World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1971
Shen Xiang in the section chief in that Plant Elves village, listens secretly the Heavenly God dialog of this Zhan Xi and that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain, this Zhan Xi has complied with that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God, waits greatly compared with, thinks the means to direct to give that several Heavenly God Shen Xiang to strike to kill! This Zhan Xi looks like pretty, an appearance of very scholarly, at all likely is not that wicked disciple, but he is actually such fellow, unexpectedly colludes with the person who other influences kill oneself influence. Shen Xiang has not thought that unexpectedly will meet this Zhan Xi here, this let in his heart killing intent! Although ancient forest in night is very black, but Shen Xiang and Zhan Xi are Heavenly God, even if in night, can be clear sees the thing. This you, thinks that you were just comes out from the plant Gu Village, me also just left that village!” Zhan Xi contains to say with a smile, is very evidently friendly, but Shen Xiang is very clear, this is a fellow of hiding a dagger in a smile. Shen Xiang also returns to say with a smile: Good, does not know that which place this friend does come from?” Zhan Xi arrives at side Shen Xiang, he sees Shen Xiang not to inquire him in a friendly way, relaxes vigilantly, said with a smile: I am Six Paths Temple, you you?” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, this Zhan Xi obviously is in Supreme Temple, but after he hears the Zhan Xi words, affectedly said: „Is this real? Can run into the Six Paths Temple disciple not to be easy, I have little experience of the world, this friend, you do not deceive me!” Zhan Xi he he smiles very indifferently: Absolutely true, Six Paths Temple disciple who I guarantee exchange if not genuine, I never deceived people! This friend, look at you to have extraordinary skill, should from the formidable influence, not know that is which influence?” I am Supreme Temple!” Shen Xiang has not concealed, moreover said own name boldly: My named Shen Xiang, is Supreme Temple Dan Hall, I just joined Supreme Temple, too did not know about Six Paths Temple, but is actually interested. Now was good, runs into a Six Paths Temple young friend, happen to allows me to understand Six Paths Temple!”

Zhan Xi was scared, he walked a moment ago after the road is just thinking returns to Supreme Temple, how and Shen Xiang becomes friends with, then directs to give Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God to do Shen Xiang, but now Shen Xiang at present. Shen Xiang change appearance, otherwise Zhan Xi can recognize Shen Xiang, he has also seen the Shen Xiang's portrait in Supreme Temple, he is only has not thought that Shen Xiang has little experience of the world, unexpectedly casual told the stranger own name and origin! Shen Xiang this is intentionally, to let this Zhan Xi is embarrassed, after having a look at him, deceives to give others to kill with any method him in Supreme Temple! In the Shen Xiang heart haughty, the Zhan Xi following words make Shen Xiang criticize. actually is Brother Shen, I already heard your given name! Be honest with you, I actually am Supreme Temple, I am third Zhan Xi! I said a moment ago one come from Six Paths Temple, that to protect oneself actually, because area this, some people are not quite friendly to Supreme Temple! Many affront, but also please forgive!” Zhan Xi compensates to say with a smile hastily. The facial skin of this Zhan Xi is truly thick, Shen Xiang does not think strange, like Zhan Xi this deceitful generation, face thick-skinned that is the most basic quality. actually is three young disciples, I listen to Hall Master to mention! Today sees, really lives up to reputation, the elegant bearing, Yushu faces the wind!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Brother Zhan said is, is away from home a lot keeps Heart Eye, was I was careless a moment ago, should not say own real name and origin directly, my this must many thanks the Brother Zhan reminder!” Zhan Xi does not know what Shen Xiang said is the truth or the lie, but he finds from that Purple Mist Divine Mountain several Heavenly God mouths, when Shen Xiang robbed these blue divine flower before, directly blows out own name, therefore Zhan Xi thinks that Shen Xiang should compare the high-sounding talk. Now where Brother Shen do you want to go? Now can return to Supreme Temple?” Zhan Xi as if very much hopes that Shen Xiang returns to Supreme Temple, like this he can a bit faster the action program direct to kill to that several purple clothes male Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang naturally very clear Zhan Xi that a lot of clever trick, he said: Planned I plan, but I knew that this nearby has Divine Fruit, it is said is High-Grade divine medicine, I plan to look first go back again!” Hears High-Grade Divine Fruit, both eyes of Zhan Xi flashes through a weak ray, during the dark night, Shen Xiang arrived on catch, seeing this greed deceitful fellow to have the sign of swallowing the bait, in the Shen Xiang heart is darkly happy. Zhan Xi the whole face is serious immediately: Can news that Brother Shen, you learn of be accurate? Is who told you?” Is I am in the village to purchase from youngster there, he said in any case!” Shen Xiang said: I have used a ten thousand divine yuan stone this, are not in any case many, considers to try one's luck, arrives at this divine medicine treasure trove in any case, perhaps walked dogshit to transport, found High-Grade divine medicine not to be uncertain!” The Zhan Xi also clear that village is any village, inside is Plant Elves, these Plant Elves have strength to induce the place that divine medicine is, therefore he thought that Shen Xiang said should real, what although has the possibility is real, must find that High-Grade Divine Fruit not to be easy! His intention revolution, had an ingenious plan, said to Shen Xiang: Brother Shen, you might be deceived very much! Where in village villagers can know divine medicine, the place that but they can also be at divine medicine trades repeatedly! Or this, you concrete told me, I helped you look to look!” Shen Xiang hears Zhan Xi to propose that this request, in the heart has thought secretly, understands that the Zhan Xi intention, this Zhan Xi not that High-Grade Divine Fruit that wants him to fabricate, but in looking for trap of opportunity under to him. Shen Xiang beat somebody at their own game, said: Good!” Afterward the Shen Xiang genuine and fake said that naturally, these were Yue'er teach him saying that Yue'er also very understood divine medicine, only then this can deceive Zhan Xi.

After Zhan Xi hear, pretends one to take seriously the appearance that very much earnestly very much, he puts out jade token to give Shen Xiang together: Brother Shen you with good this, if I found that Divine Fruit, I will inform your! If found, our 37, your seven I three? What kind of!” Shen Xiang nodded, received that pass on message jade symbol, said: Does not have the issue, many thanks Brother Zhan, if I found, I will also inform Brother Zhan you!” Zhan Xi smiled, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: We should better not to be far away from this forest, the position that otherwise said on deviation that youngster, will when the time comes walk away, may unable to relate!” Appearance that Shen Xiang pretends having little experience of the world, heavily nodded! Zhan Xi greeted to Shen Xiang, a twinkling disappears, Shen Xiang gives Yue'er sound transmission immediately, said with a smile: This fellow 80% are looks for that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God!”