World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1972
Shen Xiang planned in kills this Zhan Xi compared with later greatly again, but has been met by him now, moreover this Zhan Xi as if not be forgiving to him, therefore Shen Xiang also under decides cruel-heartedly, does not need to care about anything! Yue'er, now where can you find have Divine Fruit?” How Shen Xiang is also planning to kill Zhan Xi, he did not know about the Zhan Xi strength now, therefore he cannot rashly and Zhan Xi has the conflict, if Zhan Xi lives is returning to Supreme Temple, will annoy much to him troublesome. Therefore in order to ten tenths grasp Zhan Xi kill, he must guarantee to be watertight with other methods. Now although is night, but star light was actually camouflaged by the thick cloud, the light of star moon/month is unable to penetrate the cloud layer, Shen Xiang was worried that Yue'er is unable to communicate with the star moon/month, could not find Divine Fruit. Naturally! I and star moon/month communication time, they tell my news are not today, but couple days ago, even before was several years ago or is longer, star also moon intelligential, only then our types the life that had the special talent can communicate with them.” Yue'er said with a smile: I had inquired before, nearby this has a fruit tree, because this tree looks like quite ordinary . Moreover the position that is at is also quite remote, therefore had not been discovered.” Shen Xiang just described to Zhan Xi that middle-grade Divine Fruit, is Yue'er tells him, now looks like, Yue'er had already discovered that fruit tree. First in the past arranged the trap, then called that fellow.” Yue'er happily said with a smile, she also guesses correctly the Shen Xiang's plan. Shen Xiang according to the Yue'er direction direction, quick arrives at the position that tree was, this tree grows the position that is at is very truly remote, although here distance that village is very near, but had not been discovered. This type of fruit, although is High-Grade Divine Fruit, but the main application is to bring to eat, is used for alchemy not quite to be suitable.” Yue'er said.

Shen Xiang goes from a mountain split open crack, after arriving inside, the crack becomes spacious, can suffice several people to walk abreast in row, but cracks to sew has the poisonous herbs of many long thorns to block, therefore has come not to be discovered. Arranged the trap to be best with Divine Mirror of Six Paths, you had a look at Divine Mirror of Six Paths to have this effect, I had heard our Stars and Moon God Clan Old Ancestor has mentioned, Divine Mirror of Six Paths had this ability.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang has not noted actually, although he fused Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but the understanding Divine Mirror of Six Paths are not many, always needs to unearth little, he blamed this Divine Mirror of Six Paths secretly, should fuse, told the master to be right own function, many magic treasure divine tool had this ability. He is inducing Divine Mirror of Six Paths in within the body, establishes that mysterious communication with Divine Mirror of Six Paths, quick knows how to use this ability! This Divine Mirror of Six Paths is really mysterious, unexpectedly also has this strength, I do not know before unexpectedly!” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, the intention moves, opens the Divine Mirror of Six Paths killing formation ability, at this time, larger part Six Paths Power of his within the body screened out! Yue'er said pleasantly surprised: Has this ability really? Besides killing formation, other formation?” After Divine Mirror of Six Paths in Shen Xiang hand has absorbed massive Six Paths Power, takes a good photo these that again stores up, had strong Six Paths Power, at this time glittering a white light, along with the Shen Xiang's intention control, the white light was exploding dodged, turns into killing formation that many spirit pattern formed, then seeped to two sides rock wall and grounds. Has several me now to use, although other compares powerful formations, but my present Six Paths Power is unable to support!” Shen Xiang's Divine Mirror of Six Paths also leaves his body, falls into the ground.

He did not worry that Divine Mirror of Six Paths will be won by others, because he only needs a thought that Divine Mirror of Six Paths can pass through the space to return to his within the body. After completing these, he puts out Zhan Xi immediately to his pass on message jade symbol, subpoenaed to Zhan Xi: Brother Zhan, I had found that Divine Fruit, I know insufficiently to this Divine Fruit, does not know the opportunity of now picking, you help me have a look, I told you position.” Zhan Xi just saw the village, suddenly obtains Shen Xiang's sound transmission, unavoidably somewhat suspected, but he insufficiently knew about Shen Xiang that thinks Shen Xiang is one quite likes showing off the brains somewhat simple fellow! Knew that Shen Xiang found Divine Fruit, in the Zhan Xi heart hesitates erratically, if wanted looks for Shen Xiang immediately, looks for Purple Mist Divine Mountain that several Heavenly God first! If Shen Xiang found Divine Fruit, but he with that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God in the past, when the time comes he certainly must carve up Divine Fruit with that several Heavenly God, in his heart does not think! Must know that is High-Grade Divine Fruit, even if quite disappointing, takes away to sell can also sell many divine yuan stone! In the heart struggled, Zhan Xi has decided to believe Shen Xiang, because he thought that Shen Xiang trusted him very much, therefore he thinks that Shen Xiang will not deceive his, therefore he immediately the place that went to Shen Xiang to say. Shen Xiang waited for the less than half double-hour in that crack, had the person the induction to outside, Zhan Xi came, although approached here, but Zhan Xi has not actually revealed any aura, obviously he was how discrete. Zhan Xi arrived here, sees poisonous herb poisonous cane that outside has to be eradicated, knows that this mountain Feng hides very well, therefore for many years had not been discovered that inside may the growth have Divine Fruit very much.

Arrives here, Zhan Xi was more careful, against person's heart must have, he is still vigilant at this time, he walked a long journey narrow and small crack, finally goes to that spacious place, really saw a tree! On the tree has more than ten is similar to the yellow gem same fruit, although during dark night, but actually sends out the light yellow luminescence, this type of fruit is exquisitely carved, can see the core middle nucleus, really before Shen Xiang had said is the same, moreover very obvious already maturity! Brother Zhan, you came finally, you know that what fruit this is? I did not know that this Divine Fruit, does not seem like can alchemy!” Shen Xiang sees Zhan Xi, then Ha Ha said with a smile, at this time he optional sitting in ground, by in a mountain wall. This is Mysterious Yellow Spirit Fruit! Truly not suitable alchemy, but actually the unusual delicacy, the fruit seed immersion in the Spiritual God water, can produce very delicious fragrant yellow and black fruit juice! Although cannot alchemy, but is rare, moreover is also very expensive.” Zhan Xi eyes is shining, these several Mysterious Yellow Spirit Fruit and this tree are in his eyes precious, greedy ascends from his innermost feelings suddenly. Zhan Xi is a very greedy person, otherwise he will not take risk to comply with that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God to direct Shen Xiang, this colluding Outer Sect cruelly harms the matter of same side, once is known by Supreme Temple, that consequence is very serious! But Zhan Xi for several million divine yuan stone, is actually willing to take this risk, must know that he betrays some Shen Xiang this matter also that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God to know, they might reveal very much, therefore this will be the risk very big matter. Zhan Xi lowers the head to take out storage pouch, in instance that he lowers the head, look suddenly becomes very mean, but also flashes past, he took out a jade pot, said with a smile to Shen Xiang: Brother Shen, you come in definitely has used very big effort, first has a drink!”