World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1973

Before Shen Xiang, expected that Zhan Xi will kill a person and take his possessions, he had guessed Zhan Xi can attack brutally with him, or puts the cloudy blade on the back, or attacks him with formation plate, but has not thought that Zhan Xi will drink the poisoned liquor to him.

Zhan Xi walked, a face smilingly, looks at his delicate appearance, thought that he likely is the student of scholarly, is very difficult to see him to have a lot of dirty tricks. He gave Shen Xiang but actually large bowl golden fruit juice, he just opened the bottle cap time, Shen Xiang smelled rich fragrance, making him cannot help but swallow the saliva. Good thing!” Shen Xiang acclaimed one hastily, he while acclaiming this fruit juice, in the heart was also commending that Zhan Xi good method, unexpectedly thinks that intoxicates with this type of thing. Yue'er said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: This thing is definitely virulent, do you drink?” Shen Xiang responded to her with a smile: Naturally drinks, I am Hundred Poisons Immunity, do I want to take a look at this type of toxin but actually fiercely?” Zhan Xi gives Shen Xiang large bowl fruit juice, Shen Xiang hastily receives, after smelling that rich fragrance, acclaims one, then big drinks up. „, Is really tasty!” Shen Xiang commended again and again, handed over the bowl. Sees Shen Xiang to drink such crisply, Zhan Xi also smiles very happily: Naturally has, this is very precious thing, I used alone gate secret method to refine, was no one can drink!” Obviously this type of poisonous water in the Zhan Xi eye is how precious, otherwise he will not say these words, he to let a Shen Xiang thorougher poison, therefore fills to the brim one bowl to give Shen Xiang. Then, after Shen Xiang has drunk three large bowls, has hit satisfied belch! Zhan Xi did not plan own fight kills Shen Xiang's, because he worried that can make this handle fall in Purple Mist Divine Mountain that several Heavenly God hands, but now outside this mountain seam has the poisonous herb, when the time comes he can that several Heavenly God say that Shen Xiang was poisoned, but he can take this fruit tree and Divine Fruit, is really killing two birds with one stone.

Shen Xiang suddenly knits the brows, shouted: Oh!” He has the response to call, he is covering the belly and chest, startled shouted: What's the matter? The belly and chest burn spicily!” This is the response of poison, in the Shen Xiang heart secretly is also startled this type of toxin, unexpectedly can make him have this feeling . Moreover the toxin is also spreading! However his within the body that anti- poisonous strength fast is also welling up, wraps completely these toxin, quick suppresses this acute poison toxicity. I came in a moment ago, sees outside to have many poisonous herbs and stingers, Brother Shen comes in possibly bumped into! Here has Detoxification Dan, Brother Shen you a bit faster eats up to build up, suppresses the toxicity to proliferate!” A Zhan Xi face is alarmed, puts out a grain of black meatball. Shen Xiang admires this Zhan Xi secretly, his eyes see here pill is a grain of poisonous pill, moreover is several poison refinements, the toxicity be much more fearful than a moment ago that several bowls of fruit juice. Shen Xiang receives hastily, the brow does not wrinkle to eat up here poisonous pill, then closes the eye, makes one to build up the Melting Poison Dan appearance. Sees Shen Xiang to close one's eyes, the Zhan Xi corners of the mouth rise slightly, reveal very haughty, but the deceitful smiling face, then he puts out a jade box, picks leisurely carefully that more than ten Divine Fruit. He worried that Shen Xiang will say anything, therefore he does not have to put in storage equipment Divine Fruit immediately, but continues to dig that tree, the value of this tree is the same with Divine Fruit, so long as plants well, quick can let the Divine Tree result. Zhan Xi does very conscientiously, digs the tree time is careful, that careful degree makes Shen Xiang somewhat surprised, this work his unexpectedly does exquisitely very well, digs this tree time, must pay attention the tree root, a root hair cannot injure, will otherwise affect the fruit tree future growth. The place that this tree grows is the hard stone, the fruit tree dug in the stone, or the wound rhizome digs not to be easy, but Zhan Xi actually does very deftly, the speed is also quick. When Zhan Xi just completed, Shen Xiang displays to separate immediately takes the technique of thing spatially, thinks of the profound imaginary Divine Fruit jade box to take away that.

