World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1963
Master, how do you achieve?” A Xiao Chou face asked curiously, he also thought one had the Middle-Rank Heavenly God strength, should be stronger than Shen Xiang, but he does not dare to have this idea now, the request that because Shen Xiang completed, is unable to achieve including Zhu Xiangyuan this total Hall Master, moreover for many years Highest God of casualty also had many. Hehe, the luck, do you look for me ask this?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. This...... Hasn't my previous time given you five hundred thousand divine yuan stone? Master you more than ten million have divine yuan stone, been able to give back to me that five hundred thousand now, you do not lack in any case.” Xiao Chou happily said with a smile: I now am very poor.” Shen Xiang throws to his storage pouch, Xiao Chou after is his apprentice, he cannot be so stingy, now he does not lack very much. herbs that however Feng Yujie then purchases, majority are very expensive, before purchased that middle-grade divine medicine, went to four million divine yuan stone people! But skeleton Divine Pill and Feng Yujie that High-Grade Divine Pill herbs is also definitely expensive. Therefore, when Feng Yujie has not refined can earn massive divine yuan stone Divine Pill fast, he now must continue to earn divine yuan stone. You are taking temporarily, I later lack, will also ask you to want!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: Looks at your this, you usually should not spend divine yuan stone.” I will certainly not abuse!” A Xiao Chou face is depressed, he has a premonition, these five hundred thousand divine yuan stone soon after must walk by Shen Xiang, now also gives him to take care of the period of time. Xiao Chou said: Master, the grandfather told me, had a natural divine medicine treasure house in Danger Zone of boundary of connection Supreme God Realm and Six Paths, in inside was easy to find many middle-grade divine medicine, don't you lack these now? Can go to there to have a look!” The grandfather in Xiao Chou mouth is Zhu Xiangyuan, Zhu Xiangyuan makes Xiao Chou look for Shen Xiang, to pass on to this news. „Do these many people know?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, he worried that was heard. „Some people know, but that place does not go easily! However Master definitely does not have the issue!” Xiao Chou suddenly lowers the sound: Master, that is called the Xie Ao fellow, frequently goes to that place, you and teacher's wife purchase divine medicine frequently, definitely also had been butchered by this fellow!”

In the Shen Xiang heart secret moves, he suspected that before Xie Ao had discovered any mysterious medicine garden, really suspects with him now almost, but that place is not very mysterious, is only very danger(ous). Xie Ao definitely has own way to enter that place, can therefore obtain some precious divine medicine once for a while. This fellow but now is rich flows the oil, moreover he is very mystical, although he has the Middle-Rank Heavenly God sign now, but his strength should to be stronger.” Xiao Chou said: Master, you if now idles is all right to do, can go to there to have a look.” Shen Xiang naturally must have a look, after he has sent Xiao Chou, goes to the supreme great hall, he thinks Feng Yujie to be able here. They, had left in the morning, outside the girl said that must go to purchase herbs.” old man said to Shen Xiang. „Does elder, in Six Paths and supreme two places of region connection, have the massive divine medicine treasure troves?” Shen Xiang asked that the matter that this old man knew, definitely knew about inside. Yes, do you want to go?” old man no longer underestimated Shen Xiang. Um, provides the useful message to me.” The Shen Xiang nod said: „In I want to go to look for divine medicine!” old man puts out jade token to give Shen Xiang together: In inside, actually did not have anything, there has a mysterious treasure trove, is a space-independent, inside is quite big, moreover there is certain danger(ous), divine medicine has many, but was no one can find, this needed certain luck.” Shen Xiang comes back from the supreme great hall, was waiting for in the room patiently Feng Yujie they come back, afternoon time, Shui Bingyan and Feng Yujie come back hand in hand, their whole face likes, could see that they play very happily outside.

I must exit, Yue'er must go with me! Bingyan, you stay here and Sister Feng.” Shen Xiang said. Shui Bingyan has lingered at to Feng Yujie at this time, regards own one's own elder sister to be the same Feng Yujie, Feng Yujie is also very good to her, today led her to go out some villages and small towns to play, has bought many good things to her. Um, I will certainly listen to elder sister's words, Big Brother Shen you not to need to be worried about me.” Shui Bingyan also understands that Shen Xiang is worried about her anything, because she had not known about this world now, on the one hand was worried that she runs into the unprincipled person, moreover was worried that she uses oneself that fearful strength carelessly. Now walks? Anxiously, where can go?” Feng Yujie asked. Shen Xiang gives her jade token, making her have a look at inside content, is old man gives his jade token, above records the matter of that divine medicine treasure trove. After Feng Yujie looks, somewhat pleasantly surprised said: That Xie Ao should divine medicine that gets so far as from this inside! If can find divine medicine that we need from inside, later did not need to buy from that fellow hand, black.” The Shen Xiang nod said with a smile: You look after Bingyan well, I will certainly return home with a full load!” ...... Shen Xiang brought Yue'er to leave Supreme Temple quickly, after he walked more than three double-hour, at this time already soon darkness, Yi Bai ** however arrived, moreover complexion some were unattractive. Shen Xiang?” Yi Baidong has not seen Shen Xiang, then inquired Feng Yujie.

„Did he exit, several double-hour, what matter Elder Yi you asked him to have?” Feng Yujie asked. „Did he go to Beast God Temple a while ago? Beast God Temple that side subpoenaed, making us investigate Shen Xiang, asked that he does know a silver lion matter, that silver lion died.” Yi Baidong knits the brows saying that he does not know Shen Xiang looks for the Dao Heart Stone matter. That must wait for him to come back to be good, he truly had left a while ago for one month.” Feng Yujie knows, but she actually cannot say, but that silver lion Divine Lion King subordinate, if known by Divine Lion King, the fellow of this being concerned about face-saving definitely will walk. Yi Baidong nodded: Should not be unrelated with him, Shen Xiang now that strength! That silver lion I have seen, even if were I must use energy to cope, let alone Shen Xiang!” Feng Yujie compensates to say with a smile: Is, Shen Xiang this little rascal now was too weak, in this place radically anything is not!” Feng Yujie exclaimed in surprise that at this time the Shui Bingyan strength, initially Shen Xiang had told her, Shui Bingyan instantaneously killed that silver lion. Is pursuing butterfly to run in the courtyard casually, like little girl. Um, I and others he came back to ask again! After a period of time Beast God Temple will send , could look for Shen Xiang to ask face to face.” Yi Baidong said that then goes out of the hall, he when passed by the courtyard, looked to play noisy Shui Bingyan, he only knows that this was Shen Xiang brings from outside, moreover looked like such pure naive, Yi Baidong has not said anything. Yi Baidong cannot see the Shui Bingyan strength, this made Feng Yujie feel relieved secretly!