World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1954

Yue'er examined the jade token inside content, tenderly shouted one, she has not spoken, is only that eye in the flashing white ray. Shen Xiang asked several she did not answer, can only wait patiently. Passes half double-hour, Yue'er slowly said: This place very danger(ous)!” I know, therefore looks your, you should be very familiar with there!” In the Shen Xiang heart also had the preparation, because looks at Yue'er this time response, knows that in that imagines him must be more fearful, if Yue'er is not willing to go, he will not rush hardly. Yue'er said: I am not familiar, but can try! Right, you know that type of stone is useful?” Shen Xiang saw that type of stone on jade token, but actually does not know that with any use, the request made inside detail not explain. He shook the head: „It is not clear, the person but who seeks for this stone is very strong in Supreme Temple, it is said that he almost dies in inside!” The Yue'er nod said: „The fellow who seeks for the stone should be that descendant of Titan clan, he is Soul Hall total Hall Master.” Yue'er continually this clear, Shen Xiang is startled secretly, the origin of this cat made him more and more curious. What use has?” Shen Xiang asked. That type of stone is called Dao Heart Stone, so long as a scrap, can concentrate Dao Heart, has Dao Heart, can absorb the strength of Great Dao directly, if has special cultivation technique, in addition own perception, then can ascertain the Great Dao principle, obtains Power of Law!” Yue'er said: This Soul Hall total Hall Master has wanted to look for this Dao Heart Stone, then builds up into beast Divine Soul in...... He said that he must do me unclear, in brief before him, has come Beast God Temple, entrusting us to help to seek, starts out very rich reward.” Now still had not found!” Yue'er said: I also want to take a look at this Dao Heart Stone! I use, although is Law of Space strength, but I am unable directly to absorb the strength of Great Dao! You have Divine Mirror of Six Paths, can directly absorb Six Paths Power through Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but you are actually not able to ascertain the Great Dao principle the secret, only if you have Dao Heart!”

In the Shen Xiang heart moves, hastily asked: If I have Dao Heart, said that I can utilize the strength of various principles skilled?” The Yue'er nod said: Good, can absorb Dao Force, can use many principles at will, this is the matter that many expert yearn.” This type of good thing, if had found, gives back to him?” In the Shen Xiang heart is intertwining, this is the priceless treasure. He requested to obtain scrap that's alright, moreover was not good to look, if can find, gave him the grain of rice size to congeal Dao Heart on enough him! This Soul Hall total Hall Master is very good.” Yue'er said: When do you plan?” Naturally the quicker the better, now walks!” Shen Xiang said. Good, we walk!” Yue'er remembers with Shen Xiang cooperates, in heart has an inexplicable anticipation, because her previous time cooperates with Shen Xiang is happy. Yue'er puts out a backpack from own storage equipment, then she enters in this backpack, making Shen Xiang walk at the back of her. Yue'er, your anything background, you now hide in this package feared that was recognized, right!” Shen Xiang asked: Your this little thing, sees you from first day, is mystical.” Yue'er tenderly snorted and said: I have the background greatly, you know that this that's alright, now and you said does not explain!” Shen Xiang went out of the city, arrives at that tall ladder, he must toss about a period of time to walk, thinks to think somewhat depressed. Your this type cannot Shapeshift different divine beast, should have the privilege to fly, can you lead me to fly, like this I can arrive at the ground quickly!” Shen Xiang is dashing about wildly in the staircase, on the road runs into some people to come up, but must hastily stop to give way to traffic.

Shen Xiang just said that the backpack moved, Yue'er in inside, Shen Xiang did not look up, sees only the place above to present a big falcon, this falcon with pair of claws held his both arms, then led him to dive to the ground. Yue'er also understood that uses Law of Space strength, she shuttled back and forth continuously the space, quick saw the ground. The big falcon lightened a white light to disappear, Shen Xiang also felt that small backpack heavy, Yue'er changed. A moment ago was that your main body?” Shen Xiang asked that he had used Primal Chaos Spirit Eye a moment ago, is unable to see through. Naturally is not, my main body is the cat, I used a moment ago changed Divine Ability.” Cat replied in a low voice: Walks quickly, first goes to that mountain scene [lineage/vein] outside.” How Shen Xiang knew walks, does not need Yue'er to direct, the direct shuttle space leaves, shortly after has been far away from beast Divine Mountain, could not see giant beast Divine Mountain. Quite a while, he arrived at a bog, at this time is dusk, blood-colored setting sun incarnadine half the sky, Shen Xiang in the swale, the observation distant place, seeing several to rise the purple smog of upper air. After these purple smoke to airborne, diverges, Shen Xiang can see clearly in the distant place, explained this type of smoke is thick. Yue'er flew from the backpack, said: Drew near, has wanted this piece of purple smoke volcano, approached that mountain scene [lineage/vein], shortly after this purple smoke volcano just appeared.” Shen Xiang traces bog inside water, felt that the hot-water heat is warm, unexpectedly contains a firepower, he uses source Spirit Eyes to look, can catch to the purple spirit hot silk! These water points can burn.” Shen Xiang said: We a bit faster leave this bog, if here burns, that is unamusing.”

Shen Xiang brought Yue'er to go out of this bog quickly, after he was far away, actually rear area the suddenly discovery was used for weak cold air. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang frowned, thinks very strange, if following suddenly burns, he to thinking very normal, that cold air that but behind transmits, makes him feel that behind was frozen to be the same probably. He releases Divine Soul to exit immediately, Divine Soul drifts away the upper air quickly, only saw following that piece of swale unexpectedly to be frozen! Frozen!” Shen Xiang startled shouted: This cold air I remember......” Yue'er whispered: Is silver lion, only came a head! Strange, why will you stare by that Divine Lion King? Should pursue Old Bai they to be right!” This morning, Qi Shi by this ice cold strength frostbite, therefore Shen Xiang is familiar with this type of cold air! This ice cold strength is silver lion spouts from the mouth, now silver lion appear here place, clarified stares at them. Continues, if he must get rid, had already gotten rid, but currently with you, possibly has other goals.” Yue'er said: This silver lion is not good to cope, has 11 Godhead! Now only came a head, another had the possibility to pursue Old Bai very much they.” This nonsense Divine Lion King, I conveniently rescued Qi Shi, unexpectedly have sent out this strength divine beast to cope with me!” Shen Xiang scolded lowly.