World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1967

That injured purple clothes man sees Xie Ao to be defeated quickly, on the face full is the mean smiling face, because Xie Ao wounds him, he and other must retaliate well. „The homicide, can not make him die that happily!” This purple clothes man looked on own shoulder black slash, gets angry shouted. Shouted in him, Shen Xiang teleport arrived at this purple clothes man, gathered full Six Paths Power Deicide Sword to prick back of the head of man, Deicide Sword inside Six Paths Power also crazy fierce exploding wells up, the flash ruined Divine sea of this man! In the Shen Xiang heart secret sighed, because he has not grasped the good effort, this sword ruined Godhead and Divine Soul of this man completely! Shen Xiang teleport comes time also brought space domain, therefore this strikes the strength fluctuation that releases not to reveal. However his motion was noted, several other purple clothes men saw Shen Xiang to massacre their companions! This no small matter, that several purple clothes men can kill Xie Ao immediately, but the anger soars to the heavens to clash at this time crazily. Shen Xiang releases illusion to remain in same place, but oneself teleport to Xie Ao side, held injured Xie Ao, teleport taking down, has been far away from a moment ago the great war place. Although has been separated from danger(ous), but Shen Xiang has not stayed , to continue fast teleport. Before now the utilization of this space strength, enabling Xie Ao surprisedly, why he understands Shen Xiang, all of a sudden to escape the pursuit. Shen Xiang brings Xie Ao to dash about wildly at the same night, dawn time, Shen Xiang do not know where ran, only knows their present ranges the great war place was far last night. They by a rill, the Xie Ao correct use mountain stream are cleaning that alarmed scar, although shortly after he battles with that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God, but the whole body is the wound.

Shen Xiang asked: „Does Divine Soul have the wound?” Xie Ao shook the head, he has not spoken all the way, after he processes wound, oneself put out some divine medicine to eat up, then puts out one bottle of herbal powder to smudge in wound. Hello, if wanted do I give back to you these divine medicine?” Shen Xiang puts out a blue flower, carefully looked: What flower is this? I did not know!” Xie Ao said: I did not know, but this is precious middle-grade divine medicine, moreover is the ancient variety, only then to the alchemy master of ancient divine medicine understanding knows that this is anything!” Your if wanted ?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not want!” Xie Ao simply said very much: You have saved me, said again...... This is also your!” Shen Xiang nodded, Xie Ao wants these herbs is used to sell, moreover he many divine yuan stone, do not lack these now. Your what background? Why my some familiar feelings, you should not be this Highest God Realm are locally born!” Shen Xiang said that the feeling of if to him being familiar with, then came from Gods mostly or is world of Nine Heaven. Xie Ao knits the brows: I truly am not Highest God Realm, knows the person of this matter, only then I, how do you know?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Did you say your origin? Perhaps I possibly have listened to your given name, because I am not this Highest God Realm, I come from world of Nine Heaven!” world of Nine Heaven? Multi- youngster...... I from that place, before I was also called Evil Emperor there, now thinks that is how laughable, my strength also dares to proclaim oneself emperor.” Xie Ao self-ridicules saying that thinks he knows these Divine Country Great Emperor are fearful, will therefore have such feeling.

unexpectedly is Evil Emperor!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: I have listened to your given name, you and Qi Shi or the good friend, I have also gone to your Evil Temple! You initially left behind formation in the Evil Temple coffin, can go to that anything Heaven Evil Territory, right!” Shen Xiang said these many Evil Emperor familiar matters to come all of a sudden, this also made Xie Ao very surprised, has had warm feelings to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang in his eyes quite in fellow villager such. Since Xie Ao has been eccentric, because of him from world of Nine Heaven, does not gather with here other people, therefore has not integrated. Good, you can enter my Evil Temple, but can also come out safely, the skill is not small!” Xie Ao nodded: „Do you know Qi Shi?” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: Not only knew that we are good friend...... The Old Jiang head, Azure Dragon, Long Xueyi and Ice Dragon these I knew!” Was right, Qi Shi he here, his situation is not quite good.” Shen Xiang said. Initially Evil Emperor and Qi Shi relationship was unusual, was the old friends. Some are their how many also living?” Xie Ao sighed, these were the past events, initially they in world of Nine Heaven may be very powerful characters, but here actually anything was not. Ancient Fire Beast and Dan Emperor died.” Shen Xiang said: Other basically is also living, should in Gods.” Regarding the life and death, Xie Ao as if looked pale, knew that Ancient Fire Beast and Dan Emperor died, he had also sighed with sadness, restored. Qi Shi really here?” In the Xie Ao look is bringing excitedly, after all that was the past years and he leaves dead into the fresh good brothers.

Here, but he went to the danger(ous) place, now I cannot look for him!” Shen Xiang said: Thanked Senior, if you want to look for him, after a period of time went to Beast God Temple to inquire that's alright, now definitely could not find his.” Xie Ao nodded, he has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Later you and that miss need any divine medicine, first looks for me, so long as I have, will surely give you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then I first felt grateful thank Senior! Senior, your divine medicine look from here?” On the Xie Ao face had smiling face finally, this is Shen Xiang first time sees him to smile. Yes, I have a special ability, can induce divine medicine, my every other a period of time will come here extension, therefore I can find some divine medicine frequently! This treasure trove is very unusual, here divine medicine only requires very short time to be able maturity.” Xie Ao said: Your this time can find these blue flowers, should not be by chance!” Shen Xiang is only Hehe smiled, had not replied. Xie Ao looked at small lightning, he remembers this Lightning God Lion, but now is actually Shen Xiang's mount, before he had also been entangled by small lightning, in his heart exclaims in surprise the Shen Xiang's method secretly! He too had not known about Shen Xiang, therefore he wants a bit faster to see Qi Shi, understands Shen Xiang well, he saw the Shen Xiang's uncommon place now. Senior, I massacre that fellow, that what can Purple Mist Divine Mountain walk in?” Some Shen Xiang worries asked. They walk to be better, but how I must have a look at them to say but actually!” Mentioned Purple Mist Divine Mountain that group of robbers, in the Xie Ao heart is angry.