to go to that place, this makes him curious! „Does this fellow, where go? Why didn't tell me?” Shen Xiang sits in the bund, scolded one lowly. They should be go to the Lion Emperor tomb, the god Lion Emperor grave!” Clear tender sweet girl sound transmits together, although the voice sounds to be very immature, but is having a very experienced flavor. Shen Xiang one hear of this sounds, know that who came! Yue'er cat!” Shen Xiang turns head to look that really sees a white cat flutter wing flying seasoned person. This made Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised, because he has wanted to look for Yue'er, he also knew Yue'er in Temple, but Temple was no one can go in! But now Yue'er comes unexpectedly. Your this fellow...... Has not thought that such quickly can see you!” Yue'er flew, stops on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, but Shen Xiang actually catches her, is touching her adorable small head grinningly, made that Yue'er meow meow was calling. „Will you come to here? I am finding the way to mix in Temple to look for you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, traces her tail, made her tenderly snorted, flew from the Shen Xiang's bosom, squatted to sit in his head.

This divine beast mountain big? I grow up since childhood here, was too familiar with here, knew that you leave with Old Bai, I immediately caught up! I with enough time, can have a look at past big Prince fortunately, although was weaker, but before disposition, does not have anything to change.” Yue'er said. Your this little thing, really lived many year old monsters.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was right, is the Lion Emperor tomb that you said a moment ago where? Why they must hide the truth from me, doesn't make me know?” Yue'er said: Lion Emperor is the Divine Lion Race ancestor, once beast clan God Emperor, afterward died, was buried in that place. There is not the extraordinary place, is a big piece of mountain, although there has not undergone any construction, but actually very fearful natural formation, humanity goes, immediately vanishes in puff of smoke! Before had human God king dead in inside, it is said just stepped into that natural formation, turned into the ash.” Shen Xiang understood now, Qi Shi understands him, where therefore has not told him that is, was worried that he with will try. Is so fierce!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, in his heart unexpectedly has the thought that one type wants to attempt. „Before it is said this is Lion Emperor at the point of death, erupts to the hatred of humanity, touches nature Great Dao, will present the strong large formation method of naturally forming to protect his fleshly body, after letting he died, not be harassed by humanity.” Although Yue'er is a tiny tot, the thing that but knows are many. Shen Xiang entrains from the head her, hugs is stroking in the bosom, asked: Then Qi Shi does go to that place to do?” Yue'er meow called one: Naturally is looks for the inheritance of Lion Emperor, I also went to there to look before, but had not found! If big Prince goes, had the possibility, therefore Old Bai this big fellow will comply to go with him together, because he wants to witness the new Lion Emperor birth!” Shen Xiang has put out a token, the detail that this is he receives that request that makes, he hands in front of Yue'er, said: I met to live, needs to go to mountain scene [lineage/vein] to seek for a stone, found together that's alright!”