He such moves, Zhan Xi immediately has also discovered that in the heart in great surprise, said hastily: Brother Shen, do not move heedlessly, so as to avoid the toxin spreads!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Detoxification Dan that many thanks Brother Zhan gives, I now was quite many!” Saying, he waves, Divine Tree that was just dug on vanish from sight, had been taken away by Shen Xiang: Brother Zhan was laborious!” Zhan Xi was shocked, he sees Shen Xiang at this time a face haughty smiling face, he understood anything probably! He discovered finally that Shen Xiang from beginning to end is an attire, he planned Shen Xiang, but has not thought that has been planned by Shen Xiang. You...... Haven't you been poisoned?” Zhan Xi sees Shen Xiang to be in good condition, does not eat his two acute poison people likely continually, if the normal person, now was been much more poisonous, but where can also smilingly stand where. Was poisoned, but Brother Zhan had given me a moment ago grain of precious Detoxification Dan, has rescued my poor life!” Shen Xiang still smiles, smiles brightly. The Zhan Xi brow wrinkles tightly, he could not install finally, coldly said: Snort, calculates that you are fierce! Do not think that plays the pattern to play me compared with me, I have a look at your true skill now!” Zhan Xi this time is Yingouli capsized, moreover turns very thoroughly, sinks the dregs not to brave! This made him very angry, put out long spear, murderous aura emerges, immediately fired into Shen Xiang, spear thrust entered the Shen Xiang's throat! This made Zhan Xi stare staring, his fierce pulled out long spear, the blood also suddenly wind of Shen Xiang throat shot, spluttered on his face, the blood was hot, this made him unable to believe that because this went well was also too easy, was easier much! Zhan Xi is not certainly easy to go well, he stabs is Shen Xiang uses clone that Six Paths Power transforms, even can condense come out including the blood, therefore looks like very real. But true Shen Xiang already outside crack!

Zhan Xi discovered that to later, do not run immediately outward, actually suddenly felt that own both feet was held by anything, he god profound strength in revolution Divine sea, wants to get rid immediately, but he more is causes to think the profound strength, the god profound strength is fast drains from the both feet. killing formation of Shen Xiang arrangement started to revolve, first is the goal in anchorage, afterward releases condense Six Paths Power, in law through Divine Mirror of Six Paths transforms as fearful shape strength, the goal in attack. large formation revolves, Zhan Xi is unable to move footsteps, mountain Feng four wall suddenly gushes out the sharp thorn that Six Paths Power turn into, from penetrates in all directions, the first round puncture has not defeated the defense of Zhan Xi, Zhan Xi divine armor is very strong! However second round could not support, the body was punctured all of a sudden tattered and torn, becomes the covered with blood person, Shen Xiang saw similarly, walked! Brother Zhan, my coming out urine urine, you turned like this, what's the matter?” Shen Xiang hey said with a smile, a hand already according to the Zhan Xi top of the head, although Zhan Xi the whole face visits him at this time fiercely, but he actually treats as has not seen. Zhan Xi is very young, is about dozens years old, contrasted Shen Xiang this to live tens of thousands of year of old fellow of is really tender a point. You...... You do not have the reason strategic point I!” Zhan Xi felt that Shen Xiang is searching his memory, asked panic-strickenly, he thinks that does not understand why Shen Xiang must such design him. Has no reason? After a period of time I send to accompany you Purple Mist Divine Mountain that several fellows, you when the time comes again ask that their I have been rational by!” Shen Xiang Hehe says with a smile, his words and his smiling face let Zhan Xi such as the falling valley, thorough desperate.