World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1964
Yue'er can induce to divine medicine is, therefore Shen Xiang will take her, if that treasure trove has massive divine medicine, so long as he brings Yue'er to stroll several to there, Yue'er can induce obtains. Goes over hill and dale all the way, Shen Xiang has not met different divine beast in hearsay, so long as it is said is far away from Supreme Temple, will meet some formidable different divine beast on the road, if no formidable strength to repel different divine beast, that danger(ous), many Supreme Temple disciples such will be eaten. Shen Xiang becomes on the road very vigilant, because previous time he leaves Supreme Temple time, two Heavenly God track him! Recalled that two Sword Hall Heavenly God, in the Shen Xiang heart starts somewhat to worry, because the Sword Hall elder stared at him, wants to rob his Deicide Sword Art! Those who made him compare to feel relieved, has not investigated the Zhang Zhao cause of death to present Sword Hall, this will not suspect on him. When Shen Xiang thinks one comes not to meet different divine beast very luckily, lightning suddenly from him at present flashes through, the cold and gloomy aura hits together to his chest. Response rapid his hastily teleport avoids, that Dao Qi breath is very fearful, if he has not avoided, may be injured. Is Lightning God Lion, is different divine beast!” Yue'er startled shouted: This fellow and a little bloodlines of Divine Lion Race, therefore in out of office divine beast is very strong, must deal carefully, this fellow most fearful is the speed!” Yue'er just said that is also a lightning delimits, this Lightning God Lion limiting velocity is similar to the lightning, Shen Xiang cannot see clearly his appearance! Shen Xiang thought that the Lightning God Lion most fearful place is not his quick such as the lightning speed, but is his concealment ability of being quietly, will otherwise not arrive in front of him he not to discover that must know he has released the space induction domain. Shen Xiang teleport avoids again! Lightning God Lion has not gone well twice, this makes him know humanity that one cope with is not simple, he stops at this time is being away from the Shen Xiang several thousand feet (333 m) places. Shen Xiang saw clearly the Lightning God Lion appearance, this is a whole body white lion, is not that big fellow, but is similar to the horses is the same, this can guarantee his flexibility.

How is the white?” When Yue'er thinks the doubts, marvelous appeared, that whole body snow white Lightning God Lion suddenly turned into the black. Let Shen Xiang and Yue'er felt what is surprised, this Lightning God Lion just turned into the black, turns into the blue color, afterward several changes, vanished on suddenly! Carefully looked that Lightning God Lion has not vanished, but on him had several colors, these color and all around environment are exactly the same, cause to be hard to see in the distant place, this is a very wise camouflage! In addition Lightning God Lion own that fearful concealment ability and speed, start the sneak attack the words, if no fought many battles, responded that fast person, basically is difficult the means of livelihood. But Shen Xiang had felt this threat a moment ago! This fellow is not too fierce, but method actually unusual!” The Shen Xiang facial expression becomes serious, in Lightning God Lion no longer his space induction domain, this is very thorny. He moved, I can see him, don't worry!” Yue'er gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Lightning God Lion was constantly changed by oneself color, is the same with all around environment, coordinates his speed migration again, is similar to the stealth is the same. Shen Xiang knows Lightning God Lion to move, but where actually does not know Lightning God Lion! On tree, in little approaches you!” Yue'er gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: This fellow is very intelligent, knows that attacks you from above, if no me, you possibly have gotten a cut by him now.” Shen Xiang has gathered the strength, such that such as Yue'er said that Lightning God Lion by him on a big tree, his body, although is quite big, but here trees are that very ancient great tree, Lightning God Lion runs up to above, has not initiated the sound, this skill made Shen Xiang feel to admire.

Must take this fellow, subdues!” This is the thought that in the Shen Xiang heart suddenly has. Shen Xiang disguises to look around everywhere, making Lightning God Lion think that he has not discovered himself, moreover back and forth walked several steps. Came!” Yue'er just shouted that Shen Xiang gathered the strength, displays the speed in Seven Demon Killings type changes. The Lightning God Lion speed is quick, if wants accurately to hit him not to be easy, but after using Seven Demon Killings type inside speed changed, speed very quick Lightning God Lion in his eyes becomes very slow. Eats my fist!” Shen Xiang drinks greatly, stores up the fist of Six Paths Power to pound maliciously to the forehead of Lightning God Lion, this fist is similar to be mixed up the great mountain, shells from bottom to top in the chin of Lightning God Lion. Bang! The sad explosive, bursts out crazy lightning-like rumbled, surges true qi wave, Lightning God Lion encounters this fist, the entire body was struck to fly. After a fist strike, Shen Xiang continues to display the Seven Demon Killings type continuous attack, the body that Lightning God Lion flies is still very slow in the Shen Xiang eye, he pursued quickly, the both hands ten fingers thread up, synthesize a hammer head, arrives at the Lightning God Lion place above, very vigorous thrashes. Lightning God Lion was hit to fly by him airborne, now by his such hammer, entire body rapid falling ground! However, the body of Lightning God Lion soon pounds to fall on the ground, Shen Xiang teleport arrived at the ground, both feet fierce upward kicks, kicks the upper air Lightning God Lion. So repeatedly circulated more than ten times, Lightning God Lion cannot sink, in mouth spitting blood blood!

Also wants to sneak attack me on your this skill!” Shen Xiang steps on vigorously on the head of Lightning God Lion, Lightning God Lion truly cannot endure Shen Xiang that fearful Six Paths Power, this Six Paths Power releases using divine art through Shen Xiang, unifies his technique to hit, becomes more fearful, is only ten, Lightning God Lion was perplexed. Has makes him my mount forcefully?” Shen Xiang asked. No, this Lightning God Lion is not ordinary wild divine beast, he has a little Divine Lion Race bloodline, moreover itself is also quite fierce, therefore you , to make him tie the contract with you forcefully is incorrect.” Yue'er said. Hears not to have the means that Shen Xiang to wield the fist, time that must hit, Lightning God Lion „” called, spouted one grain from the mouth seems like the Godhead thing. Hee hee, this fellow actually such fears death! He tied the contract with you voluntarily.” Yue'er said with a smile tenderly: A bit faster subdues him!” Shen Xiang permeates in the strength of own Divine Soul Lightning God Lion Godhead, quick has formed the contract, later Lightning God Lion was his beast pet. After Lightning God Lion forms the contract, Shen Xiang to Lightning God Lion gave a name, is called small lightning, what surprising him is quite, this Lightning God Lion is only over hundred years old, this was very young, moreover he so was fierce.