World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1958

In the Shen Xiang heart complained of hardship, this silly beautiful woman did not wear the clothes, he does not know that can continue to dominate, he wants to turn around really walks, but in heart actually somewhat did not give up this beautiful woman, after all others have saved him! Man takes off the clothes not to be unattractive! You take off, although is very attractive, but more is attractive more do not look to others that only looks at that's alright to the person who oneself most loved.” In the Shen Xiang heart is very depressed, he unexpectedly is teaching one not to know that now lived the multi- youngster spirit to wear the clothes. Although in his heart wants to look at this beautiful woman smooth appearance of very much, because really raised the eye, but he thought that like this made not the Highest Dao virtue! This female winked that very attractive eye, in the look has filled puzzled, she did not understand the Shen Xiang's words, Shen Xiang has not thought that these Dao Spirit unexpectedly will be chaste so fearfully. The water surface had been congealed ice, this beautiful female in ice, luster of the skin snow white she and ice piece repeatedly unusual conditions, making Shen Xiang look are out of sorts. Good, you wear clothes more attractive, does not believe you to give a try!” Shen Xiang also said. The females have pulled under that set of lavender women's clothing, evidently how she does not know with thing invagination her body, when she is fiddling with this clothes earnestly, Shen Xiang that pair of shifty eyes cannot help but send out the intermittent bright. Dao Spirit is cultivates the wisdom to come, moreover so is also formidable, is not too stupid, she knows quickly how to put on, moreover knows that that side in front, the perception also calculates was very high. After female that has no time the beautiful luster of the skin this purple skirt covers up, in Shen Xiang heart some contradictions of not being able saying that but he thought that he also calculates has occupied others many convenient, although has not looked at satisfying. Was attractive!” The females wield the white hands, presents the mirror that surface water has made in front of her, her pair fills pure look glittering joyful glancing. Thank you give my gift!” The females are also polite, the beautiful smiling face express gratitude to Shen Xiang wear a look. In the Shen Xiang heart mused that isn't clothes? In his Hidden Jade Ring also has, before is, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao stay behind. Is impolite, but a moment ago you saved me I, I thanked you without enough time!” Shen Xiang has put out some design and color different female clothes female skirts hands over.

The females receive immediately, what making Shen Xiang unexpected is, this female just received, taking off, then puts on other clothes, look at her to escape clothes putting on clothes the process, has ornamental regarding Shen Xiang, making him breathe is aggravating slightly. Thank you, I thought that I am quite suitable to put on this color today.” The females have worn one set of blue long skirt finally, when this time she looks like the new year's celebration puts on the young girl of clothes, shows very bright charming smiling face. She appears is the whole body is red. Bare, Shen Xiang has not seen her to have any storage equipment, but she changed several other clothes did not have, Shen Xiang guessed that she should have one to hide in Divine sea inside storage equipment, these clothes were received by her in inside. Although attractive, but some are not familiar with!” A female saying ended, Shen Xiang that was just tranquil somewhat could not dominate, this female unexpectedly took off the clothes, came out oneself that wonderful tender body exposed, and has rubbed rubbing in the chest, obviously was this clothes Untidy-looking her some were uncomfortable a moment ago. Sir, has not to end!” Shen Xiang is inspiring secretly. The females are very intelligent, she releases blue Qi mist to wrap this set of blue long skirt, afterward stretched that position of chest with the hand, makes there wider, the bed comes up after again, she satisfied nod. Remember, later do not take off the clothes randomly!” Shen Xiang serious urged earnestly. Although why the females do not understand, but she nodded, why also has not asked. „The world custom of your humanity are many, I have heard!” Female small sound track: I know that you are humanity!” „Won't you massacre me?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile, this female looked like the water is purer, but she killed that silver lion a moment ago is also only a few tricks. Naturally, you will not have disturbed in my place, I not like other Dao Spirit massacre lives.” The females smile: Moreover you also give me these many good gifts.”

Although the females are Dao Spirit, but she had actually heard the matters of some humanity, explained in her world, had the knowledge to disseminate these things, but did not have human such, otherwise the men and women will not have other matter not to know. I have the matter to manage, that said goodbye!” Shen Xiang comes to here looks for Dao Heart Stone, he found Dao Heart Stone also to catch up is returning to Supreme Temple. Shen Xiang just turned around to fly the 1st Stage distance, the female dodges appears in front of him, has blocked him. Where do you want to go? Can I go with you?” Female that beautiful eyes full are anticipate and curious, Shen Xiang experiences countless people, understands at a glance this female, although is formidable, but compares the young girls who these have little experience of the world to be inferior that unexpectedly wants initiative and a strange man walks! This...... I must look for a stone, after finding this type of stone, I must return to my world!” Shen Xiang said that the female is excited: „Can I go to the world to have a look with you?” „Doesn't your family Sir oppose?” Shen Xiang has gawked staring, does not know why asked such one, if this female has the elder, if by her elder is known he turns this silly beautiful woman, he definitely will be chased down. Sir?” A female face is ignorant, she does not understand the Shen Xiang's meaning. in other words, you such followed me, your...... Some similar won't oppose?” Shen Xiang progresses a step explanation. Not, they , if there is opportunity also to walk, can have a look to have anything not to be good, I was informed since childhood, have the opportunity to exit, the society that integrates humanity can become stronger. But I stayed here for a long time was very very long, the deep sleep for a long time was very very long, woke up each time, my similar did not have one to exit! Now I run into you, is an opportunity.” The females were saying very much earnestly, but also somewhat small excited. Shen Xiang sees this appearance, cannot help but has remembered Dongfang Jing this little girl, very much thinks at present this, but at present this female compared with Dongfang Jing tall, strength stronger some. Can lead me to walk!” The look of female has been full of the plea, this look Shen Xiang is unable to renounce!

Good, but I must find a stone to go back here!” Although Shen Xiang in the surface does not have anything, but in the heart secretly is happy, can turn such a silly beautiful woman, the feeling is good. I called Shui Bingyan, Elder sister, you?” The females wink the pure attractive big eye to ask. Shen Xiang almost spouts an old blood, backpack inside Yue'er small kitty actually meow meow keeps laughing. Elder sister such did not call......” Shen Xiang has used some time, with her explained that called the above matter, later she must go to the world, must result in grasps many basic common knowledge. „, actually is this, thanks Big Brother Shen!” After Shui Bingyan understands, shows the smile of apology to Shen Xiang. Her perception is very high, a saying can understand! Although the Shui Bingyan age is older than him, but her most time are sleeping, if the round mental age, Shui Bingyan is similar to the little girl. Therefore, Shui Bingyan shouted Shen Xiang is Big Brother Shen time, Shen Xiang also shamelessly nodded! Big Brother Shen, what stone can you look for?” Shui Bingyan is the long hair shawl, but Shen Xiang actually helps her make a long braid now, hangs in the front, she also noted Yue'er, although her first time saw Yue'er this living thing, but same thought that Yue'er was very lovable, hugged her with dead keeness in the bosom is stroking gently. Shen Xiang and in the Yue'er heart moves, this Shui Bingyan is very formidable Dao Spirit, perhaps she knows where has Dao Heart Stone!