World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1965
Shen Xiang can also now with the Lightning God Lion exchange. small lightning, do you know that and boundary of connection Six Paths place? Heard that there is the divine medicine treasure trove!” Shen Xiang sits in small lightning at this time carries on the back. Master, where I knows, but there some danger(ous)! Because in enters some human squads now, these squads are very strong, I run into them to hide. They wrest away many places in that robs divine medicine that others seek specially.” small lightning said: Master you determined that you do want to go now?” Naturally, I do not fear them! How much time do you require to arrive there probably?” This also Shen Xiang subdues this Lightning God Lion reason, because his speed is quick, this can make him save many strengths all the way. Four days can go!” small lightning said that this also wants to be quicker than the Shen Xiang guess, gives his material to look from that old man that most people take 78 days to go. If he uses space power, possibly also takes 2-3 days, but this actually consumes Six Paths Power, but this does not have what pressure regarding Lightning God Lion probably! Walks!” Shen Xiang shouted. Lightning God Lion dashes immediately, becomes others' mount he can only confess bad luck, the present can live regarding him was being good, their these different divine beast active threat humanity, if not for humanity were killed to eat by them, is they are killed. Now was subdued, at least life has not discarded! Lightning God Lion the strength is not weak, in addition the speed so is fast, therefore is all the way smooth, has not met other different divine beast sneak attacks. Front that's it!” Four days later, small lightning is carrying on the back Shen Xiang, stands in a peak top, overlook under that quite short mountain group. That is a mountain range, inside has the innumerable short mountains, these mountains full are the green trees, looks like fills with the rich vitality.

Shen Xiang in this peak, can feel the air/Qi of that life to greet the nostrils to come clearly, to the person a very comfortable feeling, here is really the divine medicine treasure trove. Walks, we go in!” Shen Xiang said to small lightning, because Yue'er has not induced anything now, must therefore need to walk in several. Like this type outside place, surely does not have no divine medicine! It seems like is not only Supreme Temple and Six Paths Temple disciple comes to here to pick the medicine, other influences, I induce to many human remaining aura here, from each influence unique aura, our Beast God Temple has.” Yue'er said: I must be able to induce to the night obtain, we entered the deep place to say first again that should have in that.” Yue'er is Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, can communicate with the star moon/month, usually she cannot induce divine medicine time, when the night inquired the star moon/month. small lightning carries on the back Shen Xiang to dash about wildly to deep place, comes out until the night stars, he stops to walk slowly. The Lightning God Lion speed made Shen Xiang very satisfied, although was quicker than his fully room shuttle, but this did not consume his strength also to be this speed, he was content very much. Had found, on a nearby mountain, there has divine medicine!” Yue'er said happily: A bit faster passes, I told you position, you made small lightning a bit faster arrive there!” After Shen Xiang obtains the accurate position, and directs small lightning to dash about wildly! Yue'er and Shen Xiang think quick can obtain divine medicine, after who knows approaches, actually hears the fighting sound, there unexpectedly some people have been fighting. Regarding Shen Xiang, others at battle, but the good deed, he can seize the chance along walking.

Purple Mist Divine Mountain, your also if wanted face, this piece of divine medicine obviously is I first discovered that why you said that in a few words is your!” Ice-cold is having the angry sound together, making in the Shen Xiang heart secretly surprised. Because that sound is not others, is that Xie Ao! unexpectedly is this fellow, I must continue to have a look!” Shen Xiang from carrying on the back of small lightning, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to observe. The fight occurred on a summit of short mountain, this above trees had been shovelled to put down, but this also makes Shen Xiang see big piece of divine medicine easily! These divine medicine are the same types, 50-60 this, the type like growing vegetables there, making Shen Xiang be surprised, here divine medicine was really same as the mushroom! At this time stands in front of this piece of divine medicine has four people, they wear the purple clothes, is four men, releases the aura that from them, is High-Rank Heavenly God! Could see that they have wrested away this piece of divine medicine! But Xie Ao only then, sees his whole face angry facial expression, knows that this piece of divine medicine is he discovered first. We have discovered three years ago, but we are really good to have the matter to go back!” Purple clothes man said with a sneer: You are Supreme Temple Fist Hall, do not think that was Supreme Temple we have feared you, do not go too far!” Xie Ao angrily said: This piece of divine medicine already maturity more than ten years, you, if three years ago discovered that already took, with has waited till now? I already heard that here some despicable fellows wrest away divine medicine that others found shameless specially!” These despicable other fellow skills do not have, but they a little are very fierce, can like the dog with others, you track me to be so long, discovered that I found this piece of divine medicine, jumped saying that was your! You also make a false countercharge, has not thought of the famous Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciple, will make this despicable matter to come.” Xie Ao definitely cannot hit the opposite party, because the opposite party has four High-Rank Heavenly God! If victorious, he rubbish these many.

That is also what kind, massacres you, who will also know this matter?” A purple clothes man laughs, killing intent emerges. In observing Shen Xiang, in heart secret one happy, immediately locks these divine medicine with the strength of space induction, then displays to separate takes the thing spatially, pulls up that dozens blue flowered including root instantaneously, this is only flash's matter. Who!” The Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciple has discovered immediately, but they have not actually seen the person, this method they are first time see, but they are High-Rank Heavenly God, is experienced, immediately knows person who this grasps Law of Space. Supreme Temple, Dan Hall, Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang has ridden small lightning to be far away, but his sound actually reverberates in the hills. Pursues!” That is dozens rare and precious middle-grade divine medicine, how the Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciple can make others win. Xie Ao heart startled, he naturally knows that who Shen Xiang is, but he does not think life Qi/angry now, at least these divine medicine have not fallen into the hands of Purple Mist Divine Mountain these disciples. Purple Mist Divine Mountain several disciples pursued Shen Xiang to go, Xie Ao also tightly pursued, by the opposite party calamity his good deed, he had been hit that several High-Rank Heavenly God, he cannot such consider as finished.