World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1969
About half double-hour, the man walks this inn, after coming, he arrives at the table of Purple Mist Divine Mountain that several purple clothes men to sit directly. You very come quickly!” A purple clothes man said that this purple clothes man is leads of several people, the strength slightly is also strong. Can not be quick? Because I am also interested in your matters! You the person who wants me to investigate I looked up, he truly is our Supreme Temple, moreover is a comparison has the skill fellow, he is a alchemy master, moreover Dan Hall tenth, can refine low-grade Divine Pill.” The man said: I am also Dan Hall, but I in third! Our third and tenth compares the good a little disparity, was that tenth Hall Master is too mainly fierce.” Shen Xiang is surprised, this male unexpectedly is Supreme Temple, moreover in Dan Hall! Should be that several young alchemy masters in Legend, he colludes unexpectedly with other influences. Another fellow?” That purple clothes man also asked. Another is Fist Hall, named Xie Ao, the strength is good, behind him does not have what backer! If you want to go to Supreme Temple to look for Shen Xiang, you considered, because tenth Hall Master is fearful.” The third that disciple said. Purple clothes man said with a sneer: In any event, we must butcher this little rascal! Zhan Xi, how do we make to trade? You think means that little rascal to direct, so long as can succeed the place that he makes us assign, we give you an advantage!” Zhan Xi lightly smiled: This does not have the issue actually, five divine yuan stone, are you willing surely!” Five surely divine yuan stone are not the small numbers, but complying of that purple clothes man actually very straightforward. Shen Xiang remembers Zhan Xi secretly this name, in his heart secret annoyed, this fellow unexpectedly must sell out him, since now he knows that he when the time comes naturally will not be swindled. You could wait, because in two months, is our Supreme Temple big ratio, this you are know, after having waited, I direct again him, you tell me the place first, I complete the plan.” Zhan Xi said. Speaking of the following matter, they thought quite important, left this inn!

Shen Xiang obtained the useful thing, he does not have is staying for a long time, goes out of the inn , to continue to stroll in the village, he wants to look to look that has divine medicine that he needs. Walks on the road, he sees on a stall suddenly has a familiar face, he walks immediately. Old Grandma...... Fei Fei she how?” The familiar person who Shen Xiang sees, is that Xu Ling Fei paternal grandmother, initially sold to his old man divine lotus root. Shen Xiang change appearance, but old Grandma hears Shen Xiang such to ask that quick responded, she smiles kindly: She now is very good, she is in god profound Tianchi to study the skill.” Old Grandma, haven't you been accompanying her? Can she be very lonely!” Shen Xiang has also smiled, he looked on old man stall divine medicine, is some ordinary low-grade divine medicine. Fei Fei just started to cry very hard, but after her, can be familiar with, sometimes must result in cruel-hearted to make her be familiar with this life, otherwise, I walked, she what to do?” old man he he smiles: „Does young fellow, what divine medicine you have a liking for? I give to you!” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Does not have, what I need is middle-grade divine medicine, has not thought really will run into you here!” old man said with a smile: Here is my hometown, here I will be very safe, later Fei Fei has the time, will return to here!” Here is her hometown, saying that she is Plant Elves? Then, that Xu Ling Fei also? But in the Shen Xiang heart has doubts, if this old man is really Plant Elves, her strength should be very right, initially Xu Ling Fei will not be grasped by Zhang Zhao that group of people. Old Grandma, I heard that here person is very fierce, does not look like like!” Shen Xiang puzzled asked.

I before was very fierce, because of a matter, became very weak, at that time my was very not happy, brought Fei Fei to leave here.” old man sighed one lightly, in the eye has been being full of a sorrowful look. Shen Xiang this matter has not closely examined again, after is others painful event. My family old man came back, other people may be good, moreover is also very fierce, if runs into him earlier, perhaps I did not need to be bullied.” old man looks at behind Shen Xiang, on face has shown the warm smiling face. Can look, the old man in her mouth, is the companion who she just looked for! Shen Xiang turns around to look that the chin almost falls, old man unexpectedly is his Master Huang Jintian! Huang Jintian sees a Shen Xiang face to be startled to stare, he thinks somewhat strangely, because Shen Xiang now is change appearance . Moreover the concealment aura, Huang Jintian does not use Heaven's Divination Technique, cannot recognize him. Xiao Hong, who this is little rascal?” Huang Jintian walks with a laugh, at this time he does not have that sloppy appearance, looks like very energetic, puts on very neatly, an acting like a madman appearance did not have. Master, is I!” Shen Xiang smiles mischievously: Congratulates Master, finally no longer unmarried!” Then was one's turn Huang Jintian to be shocked, before was going that he mysteriously appeared and disappeared to Shen Xiang side, but is one's turn Shen Xiang now. Dead brat!” Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang, cannot bear be careless, has patted toward the Shen Xiang's head, resembles Shen Xiang always to pat Xiao Chou head such.

„Does old man, you hit person? This young fellow has saved me and Fei Fei.” Old Grandma sees Huang Jintian to hit Shen Xiang, immediately was anxious, immediately runs over, must reprove Huang Jintian. Huang Jintian curled the lip: He is my apprentice, I educate his helm to see since childhood do not put down lend a hand in emergency, he should rescue!” Old Grandma some are not clear, how to meet they have become master and apprentice? However she thinks well that understood, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian actually already knew. In the Shen Xiang heart was whispering, Huang Jintian initially may completely teaches him some wicked idea, how cloudy person taught him wait / etc.. She is your teacher's wife, called quickly!” Huang Jintian Hehe said with a smile. disciple pays a visit the teacher's wife!” Shen Xiang salutes immediately. Xiao Hong, quits work, went back to say again!” Huang Jintian walked to help that stall to receive, was bringing Shen Xiang and old Grandma leaves. That old Grandma named Yao Xiaohong, is one month ago and Huang Jintian understanding, Yao Xiaohong just came back from god profound Tianchi at that time, meets danger(ous) on the road, then Huang Jintian rescues beautiful on the hero, then they fall in love, finally the feeling emotion person finally becomes a family member, they became a pair...... How Huang Jintian haughty mentioned itself to repel that several formidable different divine beast all the way. Shen Xiang had been worried Huang Jintian comes across that anything disaster, then cannot cross, before Yi Baidong, had said the Undead clan disaster is fearful, before Huang Jintian, crossed several times, but has not succeeded, therefore causes the memory to lose, cultivation base is complete, if he can cross the disaster that is going to approach, then before he can obtain , the memory of losing.