World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1975
Approaches Heaven Ocean Flower time, sent out the green ray, but turns into the blood red instantaneously, looks like extremely scary, at this time in the entire cave is blood light one piece, even also has the thick smell of blood, is warning Shen Xiang likely, if approaches again, will have the disaster of blood light to be the same. But Shen Xiang is very clear this Heaven Ocean Flower in scary, simply does not have no strength! little brat, I will make you a bit faster grow up!” Shen Xiang squats grinningly, then all but actually comes out jade bottle inside elixir, drops to this whole body exquisitely carved day sea on. Heaven Ocean Flower is very small, only then six cuns (2.5cm) high, the palm size, the leaf and floral axis are transparent, although the flowers are also transparent, but has strange strength, can send out different light glow to come, but also is intense. After Shen Xiang drips into elixir, Heaven Ocean Flower suddenly high a point, the flowers have also increased, the palm is so big, released the intense blood light, but now was gloomy, the entire flower is transparent, is similar to that crystal carves, very attractive. What thing is this?” elixir of Yue'er to Shen Xiang hand is somewhat curious, she can certainly look at this elixir to have very much strong accelerate ripening ability. I use Life Slaughtering Technique to practice! However this is not fiercest.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, what was fiercest was he and female double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique comes out concise the spirit bead that even if were also compared with elixir that he who the kiss congealed congealed alone. Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique inside Life Slaughtering Technique? This divine art is also rare technique.” Yue'er said that finds out the small head, looks at that crystal general Heaven Ocean Flower, said with a smile lightly: Was a pity really that this is not the delicious thing!” Complete maturity!” Shen Xiang sees Heaven Ocean Flower to move, the hand is similar to the lightning generally extends, presses firmly between the fingers the floral axis, then fast including root digs, seals in a jade box. When he just picked, cave outside has heard the sound! Has the person, moreover from this aura, should be these purple clothes robbers.” Yue'er said: What to do do you plan?”

Shen Xiang made the Divine Soul shuttle space go to look , discovered that only then a purple clothes man, he was relieving that restriction, the restriction that they arranged has also used many thoughts, easily did not relieve, but also required some time. Only then, that was him!” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, starts to arrange killing formation, moreover uses the camouflage, transforms Heaven Ocean Flower to place the actually position. Completes all these, he hides in the depression of hole wall, was waiting for that purple clothes man comes. This fellow should be comes, these purple clothes robbers are not that the unities!” Shen Xiang said with a smile to Yue'er sound transmission. If so, why can they also to 50 million that Zhan Xi, making Zhan Xi deceive to give them to kill you?” Some Yue'er doubts, they can regarding this to revenge to own companion, flowered this multi- divine yuan stone, looks like the sentiment is very good. Shen Xiang finds from the Zhan Xi memory that the sentiments of these purple clothes robbers truly are not good, frequently for some benefit battles, but they now to revenge to pay five surely divine yuan stone to the companion of dying, this truly somewhat could not convince. killing formation the prepare, purple clothes man has come to see exquisitely carved Heaven Ocean Flower, cannot help but is wild with joy, the hastily half step walks, because he has not thought that this Heaven Ocean Flower will be ahead of time these many maturity! „After taking off, shifted blame has been OK to Zhan Xi that little rascal, this fellow worked such a long time with us, has gained much, was the time lets him.” The purple clothes man just stepped into killing formation, Shen Xiang immediately opens killing formation. This time he fully uses this killing formation, because this purple clothes man is High-Rank Heavenly God, the strength is more formidable than Zhan Xi, he somewhat worried that his killing formation is unable to trig this purple clothes man. killing formation opens, from the beginning the purple clothes man anchorage, keeping his both legs from moving, simultaneously absorbs Divine Power of his within the body fast!

The purple clothes man perceived that some are not right, on loudly shouted, Divine Power surging forward in within the body erupts, his unexpectedly has lifted a leg! Quite fierce!” Shen Xiang felt that Divine Mirror of Six Paths internal Six Paths Power fast outflow, in heart panic-stricken, he puts out Deicide Sword, immediately displays Deicide Sword Art! Felt that the fearful Deicide Sword intent transmits, the purple clothes man calls out in alarm immediately said: Deicide Sword Art, Shen Xiang!” Profound Truth of Time in Deicide Sword Art, making the Shen Xiang's time quick, therefore he left the speed of sword quickly also many times, the purple clothes man just shouted that the words came, the body was punctured dozens swords, the sword sword pricked the strategic point! How you know that I am Shen Xiang?” Shen Xiang thinks strange, his appearance had changed, this purple clothes man should not recognize. After the purple clothes man was displayed by Shen Xiang Deicide Sword Art stabs, that type of Deicide Sword air/Qi emerges in his body, has become to other party very big injury! But because Shen Xiang was worried that purple clothes man counter-attacks at the point of death, therefore also a sword pricks his Divine sea, making Divine Soul of purple clothes man also cause heavy losses. Only then you understood that......” purple clothes man has not said that Shen Xiang sees golden light to dodge together suddenly, that is a villain, this is Divine Soul of purple clothes man. Divine Soul has congealed the flesh and blood, if Divine sea and fleshly body caused heavy losses, Divine Soul can escape, can the fast rebirth! But Shen Xiang does not give him this opportunity, he grasps void, the arm breakthrough space, holds this Divine Soul directly, his said with a sneer: You did not tell me, my oneself looked!”

Displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, is mainly displays to Divine Soul, now this Divine Soul was grasped by him in the hand, making him use Grasping Soul Devil Curse to be easier. Therefore he found the matter that some have wanted to know from this purple clothes man very much with ease! He and Yue'er some time ago was having doubts, why these purple clothes robber meetings are willing to pay five divine yuan stone to make that Zhan Xi direct to massacre him surely, actually these purple clothes knew his matter formidable. actually comes to my Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique, person who then Purple Mist Divine Mountain also has Divine Country in inside, they learn from elder there about my news!” Shen Xiang had found Godhead from Divine sea of this purple clothes man. This purple clothes man hides very well Godhead, he is High-Rank Heavenly God, at least three Godhead, but Shen Xiang can only find one! This fellow actually by Zhan Xi cloudy one time, to revenge, after no matter also Zhan Xi, can direct me, wants to slander Zhan Xi with this matter, then has sole possession of Heaven Ocean Flower!” Shen Xiang burns down the corpse of purple clothes man, then leaves behind a Zhan Xi aura. Like Zhan Xi their this deceitful people, storage equipment hides in Divine sea generally, even if devour their memories, does not know where they hide, they preserve storage equipment and Godhead time, has not left any memory, has one's wish to summon.