World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1968
Xie Ao said these words, probably was he has very strong backer to be the same in Supreme Temple! „Did you go back?” Xie Ao looked at all around, although he does not know one where, but his directional plate, can direct him to return to Supreme Temple. Shen Xiang shook the head, he brings Yue'er far away arrived here, for divine medicine that to seek for oneself needs, although had found divine medicine, but that is not he needs, in any case now some of some of his also time. Here possibly is the domain of boundary of Six Paths, you carefully, in the Six Paths Temple surface and Supreme Temple relationship is good, but two Temple disciples in will frequently have in secret actually the conflict, especially this place.” The Xie Ao urging said. The Shen Xiang nod said: I knew, I go back after a period of time again!” The Xie Ao wound was good, divine medicine of his belt has strong therapy effect along, moreover his Divine Soul had not been injured, is only fleshly body is quite serious, he can also go back now. After Shen Xiang and Xie Ao said goodbye, put out a that blue flower, this was middle-grade divine medicine, but how he actually did not know the drug efficacy, now he wants to give a try. He takes off a flower petal to eat up, he guessed this blue words are of therapy, but after he eats up, thought that the belly is very hot! Eats up a flower petal, in his abdomen on fast condense a very fearful energy, this energy, because are too many, was compressed in his abdomen, extrudes to elevate temperature unceasingly, immediately must explode to be the same. Shen Xiang revolution divine art builds up this efficacy immediately, although can build up, but he does not understand that this is an efficacy of any nature, because this is not the flame. Transformation is Six Paths Power burns pitifully, it seems like me, if wants a bit faster to practice Six Paths Power, at present can only depend upon Divine Mirror of Six Paths!” Shen Xiang has hoped can find divine medicine, inside is containing Six Paths Power, then after passing through he refines pill, implication Six Paths Power is purer richly.

Shen Xiang also wants to eat one grain again, but thinks that the situation of that inter-species difference out-of-control, he gave up a moment ago, if a moment ago he if a bit faster revolution cultivation technique does not build up, that pressure explodes in his abdomen, although will not kill him, but will make his belly open big hole! Going back makes Hall Master have a look!” Shen Xiang receives that blue flower, afterward rushes in a direction. Yue'er only then in the night and star moon/month communication can know where has divine medicine, therefore Shen Xiang also can only dash about wildly now carelessly. small lightning is spirit awareness quite strong different divine beast, Shen Xiang rides in his carrying on the back can be free from worry, first his speed very rapidness, if meets the formidable beasts he also to induce obtains, then detours. Has not arrived at the night, the Shen Xiang flight saw a small village in far spatial beside Divine Soul suddenly, this made him very surprised, had a such village in this place unexpectedly! „In small lightning, you enter first stay a period of time.” Shen Xiang makes small lightning enter in Hidden Jade Ring, then teleport several, arrived at outside that village. He used Divine Soul to look, this village was quite big, there are several thousand people, at this time was lively!. What village is this?” Shen Xiang walked, here has a crossroad, but has not marked this is any village. The going in village, Shen Xiang induces to several lets he very familiar aura, on before these aura, that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain High-Rank Heavenly God. Induces to these aura, Shen Xiang changes the appearance immediately, then determined own aura cannot reveal , to continue to walk into village deep place that lively place.

In village villagers are constructing some tree rooms, they live on the tree, they have some pavilion dwellings in the ground construction, this hires for entering here person housing. Accumulation here should frequently enter this treasure trove to collect divine medicine! I discovered that here villagers are quite special, they likely are not humanity, moreover they have very strong strength, are they Plant Elves in Legend?” Yue'er gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: „If that was true, then this Plant Elves clan can be said as this Highest God Realm quite fearful strength!” Shen Xiang first time has heard this Plant Elves! „Are they so why fearful? unexpectedly can become this Highest God Realm big influence!” Shen Xiang has doubts very much, although the person in this village are many, but the indigenous people are few, these Plant Elves look like also has several hundred. Plant Elves, they can absorb the strength of plant for their strength, moreover they are good at planting! Naturally, this is not they most fearful place! Their fierce place, can control plant truly, can make some big trees turn into very fearful monster!” Yue'er said: In Legend, Plant Elves, can control 100 million great trees, is fierce!” Shen Xiang thinks otherwise: What fierce do control trees have? Must destroy the trees to be also easy, even if over a billion, regarding other day Divine Level expert is not very fearful!” Yue'er lightly snorted and said: You must know, after they control the trees, can let strength of absorptions other plant, pours into to the trees that above they control! You rushed about for serveral days, should know that this Highest God Realm had many flowers and plants trees, especially that very giant old tree!” These old trees grew for 1 million years, even is thousands of years, the interior is containing very fearful strength, once releases, is not inferior to Profound God Heavenly God, if again strength of other to rely on flowers and plants trees, will then become more fearful.” Luckily the Plant Elves clan is quite temperate, does not have the heart of this going on an expedition, therefore we do not need too to worry that such matter occurrence, we do not provoke their that's alright.” Shen Xiang is all right will certainly not provoke such fellow, he only wants to ravel now this village in any position, later he can come.

Walks on the road, Shen Xiang sees many people here to trade, here indigenous people also sell some divine medicine, but is low level . Moreover the quality is very bad, the thing of transaction use is also divine yuan stone! He entered a high five wooden pavilion, just went, sees that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God, at this time they sit in one are drinking a green juice. Shen Xiang arrives at the counter to ask that knows this type of juice is here unique, needs one hundred divine yuan stone one cups, has to stimulate the awaking brain, drives out the body weary effect fast, comes here many people drinks this type, moreover drinks is several cups. Shen Xiang arrives at a table, called two cups, after he drinks the next cup, immediately becomes is energetic, after probably just rested, his also was a little tired, but actually completely eliminates at this time. In addition, Shen Xiang also sees a white juice, that is therapy to use, the guy of whole body scar came in a moment ago, after he drinks the next cup, scar gets up on the fast self-recovery. Shen Xiang sits is having the drink here, to eavesdrop on that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God is doing, will have anything to plan.