World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1956
Shen Xiang when carrying on Supreme Temple trial, is where because has Yue'er to tell him to have these traps in side, he can successfully pass. Yue'er this mysterious small kitty has this mysterious and formidable spirit awareness inborn, therefore she can discover that these hide in the trap of hidden place. It seems like can only circle!” Shen Xiang releases Divine Sense to induce the front trees, discovered that all around one big piece is this situation, if he wants to detour, must take very far road, perhaps also will meet other traps. This situation, he cannot teleport, this very easy flash fall into this fearful natural killing formation, when the time comes an escape route does not have. solve that's alright, these killing formation are very easy solve! Constitution of killing formation as a result of the layouts as well as underground rhizome constructions of these trees, so long as destroys then, should not be difficult regarding you.” Yue'er back and forth flew several, carefully observed the period of time outside killing formation, said. Shen Xiang has tried, discovered that own strength can enter in killing formation, although was absorbed a major part, but enough he broke this killing formation! The most direct means that fall the front trees bang with formidable strength effectively, rumble a road, can walk! This formation is very strange, even if you destroy the rhizome, these rhizomes quick long will also come out, continue to constitute killing formation.” Yue'er said: Best not to destroy trees, only destroyed the rhizome to be good, this will not ruin this killing formation, I thought that maintained such good!” Shen Xiang understood, releases space strength, seeps the ground, carries on the space separation deeply the following rhizome, this can shut off with ease! This killing formation is very big, is big woods constitutes, Shen Xiang walks, destroys deeply the following rhizome, so long as the rhizome does not link together, killing formation is incomplete, is unable to form the attack strength. He has used half-day time, goes out of this killing formation!

I leave many footprints all the way, if that silver lion pursues, will discover very much easily that does not know he can look through this killing formation profound and abstruse principles?” Shen Xiang said. He turns head to look at the rearward, discovers deeply under these shut off rhizome long came out, in the heart exclaims in surprise these trees the strength of regeneration secretly! If with Heaven Refining Technique these trees refined into pill, should be able to build up grain of therapy Divine Pill.” Although Shen Xiang has this idea, but has not actually started, this ancient forest he is not cruel enough to destroy, moreover must be used to cope with that silver lion. Yue'er said: Quick can go out of this forest, here trees rhizome is not strong, therefore here was an edge! The central area of this forest can the air/Qi of condense massive Spiritual God, in the middle trees, the rhizome very be therefore strong, and has the intelligence.” Although Yue'er confirmation front does not have what trap, but he still does not dare to use space teleport, can only dash about wildly with two legs honestly. Really, he ran the less than half double-hour, went out of this forest, what makes his unexpected is, after going out of the forest, his unexpectedly arrived at a sand beach! Airborne is hanging the fierce positive, scorching sunlight is shining, thinks including Shen Xiang very hot, he stands on the golden yellow sand beach, looks at front that blue sea, the sea breeze is swaying to come intermittently, ocean waves slightly are whipping the sand beach gently, this feeling made Shen Xiang suddenly relax very much. He looked by the sand beach, does not look to the end, obviously here seacoast is long! „Does here have the sea? We in Illusion Formation?” Shen Xiang feels has doubts, because he made inside to understand from that request the situation and present of meet complete different. In Shen Xiang is blowing the comfortable sea breeze, the rear explosive leaves huge roaring hiss suddenly!

Is that silver lion!” Yue'er smiles with that immature tender sweet voice giggle tenderly: Listens to the roar to know that he is very painful, in this fellow incurred! We a bit faster walk, walks along seacoast!” Shen Xiang looked at the two sides, has chosen a direction casually, dashes about wildly in the sand beach, he takes off the shoes, is stepping on the cool sea water, plays while runs, not likely in appearance of escape. Yue'er flew in the seamount fast, but also has licked the sea water, then flies back to side Shen Xiang, said: „It is not Illusion Formation, this sea should afterward have, these days enters here person to be also few, therefore has not passed on! Does not know how these sea water come, these sea water had very long time, should in Nine Spirit Kings that time.” This piece of sea just formed shortly, but the sea water is very ancient, what's all this about, this matter was also too strange!” Shen Xiang said. Has a possibility, is here sea water flows from other world! The energy of the sea water containing, is very likely Gods!” The Yue'er sound becomes earnest: Possibly this inside has can lead to Gods passage!” Shen Xiang is excited immediately, he already wants to return to Gods to go, if has such passage, he later can with Feng Yujie going back quietly. Yue'er, your previous time runs into me in Gods, then you return to this Highest God Realm, how do you travel?” Shen Xiang stops, looks at the boundless sea, as if must ascertain, seeks that to Gods passage here all. Yue'er urged: A bit faster runs, how although did not know that silver lion, but to spread out with him, do not stop!” Shen Xiang does not know when runs to run up to along the seacoast. Night, the starry sky of seashore devastates beautifully, moon is also quite big, Yue'er in the backpack, finds out a small head, looks at the airborne beautiful star moon/month, that small eye sends out very nimble and resourceful ray, in the look is blissful.

Shen Xiang is still dashing about wildly, he also knows that Yue'er likes the night, because she is Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, she most liked all over the sky the stars. Daytime time you are are not asking me, how I go to Gods?” Yue'er suddenly said that she cracks into a chuckle: Is the star and moon helps me pass, this is star moon power, can only I pass!” Shen Xiang just wants to say anything, feels the cold air that makes him be familiar with, he suddenly one startled, looks at the rearward, saw only behind to approach shore thousand zhang (3.33 m) sea water completely frozen, but also spread unceasingly forward, quick goes his present place, continued to stretch ahead. This fellow got angry!” Yue'er called out: Run!” Shen Xiang dashed about wildly, but also displays teleport to pick up the speed, he uses Divine Soul to fly the upper air dive to look that sees only whole body of one under the star light to send out the silver light great lion in ice to dash about wildly. This fellow worried that can have trap, freezes the water surface, forms a road to be walked by oneself above!” Yue'er urged that Shen Xiang picks up the speed, because this silver lion speed is fast, if arrives at certain distance, can launch attacks to Shen Xiang in the distant place. Shen Xiang now is not the silver lion match, if frozen, his danger(ous), previous Qi Shi casual all of a sudden on severe wound.