World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1962
Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie they were discussing, the knock transmitted suddenly, some people were knocking the front door of courtyard, the Gu three brothers were exiting, but Luo Tianjun was still closing up alchemy! Is Elder Yi!” Shen Xiang induces to this aura, in the heart inexplicable worries that before Yi Baidong had said were called by these Divine Country, may go for him very much. Shen Xiang hastily opens the door, seeing the Yi Baidong complexion to be quite serious, knows that he will not bring any good news. Yi Baidong comes, then sees Yue'er that Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan, see in flying, in the heart is surprised, he does not have to think one walked shortly, Shen Xiang has made two women, this Beast God Temple cat was also made by him. Yi Baidong knows Feng Yujie, therefore after he sees Feng Yujie, nodded to Feng Yujie. Went to say!” Yi Baidong said. Goes to the hall, after Yi Baidong sits, drinks tea that several Feng Yujie have carried, then said: Generally speaking has not calculated too terrible, these Divine Country know that you in Supreme Temple, they also planned begins to cope with you! Naturally, they not flagrant in Supreme Temple!” Feng Yujie said: Elder Yi, how many nine do Divine Country keep the Supreme Temple influence to have?” Initially Nine Spirit Kings kept the Supreme Temple influence also to have, Yi Baidong is one of them, the status of Shen Xiang to Yi Baidong was quite curious, since were Nine Spirit Kings, but these Divine Country actually do not dare to be what kind to him, will have the matter also to ask him to discuss. Fist Hall and Sword Hall basically are, Dan Hall and Soul Hall are the neutralities, but I and several elders, are partial to Nine Spirit Kings, that nine Divine Country currently have very important matter to process, but they also slightly keep thinking about to Shen Xiang, will not cope with him with too fearful strength.” Yi Baidong said: Solution that but if they send, will bring to their attention, therefore Shen Xiang keeps here time not to be many, I looked that most ten years he must leave!”

Shen Xiang said: Ten years was enough!” Yi Baidong nodded: In two months is four great hall various has compared greatly, when the time comes Divine Country will send for supervising to compete with, because they must choose the outstanding disciple from these competition, is always so!” Feng Yujie glances one revolution, asked: Elder Yi, does the Divine Country that side know my matter? I want to go to Divine Country to have a look!” Feng Yujie comes here goal, was found the opportunity to inquire the Divine Country matter, but Yi Baidong also knew, he cannot keep in these Divine Country frequently, therefore detailed he does not know. They have not known that you come to here, but you, if must go is not good, you to their threats are not very big, if they think you to be good, but also the plan enrolls in you Divine Country, in their eyes, your this Nine Heavens Goddess cannot raise any storm.” Yi Baidong sighed one: These Divine Country do not care the Nine Spirit Kings matter now.” This can only explain that these Divine Country became very fearful, even if Nine Spirit Kings resurrect, is unable to threaten them! Shen Xiang was more curious to that nine Divine Country at this time, unexpectedly is so fierce, Nine Spirit Kings in his eyes is very formidable existence, now is just surrounded, but looking back now, even if puts Nine Spirit Kings, they still hit nine Divine Country. „When various greatly compared with, the person who Divine Country comes will possibly take a look at your situation, when the time comes you must pay attention.” Yi Baidong urged one, left. This also two months of matters, although Yi Baidong said that now nine Divine Country had not planned copes with him with the strongest effort, but in his heart is very restless, he must be ready!

Shen Xiang returns to the room, Shui Bingyan and Yue'er are playing, seeing Shen Xiang complexion dignified coming back, Yue'er to ask: How?” Yue'er, Sister Feng, in these two months, you should better let the life of Bingyan as soon as possible familiar world, in order to avoid when the time comes has other matters, I could leave Supreme Temple at the appointed time!” Shen Xiang said: Nine Divine Country could start to me.” Feng Yujie knits the brows: Elder Yi said that is not serious!” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Was difficult saying that because Elder Yi did not know my some situations, these fellows who if when the time comes nine Divine Country sent discovered that my secret, possibly is different.” Shen Xiang has given Feng Yujie eight million divine yuan stone, he wants to purchase some Divine Pill herbs these days as soon as possible. That Xie Ao does not know that what's the matter, the body resembles many rare divine medicine, I have inquired, this fellow not only had sold to me, other alchemy also purchased many precious divine medicine from his hand, the Gu three brothers have purchased.” Feng Yujie said: But he never has sell same divine medicine, it seems like he did not understand that duplicates the divine medicine ability.” A saying, Shen Xiang thought so that Xie Ao has ancient god medicine garden to be the same probably. It seems like these time purchased divine medicine to by him be butchered one.” Shen Xiang smiled, asked: middle-grade divine medicine that Sister Feng, you improve how? Your regeneration Divine Pill was captured the business, what do these many days have to change?” These fellows do not know that what's the matter, if really regenerating Divine Pill sells convenient very much, moreover regeneration Divine Pill in their hand are many!” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said: I have seen these two fellows, is two young and impetuous little rascal, but also has to me improper ambition, snort|hum!”

Shen Xiang touches the face of Feng Yujie, said with a smile: Who makes Sister Feng your charm so big!” I refine regeneration Divine Pill that I improve, meets these two little rascal.” Feng Yujie has the good progress probably, otherwise so will not be self-confident. In the evening, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie under the place room, Shui Bingyan are Yue'er rest above. The room is quite spacious, puts a bed is not the issue, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie distinguishes one month, at this time comes back, they naturally must be well intimate, but Feng Yujie also the spirit bead uses, now to supplement. In the morning wakes up, Shen Xiang discovered that Feng Yujie in the side, Feng Yujie always does not get up compared with him early, he arrives above, discovers Yue'er and Shui Bingyan not here, entire tenth air-to-air. Bingyan and Yue'er should exit with Sister Feng!” Shen Xiang reorganizes the good clothing, just opened the door to go out of the courtyard, actually sees Xiao Chou to walk. Master!” Xiao Chou shouted, then runs over quickly, he from that total Hall Master mouth had known that Shen Xiang completed the matter that request made. Zhu Xiangyuan had said that must keep secret, but he thought that told Xiao Chou should not to have the issue, because Xiao Chou was the Shen Xiang's apprentice, therefore Xiao Chou will know.