World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1974

Chapter 1974 Heaven Ocean Flower Zhan Xi despaired, he any opportunity, he has not understood Shen Xiang at this time, since knows that he is this person, certainly did not have possibly forgiven him. You must send to see me them!” Zhan Xi gloomy and cold said: In my memory has with their related things, perhaps to you helpful!” Zhan Xi hates Shen Xiang at this time, but also hates that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God, because was they was extremely initially negligent, caused such matter revelation, otherwise he will not fall into the Shen Xiang's hand now. Certain meeting!” Shen Xiang the devour Zhan Xi memory, takes immediately his Godhead. Zhan Xi Divine Soul had been destroyed, other fleshly body also Shen Xiang burns down, he must destroy the corpse and leave no trace, what after all homicide is Supreme Temple inside quite good young alchemy master, if were known by Supreme Temple, the consequence may cutting to kill Zhang Zhao that several to be much more serious. He the memory of Zhan Xi there learning finds that several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God spreads far and wide in this piece of evil reputation, inquired specially some pick the divine medicine alchemy master frequently, then in the divine medicine treasure trove discovered that secretly tracks, so long as discovered that the opposite party found divine medicine, immediately jumps to rob! But they hide identity to start to snatch generally, previous time they snatch Xie Ao time, does not have the hideaway status, therefore was seen through their Purple Mist Divine Mountain by Xie Ao one. In addition, Shen Xiang also knows Zhan Xi frequently with the robber cooperation of these Purple Mist Divine Mountain! Because Zhan Xi is very deceitful, the mouth will also say that therefore mixes very well in alchemy master circle, he is inquired that these news, then sold to Purple Mist Divine Mountain that several Heavenly God!

Is, Zhan Xi together had also discovered with this robber Heavenly God some divine medicine, these places are secret, when divine medicine maturity time, they converge together, then picks to carve up together. But now, in this treasure trove is having divine medicine of place to want maturity, that is High-Grade divine medicine! Zhan Xi does not know that is any divine medicine, he from that several mouth of purple clothes robbers knew that is ancient divine medicine, but very precious that's it. Shen Xiang had estimated next time, has a period of time from maturity that divine medicine, he immediately overtook now, the route in Zhan Xi memory is detailed, he must catch up to pick in front of that several purple clothes robbers. Shen Xiang told Yue'er the appearance that planted flowers, although Yue'er not alchemy, but she but this expert in aspect, this tiny tot, although installed to seek liking of girl frequently cute, but she but out-and-out ghost cat. After Yue'er hears the Shen Xiang's description, said: This plants flowers to be called Heaven Ocean Flower, after eating up, can increase little Divine sea strength! Naturally, main application that this plants flowers does not eat, but can store up the strength of Divine sea!” Your Six Paths Power should also be able to store up in this Heaven Ocean Flower! If you usually do not need Six Paths Power, you can store up Six Paths Power in inside, then night rests to supplement again! When you continue Six Paths Power time, eats up this to plant flowers can obtain you to store up Six Paths Power in flower immediately!” After Shen Xiang hears, thinks somewhat familiar, knits the brows: This effect is the same with Divine sea pill! But Divine sea pill High-Grade Divine Pill, does this plant flowers is divine medicine that Divine sea pill needs?”

When the Divine sea pill's home remedy is Feng Yujie through the Middle-Rank Dan God inspection selects, Shen Xiang helps her elect, but he does not know the Dao Pill side, because he was unable to refine High-Grade Divine Pill at that time, therefore has not asked Feng Yujie! You said that Divine sea pill is any use! This Heaven Ocean Flower storage the strength of Divine sea is limited.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang told Yue'er the Divine sea pill's effect, Yue'er said: Divine sea pill who you said that can hold nine soul Heavenly God strength of the Divine sea, this may be stronger than time Heaven Ocean Flower, Heaven Ocean Flower cannot hold many! This Heaven Ocean Flower should be refines one of the Divine sea pill's in which herbs unmistakably!” Since this is need divine medicine, Shen Xiang must obtain, he dashed about wildly in the forest, but actually strength of the room teleport, rushes to a cave now, that Heaven Ocean Flower on long in cave! He hurries along at the same night, two days later, was far away from that Plant Elves village, he arrived under a short mountain, sought to enter the entrance of cave around the happy mountain. This cave already covers by Zhan Xi and that purple clothes robber, but also has arranged restriction, for was not discovered that waited for Heaven Ocean Flower nature maturity, they can pick. This wild divine medicine, if no special ability to maintain, cannot, when does not have maturity to pick, otherwise transfers to other places to plant to be hard to maintain the best quality, therefore discovers divine medicine, if not for has no other choice, generally not anxiously picking, but is waits for a period of time again. The divine medicine treasure trove has with being mad of nurturing other place different essence, divine medicine that here naturally grows, growth rate compared with, in other places want on quick ten times of hundred times, some Legend Divine Country also will send for coming to here to seek for rare divine medicine.

Shen Xiang too did not know about this treasure trove, but after his devour Zhan Xi some memories, knew that this divine medicine treasure trove is special mysteriously, although here is the intersection point of boundary and supreme boundary Six Paths, should be very small, but why here does not know, actually breeds a space, causes the entire treasure trove for long, unceasing expansion space, therefore at this time here was one with the Highest God Realm different spaces, in this was also vast. Had found, that several fellows have not come, I must fight be a bit faster good!” Shen Xiang had discovered that restriction symbol, then direct teleport, crosses that place, enters to cave inside passage. After Shen Xiang thought enters passage, inside will be jet black, but has not thought that entire passage was being flooded by the green ray, these intense green glow also somewhat dazzling! He in passage, looks forward, the end of discovery ray from passage, sends out the ray source green light dazzling, cannot see that is anything, but Shen Xiang has been able to feel from this aura, this is that Heaven Ocean Flower. Did not have maturity, if maturity, will not send out this glare, this plants flowers is quite special, and has certain intelligence, he is because induces to some people approaches, sends out the ray to protect itself! If his maturity, has been able to drill into under the bottom, but here should arrange to have barrier, preventing this High-Grade divine medicine to run away.” Yue'er said: You pick now, may affect the future quality, but this flower should want maturity.” Shen Xiang has put out a jade bottle, inside is elixir that he concentrates, he not with Feng Yujie together time, will practice Life Slaughtering Technique concise this elixir. I let his maturity!” Shen Xiang smiled, welcomes the glare to walk.