World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1966
Purple Mist Divine Mountain High-Rank Heavenly God is strong, they rely on a little aura that Lightning God Lion is remaining, can pursue Shen Xiang stubbornly. This crowd of fellow a little skills, have not made with him, a bit faster throws off them, I am worried to continue, must be held by them, their several may be High-Rank Heavenly God.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang nodded, displays space domain to cover small lightning, such comes to be able the aura to hide, afterward he releases Space Gate again, making small lightning flee, is far away position that was at a moment ago. After Shen Xiang has used space power, that several are pursuing tightly High-Rank Heavenly God suddenly stopped, because they have not induced to the aura that small lightning remains, does not know how should pursue. And other we go back to have a look at them again, these fellows cannot catch me, definitely will cope with Xie Ao!” Shen Xiang escaped a moment ago, induces to the Xie Ao aura, he also tightly pursues in behind. Although by Xie Ao black one time, but Shen Xiang has the good impression to him, if did not have Xie Ao to sell to him and Feng Yujie herbs, they did not have herbs that such quickly refined itself to need, after all these divine medicine were quite rare. Xie Ao follows on the heels, he thinks that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God will block Shen Xiang, then and Shen Xiang has the conflict, he when the time comes can sneak attack from the confusion. Which knows that the present situation is, Shen Xiang suddenly ran away, that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain High-Rank Heavenly God thinks Xie Ao and Shen Xiang's one group, but Xie Ao also in behind, therefore they turn around to pursue Xie Ao. If independent combat, Xie Ao did not fear their any, however besieges, Xie Ao also can only run now. How can like this? Shen Xiang this fellow said that ran runs!” Xie Ao does not know the Shen Xiang's method, therefore causes the development and he imagines has very big discrepancies.

Purple Mist Divine Mountain these Heavenly God, speed very rapidness, otherwise Shen Xiang will not be compelled to carry on space teleport to escape! Xie Ao does not have the Shen Xiang's method, at this time pressure very big, in addition him, approaches these Heavenly God, therefore he gradually was overtaken now. Do not run!” A Purple Mist Divine Mountain man shouted to clear the way coldly, released a purple smoke, turned into formation, from airborne covered, formed a great net, covered Xie Ao. Xie Ao puts out a black blade, to was covering in the above purple great network chops to chop crazily several hundred, was only the flash, this looked that very solid great net was given to cut off by black blade Qi, turns into the purple smoke to dissipate. But at this time Purple Mist Divine Mountain several High-Rank Heavenly God had encircled Xie Ao in the middle, Xie Ao must run was not good. Only then your companion appears can save you, otherwise we massacre you, he robs our these many divine medicine, we must ask for!” A man said that speech is he, moreover he is also angry, obviously he is the head in this squad, if obtains that batch of divine medicine, he will obtain will be also more, but actually is walked by Shen Xiang lu now. Shen Xiang has returned quietly, he takes away these divine medicine, in the heart is a little guilty, after all this is Xie Ao discovered first that and because of him, making Xie Ao fall into this danger(ous) situation, his Xie Ao not anything enmity, therefore he is not willing to see Xie Ao, because he like this died. He will not come back, but you want to kill me, that was also too naive, I was not good to kill! I told you, if you thought me dead, in you were buried along with the dead to me surely, whose do you want to take a look at luck to be worst?” Xie Ao said these words time, the appearance that being unafraid of death, making in the Heavenly God heart of that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain shock secretly. Xie Ao does not fear death, this makes nearby Shen Xiang admire secretly, on Xie Ao that imposing manner, infected him a moment ago. Shen Xiang hides in the one side looks that he already covers him and small lightning with space domain, therefore had not been discovered.

Do not listen to him to say things just to frighten people, fell the homicide said again!” The Purple Mist Divine Mountain man gets angry shouted, in hand presents a purple long sword, the purple smoke is steaming, after pair of eyes explodes lightens purple light, his whole person is similar to the purple shadow is common, the flash flutters to Xie Ao by, the sword punctured, is quick and strange, because his past time, the entire body seems like twists, resembles producing an inverted image in water under the watermark fluctuation. Therefore, is very difficult to see clearly his comes, even does not know that which he attacks in one side, Shen Xiang looks secretly in the one side sucks the tongue, but the one who made him more surprised was Xie Ao! Xie Ao moves aside has not counter-attacked, when the long sword that then sparkles the purple glow pricks his body, his body suddenly turned into piece of black Qi mist to disperse! This black Qi mist evil aura is very thick, that evil aura makes Shen Xiang very familiar, before Xie Ao gave him a very familiar feeling, probably is he should know that is the same! After Xie Ao turns into the black fog, several other Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God also immediately get rid, releases translucent purple light to cover nearby region to cover, this was worried that Xie Ao turns into the black fog to escape. Shen Xiang was also covered at this time, but here has not imprisoned the space, therefore he must walk is very easy. Turns into black Qi Xie Ao at this time the upper part is the human form, the lower part is black Qi, in the hand takes is becoming very huge black long blade, the modeling of long blade is very aggressive, is similar to Evil Devil is roaring in angrily, sends out black arrogance. I and you spelled!” Xie Ao at this time annoyedly, suffering a loss is he, these divine medicine were he found first, which knows that actually met in these hearsay to rob the divine medicine evil person specially, but divine medicine was obtained by Shen Xiang finally, but he actually must come under attack for Shen Xiang.

The Xie Ao wild with rage roar, eyes turns into the black, looks like very fearful, the long blade in hand is sends out an intermittent terror killing intent and evil ghost. He turns into together black light, flickers to check arrives at a rear area of purple clothes man, in the hand the fierce black blade sends out wū wū whinning sound, chops to chop, the black blade is leaving behind together the black remnant shade void, after Xie Ao chops this blade, immediately the shunt , to continue to attack other purple clothes men. But that was divided by him a moment ago the purple clothes man, the shoulder leaves to be many together the black bloodstain, the blood that he flows at this time is the black . Moreover the split open place is fearful, braves dope that the paint black seethes with excitement. This fellow is very weird, you are careful, I process the wound first, I worried that this wound will proliferate.” Then was divided a purple clothes man of blade loudly to exclaim. Because has seen the attack of Xie Ao, other purple clothes men had the protection, therefore a Xie Ao following blade has not prevailed, instead was also collaborated to besiege by other purple clothes men, retreats in defeat again and again, was pressed stubbornly, is hard to hit back. Shen Xiang has been quietly approaches that by the purple clothes man who Xie Ao wounds, Deicide Sword in his hand grasps tightly is very very tight, Six Paths Power is similar to the great river flows rapidly emerges in sword blade generally, if not for in Shen Xiang's space domain, that aura definitely will be induced.