World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1961
Shen Xiang truly planned that lets Shui Bingyan and he lives in a room, Shui Bingyan now also like the child, Shen Xiang does not feel relieved her. At this time, Feng Yujie closed up alchemy to come out, as soon as she came out to hear the living room to broadcast the Shen Xiang's sound, immediately walked. Saw Shui Bingyan, Feng Yujie to spit one tenderly, she has not thought that Shen Xiang exited for one month, found such a good miss to come back. A Feng Yujie face jealousy, making the Gu three brothers in their three hearts laugh in one's heart, running off that they are also tactful, although they want to take a look then to have anything very much! Pure Shui Bingyan does not certainly know that what's the matter, but she sees Feng Yujie is an attractive female, in the heart cannot help but has a very kind feeling to Feng Yujie, she sweet smiles to Feng Yujie: Elder sister, hello!” Um, how are you are deceived by him?” Feng Yujie walked, the Shen Xiang anything person she early knew, although is jealous, but will not have not the good complexion to Shui Bingyan, instead she also needs to take care of this younger sister. Let alone that coarse, I and her anything does not have...... Sister Feng, this matter returned to Fang saying that was quite important, I went to Beast God Temple, I saw Qi Shi.” Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang have been together a period of time, had known about Shen Xiang that she sees the Shen Xiang's look, knows that Shen Xiang does not have have lied, at present this female is not she imagines such...... But she thought, definitely will be damaged by Shen Xiang. Feng Yujie also sees the Shui Bingyan bosom Yue'er, seeing Yue'er to be very lovable, she also cannot help hugging, when she is holding Yue'er, knit the brows, afterward the complexion changes, startled [say / way]: This aura...... Is Moon and Stars Mythical Beast!” Returned to Fang to say!” Shen Xiang lowers the sound, takes the lead, is bringing Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan enters the room. The Gu three brothers see after the distant place, cannot help but sighed again and again. This little rascal is really the good skill, such quickly makes their docile!” Gu Laoda said after a sigh. ...... After entering the room, Shen Xiang said: This is Shui Bingyan, she is...... Dao Spirit turns, is not humanity! She has rescued my life. This is Yue'er, in the Beast God Temple mysterious cat, is Moon and Stars Mythical Beast that you said a moment ago, I when trial, she helped me be busy!”

This is Feng Yujie!” Shen Xiang introduced both sides simply, later their possibly here life a period of time. Yue'er said: Obtains Nine Spirit Kings to inherit Nine Heavens Goddess, I know. Has not thought of her also in Supreme Temple.” Feng Yujie knew that Yue'er will speak, is not accidental, she said: In Stars and Moon God Clan, cat, but Imperial Family, you are not low in Beast God Temple inside status, moreover pure white star Queen of night cat!” Shen Xiang one startled, looked at Yue'er, wool very in vain is truly pure, actually is divine beast tribal group inside Imperial Family, origin unexpectedly is so big! Meow Yue'er called one: I in Beast God Temple inside status, although is not low, but is not high, sub- compares anything with that Divine Lion King is not.” Mentioned Divine Lion Race, Feng Yujie has thought of Qi Shi, Qi Shi their this batch of divine beast initially were Nine Spirit Kings resurrect, now Feng Yujie also knows some related matters. Qi Shi? How does he come here?” Feng Yujie asked. He had been injured by the subordinate of Divine Lion King, almost died, now went to the Lion Emperor tomb! He is this Highest God Realm bred, so long as his awakening remembers, can the relaxed intercourse.” Yue'er replied Feng Yujie, before Shen Xiang, had not inquired how Qi Shi he arrives at Highest God Realm. Feng Yujie arrives at side Shui Bingyan, touches her beautiful small face, sees only Shui Bingyan to smile: Elder sister, you are very charming, almost charmed me!” You are really fierce, unexpectedly can see the strength of attracting I hide.” Feng Yujie said with a smile: Bingyan, you this year are several years old?” She possibly does not talk clearly, the place that she lived before does not have humanity, knows nothing about outside world! Sister Feng, you later must lead her to understand that well this world, she is very strong, Highest God silver lion had been killed all of a sudden by her, has not stayed behind including Godhead.” Shen Xiang said. Feng Yujie suddenly one startled, she has not thought that Shui Bingyan is so strong, one kills too other Divine Level expert, but looks like she so is pure, moreover was turned by Shen Xiang.

