World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1959

If Shui Bingyan listens to the name, definitely does not know that what stone Dao Heart Stone is, afterward Yue'er with her strength, transforms a stone on her small claw, although looks like with ordinary stone anything has not distinguished, but if the Shui Bingyan understanding, will immediately certainly recognize. Is this type of stone, Bingyan, have you seen?” Shen Xiang asked. Has seen, I have two, I can give you same place, this stone also very difficult homing.” Shui Bingyan was saying puts out a white stone. This stone the Shen Xiang imagination is bigger, Dao Heart Stone is the white, the stone surface has spirit pattern that naturally forms, therefore Shui Bingyan can recognize. Shui Bingyan sees Shen Xiang to be somewhat surprised, said: If must look, but also required some time to find, I was also many years found three, I have used one, this gave to you!” This...... Too big! Can break?” Shen Xiang does not want with such big completes that request command, because that request command said that so long as slightly together sufficed very much. Naturally, can open very much easily!” The Shui Bingyan white hands lightning wields, has patted, that Dao Heart Stone broke to pieces instantaneously, was the anomalous shape, but after breaking to pieces, turned into many circular pellets! Shen Xiang catches immediately, Dao Heart Stone that this breaks to pieces has 150 grains, is the thumb big or medium circular beads, after breaking to pieces, can naturally be divided into grains of round bead shapes unexpectedly, moreover on each grain has same natural spirit pattern, is full of the charm! This was good!” Shui Bingyan said with a smile tenderly. Yue'er wanted one grain, other gives Shen Xiang to receive. Shui Bingyan must experience human anxiously world, after she helps Shen Xiang found Dao Heart Stone, immediately the shoreward flushes away, the speed is quick! Shen Xiang sees this, hastily teleport pursues.

Bingyan, had you come to the ashore?” Shen Xiang asked. Has not come, I have thought wants to exit, but they told me, once had many strongly similar is unable to exit, in the halfway severe wound, or died in the halfway does not have.” Shui Bingyan shook the head, after she arrives at the shore, said with a smile to Shen Xiang: Big Brother Shen, you should be able to lead me to exit safely!” Shen Xiang has not thought that nature formation of this place not only lets formidable humanity and beasts has the headache, in this formidable Dao Spirit naturally fills to dread to these. so that's how it is, here formation should in view of Dao Spirit, if Dao Spirit moves these formation, the might may become stronger.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Bingyan, you felt relieved, I led you to exit quickly! You had not exited to be correct before!” Thinks Shui Bingyan this silly beautiful woman smooth runs, Shen Xiang feels the pain! Um!” Shui Bingyan to the ashore, has not run all over the place, because of her must with Shen Xiang, she know that Shen Xiang's strength is weaker, but Shen Xiang gives her a very able feeling. Shen Xiang turned head to look at this mysterious sea, before Yue'er had said here did not have the sea, is will appear in the near future. Bingyan, before this sea is very long, had?” Shen Xiang wants to know this sea deep place has to Gods passage. Before so is not big, suddenly increased a while ago, at that time I was sleeping, rest for a long time was very very long, woke up becomes very big!” Shui Bingyan is also full of the question, but she has asked her similar, has not gotten the answer. Shui Bingyan such replied, why in other words she does not know, but this makes Shen Xiang believe that here uses to Gods passage, the sea water that because here afterward presented came from Gods.

Shui Bingyan holds Yue'er to play, Yue'er looks like adorable, but she and Shui Bingyan are entirely different, this is a very ghost fine cat monster, and mystical. „Does Yue'er, you return to Supreme Temple with me?” Shen Xiang asked. Ok! However can you make Bingyan? Supreme Temple is no one can enter!” Yue'er likes Shui Bingyan probably very much, but Shui Bingyan likes to this adorable cat. Let alone, ten I can make!” Shen Xiang said very much self-confidently, although he stared by Divine Country, so long as does not have an accident in a short time, he mixes in Supreme Temple very well, in addition he now obtains Dao Heart Stone this thing, so long as gives that Soul Hall total Hall Master Dao Heart Stone, he not only can obtain divine yuan stone, but can also obtain good Divine Soul. Shen Xiang is bringing Shui Bingyan, returns according to his background, he will return to Supreme Temple directly! ...... silver lion died a period of time, Beast God Temple inside Divine Lion King puts out one grain fully is the fissure bead, his whole face is puzzled, because he thinks that does not understand why silver lion will die, his crumb grain of bead, silver lion died he not to feel a grief gently, but how very curious silver lion dies, if were killed, he must find that to cut actually to kill his silver lion person to revenge. He remembers that he sends silver lion, to rescue Qi Shi Shen Xiang to grasp that but silver lion early should come back, because in his opinion, must grasp Shen Xiang is a very relaxed matter. Must well, if is really that humanity kills, I must make him pay the price.” Divine Lion King leaves Beast God Temple immediately. Two silver lion both have not come back, was sent to grasp Shen Xiang by him, moreover with Bai Jue and Qi Shi, died now a head!

Self-confident Divine Lion King, had realized now Shen Xiang and Qi Shi are not good to cope, therefore he hurries back to his Divine Lion Race at the same night, is going to use own elite strength to verify this matter. ...... Shen Xiang arrived at the Supreme Temple front door, he left Supreme Temple one month later, finally was living, now he stays outside Supreme Temple. He wants quickly, but to look after first time enters Shui Bingyan of human society, Shen Xiang accompanied her to play some days on the road, making her know some have not seen thing. Because Shui Bingyan cannot enter Supreme Temple, therefore Shen Xiang can only accompany Shui Bingyan outside, he did not feel relieved that Shui Bingyan and Yue'er outside this, Shen Xiang has allowed to pass through a Supreme Temple disciple helps him inform old man of supreme great hall, for this reason he has paid two thousand divine yuan stone! old man of supreme great hall came out, he felt that is strange and accidental, Shen Xiang unexpectedly such quickly comes back, moreover is living, he suspected that Shen Xiang went to that place by below, he thought what was strange was why Shen Xiang does not go to look for him, instead made people circular. Shen Xiang still does not know that this old man surname anything anything, he has asked Luo Tianjun, Luo Tianjun has not told him, but said that looks like Loyalty Pavilion and Supreme Temple , etc. this class protectors, the name is very mysterious. little rascal, you have the hand to have the foot, why don't go to look for me? Instead makes me come out?” old man sees Shen Xiang to be in good condition, and is very beaming and buoyant. Lived many year of old antique of as one, he saw side Shen Xiang to be many a very attractive female, subconscious understood anything. Elder, can you make Supreme Temple her?” Shen Xiang asked grinningly, he knows that this old man had the ability very much, walked back door anything to him should not any issue.