World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1955
It seems like silver lion already can Shapeshift, he should come in the shape of humanity with you now!” Yue'er is actually very calm, does not have yo is therefore flustered: Do not think that we pick up the speed to enter in that mountain scene [lineage/vein], then you must go into hiding well!” Before Shen Xiang, comes not to go into hiding own aura, at this time he releases himself a domain to separate with the space, then carries on several long-distance teleport, arrives at one piece to brave the purple smoke in the volcanic cluster. Skill is not small, if you do not enter this region, perhaps I have not been able to discover you!” Shen Xiang hears the sneering sound to transmit together, then all around volcano turned into the iceberg on suddenly, the ground fast has also congealed a thick ice. Suddenly, all around on Land of Ice and Snow, this strength was really too fearful, moreover here burning hot volcanic cluster! Shen Xiang saw this silver lion, on him was being covered by light Qi mist, the silver-haired dance, his face is very white, the eye is the green, is sending out the cold light, is sizing up Shen Xiang. Calm, your my joint effort, must leave this place to be very easy!” Yue'er to Shen Xiang sound transmission, but at this time Shen Xiang induced to inexplicable strength suddenly, this is from his backpack, Yue'er is releasing her space strength. You released that's alright your space strength, following gave me!” Yue'er said: Does not need to fear his!” Shen Xiang releases space power immediately fully, what is strange this space power has not revealed the aura, was absorbed by Yue'er completely. „Are you that only silver lion? unexpectedly turned into this dog type!” Shen Xiang sneered: „Doesn't your Patriarch person personally come? He sends you to come, was not worried that you can't go back?” This silver lion face suddenly twitches, Shen Xiang these words have enraged him obviously, he has not thought that a Shen Xiang such small and weak humanity, unexpectedly dares to be so crazy before him.

Young Master he has told, must catch you exactly, but I can him say that was not careful killed you.” silver lion sound one cold, arm suddenly turned into the ice, sends out a fearful cold air/Qi, ultra Shen Xiang strikes. Walks!” Yue'er cracks into a chuckle, Shen Xiang on vanish from sight. The silver lion complexion concentrates, felt very fearful space power in him a moment ago, but also hears smiling of girl, this makes his suddenly think of any fearful matter. Cannot get away!” silver lion slightly took a deep breath, because he wants to confirm that who and Shen Xiang together, is that fearful fellow. ...... Shen Xiang also worried a moment ago, Yue'er gets rid luckily promptly, breaks the silver lion space to prohibit, leading him all of a sudden to arrive in piece of ancient forest . that was close, where is this?” Shen Xiang feels a great tree the bough, has hit a fist gently, discovered that the bough is firm. We in that mountain scene [lineage/vein], I have left some traces intentionally, making that fellow pursue!” Yue'er said with a smile: „The idiot possibly knew is I, but he will come.” Why Shen Xiang very surprised Yue'er will leave also the trace, hears words that following Yue'er spoke, he understands that Yue'er has other goals. „Can we arrange the trap?” Shen Xiang curious asking.

Almost, in brief he enters here, does not dare to be so rampant! Regarding most humanity and beasts, this silver lion is very fearful existence! But here , he if less careful, will die compared with me quickly.” Yue'er said with a smile: Perhaps luck good words, we can help him gather up dead bodies.” Shen Xiang looks that finds out Yue'er of small head from the backpack, hit to tremble secretly, this little thing was really too fearful, unexpectedly wants dead cloudy that silver lion. But he is not clear, this mountain scene [lineage/vein] so are why fearful, in that request made not to show. Here danger(ous) where?” Shen Xiang walks in a Yue'er finger of direction, looks at all around tranquil all, here Hua Hua is carelessly long well, little beasts appears and disappears very much, otherwise the flowers and plants will be stepped on. Yue'er said: I have also heard, has one type thing that in this mountain scene [lineage/vein] is called Dao Spirit, is Spirit Body, is the strength of Great Dao breeds, can directly use the strength of Great Dao principle, very fearful! Some formidable Highest God come here to be seriously injured, but they cannot see that type of thing are any appearances!” Dao Spirit?” Shen Xiang hears Yue'er to describe such fearfully this thing, at heart on the infant, was worried this thing suddenly appears, then makes half dead him. Um, but your I do not use the thing, we have the strength of Great Dao, I have space strength, you are Six Paths Power! Although that silver lion is fierce, but I induced a moment ago, he has not grasped the strength of principle. Therefore he comes to be able very danger(ous).” Yue'er said with a smile tenderly: Therefore he comes here, froze here like before, Dao Spirit of ice road induced to the ice cold strength, will immediately come!” Shen Xiang understood, therefore Yue'er said that this is a trap! We cannot be negligent, here besides Dao Spirit, other danger(ous), basically was the natural defenses! Because here can breed Dao Heart Stone this type of thing, will therefore have natural killing formation or Illusion Formation, we cannot treat it lightly.” Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to relax vigilantly, immediately urged him. Shen Xiang thought before one do this matter, looks for Yue'er is very right, if no Yue'er to tell him these things, the ghost knows that this inside has any danger(ous).

Because here is the Dao Spirit domain, therefore Shen Xiang has not released the space induction domain, this will bring in some Dao Spirit. Careful front!” Yue'er suddenly shouted, Shen Xiang stops the footsteps immediately, front not anything, all around is that tranquil. Woods that Shen Xiang is, each tree has the straight bough, the distance of each tree gap is the same, looks like very accurate, but some front big trees, the gap distance is not quite same, differs in a big way has three cuns (2.5cm), smallest also has one inch. If is usually very difficult to discover that possibly does not pay attention, however looks like in the Yue'er eye, this truly very important matter. Front is killing formation, does not believe you to lose a very firm thing to go in!” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang puts out scrap peak heaven stone, this is very stiff Divine Level refiner material, he will throw into the front that piece to be separated in the non-uniform region. peak heaven stone just went, turned into smog, this frightens the Shen Xiang opening mouth. This was too fearful!” Shen Xiang just came in shortly, to meet this natural killing formation! These great trees were the growth were very long, but from the beginning defers to this rule to grow now, naturally forms killing formation, intriguing the innumerable tree roots under place bottom, was killing formation spirit pattern, but each big tree internal many years of absorptions the strength of world, were the origins of killing formation energy.