Elder sister, I do not know that several years old, I have slept frequently, how long me rests not to know each time.” Shui Bingyan is rousing the small face, makes an effort to recall is several years old, but actually cannot think, thought that cannot give a Feng Yujie satisfactory answer, her face is guilty. Sees on the Shui Bingyan beautiful small face full is the ashamed look, Feng Yujie has not thought that she to such an issue intertwine, hastily said with a smile: All right, since you shouted that I for elder sister, later with me, some of my unprincipled people will not bully your.” Said unprincipled person time, she shot a look at Shen Xiang one! Thanks the elder sister, you are really good!” The Shui Bingyan show face smiles. Yue'er hee happily said with a smile: actually unprincipled person here!” Shen Xiang has pinched Yue'er: Your this small kitty, but also wants to hide the truth from my many matters, unexpectedly is an aristocrat!” Feng Yujie touches the small head of Yue'er: Yue'er, you should be able Shapeshift, as Moon and Stars Mythical Beast Imperial Family, you should very easy Shapeshift to be right!” This...... I am the different races, now also very difficult Shapeshift, I also to want Shapeshift, this not to need to be pinched by you earlier all day.” Yue'er said reluctantly. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie relationship was intimate, he meets himself the Shui Bingyan process to tell Feng Yujie, is he obtains the Dao Heart Stone matter. Feng Yujie does not know that entrusted some multi- danger(ous), but she knows that Zhu Xiangyuan this Soul Hall total Hall Master to him such rich reward, knew very danger(ous), but she blamed Shen Xiang, reproved his several. That piece of sea from Gods, is not came from world of Nine Heaven! The revolution and adolescence speed of world of Nine Heaven have been above my imagination, perhaps Nine Spirit Kings has not expected! I have made Qilian prepare for returning to world of Nine Heaven luckily.” The Feng Yujie words let Shen Xiang and Yue'er are startled, majority of sea water unexpectedly of that piece of sea came from world of Nine Heaven. Shui Bingyan has said that that piece of sea actually is so big, was a while ago becomes on suddenly very greatly!

Yue'er said: Then, world of Nine Heaven will surmount Gods from now on directly, then and Highest God Realm fusion, it can be said that annexes Highest God Realm!” Good, therefore I worried when the time comes nine Divine Country will get rid to intervene!” Feng Yujie said. If occurred, they get rid to intervene a point with uselessly, Great Dao natural strength is not they can defeat, they most wrest away the domain with their strength, but Beast God Temple will not make them such do!” Yue'er said. Shui Bingyan Jing Jing (quietly) is listening, she does not understand to these, but sounds not to think bored, instead hears with great interest, moreover her brains rapidly are also rotating, comes her to listen to Yue'er and Shen Xiang mentions the matters of many outside world, she had certain understanding to the thing. Why doesn't Beast God Temple make them such do?” Shui Bingyan asked curiously, this was also Shen Xiang wants to ask that he same does not know. Feng Yujie said: Initially Beast God Temple had complied with Nine Spirit Kings, must help them preserve Nine Heavens, do not make Nine Heavens fall into nine Divine Country hands, if they also fulfill this commitment, when the time comes Beast God Temple will prevent!” Nine Spirit Kings and Beast God Temple relationship is not general good, formidable divine beast that not only resurrect large quantities of past years died, currently also has this agreement. Um, Nine Spirit Kings has the graciousness to four big divine beast clans, but Beast God Temple was controlled by four big divine beast clans!” The Yue'er nod said. Yue'er is the Moon and Stars Mythical Beast clan, Divine Lion Race is also one of them!