World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1957

Coastal sea water frozen, forms the thick ice layer, silver lion dashes about wildly above, the speed is also quick, in little and Shen Xiang narrows the distance. Runs up to the sea level, look at him to be able the frozen how much sea water!” Yue'er suddenly said: Does not need to be worried that I will induce sea level killing formation with my limit strength!” Shen Xiang changes the direction immediately, fires into that vast sea deep place, several he completes several times teleport suddenly, he could not see the seacoast, can only penetrate the emission of star light, sees that clear ice surface indistinctly. silver lion also knows that Shen Xiang runs up to the sea level, he also feels to this sea surprised, he had not heard will have the sea in this mountain scene [lineage/vein]! Before silver lion, falls into forest inside killing formation, he understands at that time Shen Xiang makes him come intentionally, making him suffer a loss, therefore he must take Shen Xiang, otherwise hate of difficult disappearing heart, like Shen Xiang this small and weak humanity, saliva to kill in his eyes, but he actually ate Shen Xiang's to owe, made own painful a while. Shen Xiang does not know that killing formation has caused the big damage to this silver lion, but he sees on silver lion to have many scars. Yue'er, that killing formation is the trees constitution, flew not to?” Shen Xiang said: I should try before!” Courts death, that killing formation has covered the upper air, you will fly to be more miserable from the mouth.” Yue'er said that suddenly screamed: Stops quickly!” Shen Xiang sees Yue'er this response, not only stops, but also backward teleport 1st Stage distance! How......” Shen Xiang just said a character, the front water surface emits the number spoken parts light on suddenly, sends out very threatening cold air. White light one clump of water surfaces spout, that cold air makes outside the Shen Xiang's body concentrate incorruptible, that fearful cold air penetrates his Black Tortoise Cloth directly, enters his body! He even felt that oneself that strong supreme god bone somewhat is stiff, his whole body stiffened, is hard to move, this cold strength was really too fearful.

Shen Xiang releases the strength of Law of Space immediately, and this space separates by oneself, this has not continued by that fearful cold air invasion, he revolves Creation Fire, drives out the cold air in within the body, this can make him move. Although chilly weather, but sea level actually strange not and frozen, the white light that then sprays from the sea turned into dozens groups of white light groups, these light group has person of high, float above sea level, sends out an intermittent terror with the white light the cold air. Shen Xiang has thought of anything subconsciously! Is Dao Spirit, controls ice principle!” Yue'er whispered: Do not move heedlessly, meets this type of thing, even if you want to run are not easy!” Now Shen Xiang feels the great strength of these Dao Spirit by oneself, this ice Power of Law, does not know formidable many times compared with silver lion that comes! Before Yue'er had also said that if came here to make the too big move, may direct very much these Dao Spirit, that silver lion pursued Shen Xiang, coastal sea water completely frozen, moreover he also pursues the distant seas now, pursued to keep releasing the ice cold strength to ice a road. The front light rolls suddenly to explode shunt, even if Shen Xiang has reinforced own space domain, but the cold air still penetrates, making him hit one to tremble. After dozens groups of white lights explode dodges, Shen Xiang has tarried, he thought in the light group to hide any fearful monster, but has not thought that unexpectedly is dozens females! These females are the whole body are red. Bare! These dozens females are beautiful, their looks are somewhat empty, to person a very chaste feeling, they, although is red the body, stark naked, but has not actually brought back the Shen Xiang's evil desire, why he does not know, this feeling very marvelous! Their this time correct use tender and delicate jade treads the water surface fully, the step posture beautiful fascinating'winsome is moving toward Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang is only dull standing there, at present is beautiful the excellent thing to accept, the statures and appearances of these females all are top grade, making in his heart acclaim again and again! The sea level is blowing sea breeze slightly, these females the long hair of shawl are dancing in the breeze with the wind, their chests stands upright in the cold wind, that two wipe red cherry appears tenderer more and beautiful beautiful!

silver lion arrived at behind Shen Xiang's, he also sees these females, although in his heart surprised, but has not actually paid attention, his present goal only then, cuts to kill Shen Xiang! The silver lion turn into a human shape, puts out a long sword, he arrives at behind Shen Xiang's, wields a sword to chop! Shen Xiang discovered certainly, but Yue'er asked him do not move, therefore this time whole body was keeping the cold sweat, said according to Yue'er did, stands in same place motionless! little rascal, you if before coordinated well, perhaps I caught you, Young Master will not kill your, but now...... Late!” silver lion complexion one ruthless, a sword has divided fiercely. The long sword chops to the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck, when moves the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck actually suddenly turned into the ice sludge! In silver lion heart panic-stricken, this is not weak Divine Sword, is high grade divine tool, ice cold strength that but most excelled by him suddenly frozen becomes the ice sludge. In front of Shen Xiang that crowd of female suddenly vanish from sight! „......” silver lion suddenly is startled to roar, Shen Xiang cannot bear turn head, discovered a moment ago these beautiful females in silver lion, but are many to grasp the tall female of long sword in front of this group of females! This female is the whole body is also red. Bare, she be higher than his her female, moreover in her hand also Ice Sword, making Shen Xiang think what is inconceivable, her facial features to Shen Xiang a feeling of seeming to have met before, she look like very fine, although the whole body is passing the fearful cold air, but she still gives people a simple-hearted feeling. Because of this feeling, therefore Shen Xiang sees the luster of the skin of beautiful woman, in the heart does not dare to have improper ambition. silver lion was penetrated by that Ice Sword, afterward turns into the ice fast, finally falls to sink to the sea broken, such did not have!

Shen Xiang was frightened does not dare to move heedlessly, he stares looks at that beautiful woman, his eye does not dare to look randomly, but looks that opposite party that pair is passing the chaste ray look. You...... You and we are different!” The females somewhat jerkily said that her sound is very sweet is very light and lively, could see she did not speak frequently, but vanished in her behind its her female also suddenly. Shen Xiang has gawked staring, then puts out one clothes to hand over, smiled to the female: You should not like this, you to wear the clothes, the body of woman cannot look to others casually!” After Yue'er hears, was whispering low voice: Oneself looked, does not give others to look.” This female received the clothes time, does not touch oneself that lush chest carefully, caused to tremble slightly, making in the Shen Xiang heart shout several secretly. Clothes?” The females were saying jerkily these two characters, she does not know probably this is anything. Like this!” Shen Xiang has bought oneself clothes, said: „The thing that the body blocks from.” Why can block from? Isn't this very? Can be intimate with Great Dao, you should also like me.” The females looked at the clothes, frowns gently, hands over to Shen Xiang.