World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1970

Shen Xiang arrives at the Huang Jintian's residence, this small dwelling is quite far from the village lively place, therefore here is also quite peaceful, this is not the Huang Jintian's residence, but is the place that Yao Xiaohong old Grandma grows up since childhood. This village is the Plant Elves agglomeration, Yao Xiaohong grows up since childhood here, she after the outside wanderer long time, returned to this place once more. Huang Jintian enters Supreme Temple with Shen Xiang, but Huang Jintian has not joined Supreme Temple, but is chooses Highest God Realm to go to the wanderer, but looks at his present appearance, probably is planned that stabilizes to be the same, this is not Huang Jintian should have the life style that likely. Shen Xiang has drunk Huang Jintian to the fruit juice that he pours, is fragrant, his has drunk up, but Huang Jintian again has not actually given him to pour, understood at a glance that he treasures to these fruit juice very much. Master, your great tribulation......” Shen Xiang just spoke of here, Huang Jintian fiercely stared his one eyes, the spouse who because he does not want just to be known by himself knows this matter. Huang Jintian said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: You do not need to worry that my matter, isn't a broken tribulation? The time of waiting, I naturally can cross, do not tell this old woman, by words that she knows, she all day will definitely worry that this is worried about that will make that I am annoyed!” Shen Xiang laughed, indicated to get an idea, he also hopes that Huang Jintian can cross that great tribulation, he thought that Huang Jintian now suddenly and this old Grandma become a pair, perhaps will make him have the impulse, transcends tribulation time was more confident! Your brat is not stays well in Supreme Temple? Now runs to do? Does not hide in inside honestly, feared that runs not to stir up trouble!” Huang Jintian gave Shen Xiang but actually half bowl of that type of tasty fruit juice, Huang Jintian was a big glutton, treasured to the delicious thing. Yao Xiaohong sweeps the floor outside, humming a little tune, although she seems like old Grandma, but actually gives people at this time a very young feeling. The Shen Xiang small mouth is drinking that type of fruit juice, although is tasty, but he does not hate one to drink up: I come out to look for divine medicine! Master, what fruit juice is your this? Really tasty!” Huang Jintian receives that bottle: This Divine Fruit is I uses the life to trade, do not want to drink up my!”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has that Divine Fruit? Gave me scrap fruit pulp that's alright!” Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang this smiling face, knows, if he does not give, Shen Xiang can definitely not have with him, so long as shears a scrap to give Shen Xiang. little rascal, you give me to stay in Supreme Temple these days well, I felt that you must leave the important matter! I am bored time, will help you forecast the future.” The Huang Jintian urging said. Master, does not need you to tell me, I had this type to have a premonition, actually I am staying in Supreme Temple, possibly could not avoid!” Shen Xiang sighed one, previous Yi Baidong was summoned by these Divine Country, he knows that will have not the good matter occurrence. Huang Jintian has knocked the Shen Xiang's head: What big matter was you annoys? Does not know that restrains a point, all day makes me worry!” Shen Xiang is rubbing the head, whispered: Master, this is these Divine Country must cope with me, because on me has Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique these taboo divine art! A while ago Yi Baidong was called Divine Country to question, he said over one month our Supreme Temple greatly compared with on, these Divine Country will send.” Huang Jintian knits the brows, back and forth is walking in the small hall, he also knows some these Divine Country matters probably: One month can conduct the big ratio? This time with is the same, I who I forecast the important matter and your No problem that uses Heaven's Divination Technique to be?” No problem are you considered as?” Shen Xiang curled the lip. Huang Jintian puts out his Heaven's Divination God Record, back and forth is changing, muttering: „It is not right, definitely has important matter to occur, what important matter is? Could not calculate Heaven's Divination Technique!” Shen Xiang is also very curious is any important matter, he said: Should not the Supreme Temple big ratio? This was also the big matter!”

Huang Jintian shakes the head: Absolutely is not, I calculate big matter that will be relationship to the operation of next world, but this matter seemingly will be connected with you, because I just started to calculate from you!” Is so strange?” Shen Xiang thinks does not understand for one month later what happened to affect the operation of world, how he again causes trouble, probably cannot accomplish such matter. Yao Xiaohong walks from outside, seeing the Shen Xiang's cup to control, she then blamed: Old man, how you do not fill to the brim to him, walk back and forth to do!” Yao Xiaohong sees the Huang Jintian worried look to tighten, is thinking any important matter likely, has not said him again, but is puts out small bottle, to Shen Xiang that type of fruit juice, then kindly said with a smile to Shen Xiang but actually: Young people, drink, this can have the strength to punish eliminates deceitfully wickedly!” Shen Xiang has drunk one with a smile, then acclaimed this type of fruit juice again and again, he understands that now Huang Jintian so was why precious these, actually he has given many Yao Xiaohong, could see that he old lover loved to this. Master, I walked first, I must seek for divine medicine!” Shen Xiang drinks up that fruit juice, to Huang Jintian shouted. Huang Jintian walks back and forth, like in displaying Heaven's Divination Technique is calculating anything, he heard Shen Xiang to say must walk, at will said: Walks, on road careful!” Yao Xiaohong sends out the entrance Shen Xiang, then urged several, extremely cares about Shen Xiang, treats as the grandson same to regard Shen Xiang. Feels the concern of old man, in the Shen Xiang heart is also warm, then walks in a Yao Xiaohong finger of direction. Leaves the village, Yue'er said: „The grandma is Plant Elves is good, but she as if lost strength, otherwise she so will not be old, she affirmed that experienced very fearful matter! Luckily she is also maintaining certain Plant Elves talent, she should be able to induce to some divine medicine is, with ease where can know divine medicine!”

Now Shen Xiang understands why beforehand this Yao Xiaohong can have some quite precious divine medicine, actually she has this ability. Has been far away from the village, but Shen Xiang has still not made small lightning come out, because he is worried to meet these Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God, he change appearance, Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God has not recognized him now, but actually recognizes small lightning. He leaves the Yao Xiaohong home, had inquired this old man, knew that this place still belongs to the divine medicine treasure trove, so long as the luck is good, can find precious divine medicine in this. Shen Xiang is carrying on the arm the backpack, walks in ancient forest , Sun descends the mountain, forest inside cold wind is intermittent, the branches and leaves shake, make the intermittent strange sound, in addition today night airborne has the thick cloud, in ancient forest is jet black, appeared some sinister. Flowers and plants that this forest has not shone, is really black!” The distant place hears together the complaint. Shen Xiang walks on the road, suddenly hears some people to speak, this was also in his heart wants saying that but what made his surprised was, this sound he was familiar, the words that he did not remember incorrectly, this person of name called Zhan Xi, he in that third Dan Hall young alchemy master who in that inn ran into.